Worst secret santa gift you've received?

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buddhasbelly Thu 02-Dec-21 11:02:54

Mine was gin infused chocolates, when the whole office knows I'm a recovering alcoholic.

Please tell me your worst secret santa gifts you've received?

My office pal got the chocolates 😂

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Narutocrazyfox Thu 02-Dec-21 11:06:32

An ashtray shaped like a cannibis leaf.

The office at the time knew I was trying to give up smoking - plus the stupid gift gave them all the idea I was smoking weed! (I wasn't). It does make me chuckle to remember though grin

Yummypumpkin Thu 02-Dec-21 11:08:15

Mine wasn't received but.given.

Recipient (man in 20s) raged around the office about what a shit gift it was, how he didn't want it, how he had effectively been robbed as he had spent £5 on a gift and got something shit in return. This lasted all day.

Gearedtoyou Thu 02-Dec-21 11:11:11

I've twice thought I'd got a brilliant secret Santa present, a balance between mildly funny and actually useful. Both went down like lead balloons. Now I just do wine/smellies/chocolate.

I don't seem to do very well in Secret Santa. I run the business/HR side of the organisation and am responsible for H&S. Over the years I have been given a book on business, the ladybird book of the sicky and a high viz vest! At least wine or chocolate will be used or can be passed on.

buddhasbelly Thu 02-Dec-21 11:13:04

@Narutocrazyfox that tops my chocolate 😂

@Yummypumpkin he was really in the Christmas spirit clearly

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GiveMyHeadPeaceffs Thu 02-Dec-21 11:25:06

It was sometime ago but I was given edible knickers. They smelled awful envy

Bunnyrun5 Thu 02-Dec-21 11:25:30

I was in my first job in a bank and was still finding my feet. We had a company meal and had to watch each other opening the gifts. Mine was a nipple less bra from Ann summers I was mortified blushed bright red dashed to the ladies burst into tears and went home. No one mentioned it on the Monday! I never did find out who sent it. Now I’m a lady of 60 and wish I’d kept it!


ShirleyPhallus Thu 02-Dec-21 11:33:11

Not me but my old company did secret Santa between the whole business of about 500 people. A man who the recipient didn’t know well got given a “how to not be such a bald cunt” or something equally offensive. The guy had alopecia and was so upset.

After that, the company switched to secret Santa by team only

Level75 Thu 02-Dec-21 11:35:30

A box of 500 elastic bands

TinaYouFatLard Thu 02-Dec-21 11:36:57

I once got a toy version of a Mercedes SLK. It transpired the giver had got me mixed up with another person with my name who had a real SLK that was her pride and joy. I had no idea how to react when I opened it.

TooMuchPaper Thu 02-Dec-21 11:38:00

Me too. Bra and knickers. Had to open them and eat them in front of everyone. One of the men got a chocolate penis. He had to do the same.
Would this happen now I wonder? (This was back in the 90s)

WhatDidISayAlan Thu 02-Dec-21 11:38:01

Received - a bottle stopper in the shape of Santa, with the price tag (£2) still on - our limit was £10.

Given - a pillow/cushion in the shape of a pair of tits, complete with protruding pink nipples. In my defence it was a standing joke between myself and a male colleague, who was delighted with his gift.

Gearedtoyou Thu 02-Dec-21 11:38:36

DH seemed to be genuinely traumatised by his SS experiences. Twice, there was nothing for him (it was done on Christmas Eve and it seems people not in didn't bother even though they were in the draw and had gifts bought for them.

It wasn't the lack of the gift but the embarrassment of being the person without a gift. And he wasn't usually an over sensitive soul at all. This really upset him.

thenewduchessofhastings Thu 02-Dec-21 11:39:34


Mine wasn't received but.given.

Recipient (man in 20s) raged around the office about what a shit gift it was, how he didn't want it, how he had effectively been robbed as he had spent £5 on a gift and got something shit in return. This lasted all day.

I would have been proud for give the office arsehole the rage and giggle to myself.

MyComputerGetsSadWithoutMe Thu 02-Dec-21 11:41:27

Nipple tassels. At 17. By a 'family friend' who was married with kids a year younger than me. He was late 40's. envygross and embarrassing to open in front of everyone. I only found out it was him because everyone was horrified but he couldn't stifle his laughter.

Capferret Thu 02-Dec-21 11:44:55

A good colleague completely forgot to buy my gift and he fessed up and was mortified.
He eventually bought me some chocolates.

Same guy I gave a shower gel that looked like a blood transfusion. He was delighted.

HippyChickMama Thu 02-Dec-21 11:46:32

I was given a bottle of white wine, which I don't drink anyway and the giver wasn't to know that, but I was also pregnant, which they did know, so wouldn't be drinking it anyway. Also one year I received Baylis and Harding bath pearls, who knew they were still a thing?

iwannascream Thu 02-Dec-21 11:48:19

Many years ago one of the ladies I worked with was having an affair with the boss and he had got her in the secret santa, she had been going on and on about these fancy alloy wheels she wanted when he was around, and he said one day it's all sorted santa is bringing them for you.

Well when the day arrived for the secret santa there was a huge box on her desk and she was so excited opening it....I nearly wet myself when I saw it was a set of bloody awful wheel trims nothing like the fancy alloy wheels she had been banging on about for weeks, needless to say her face was a picture and her language was choice

The affair was finished that day, which was maybe what the boss was hoping for.

mafted Thu 02-Dec-21 11:49:11

A broken vase which was hideous anyway and a book on how to be fit in pregnancy.

ODFOgrinch Thu 02-Dec-21 11:55:03


Mine wasn't received but.given.

Recipient (man in 20s) raged around the office about what a shit gift it was, how he didn't want it, how he had effectively been robbed as he had spent £5 on a gift and got something shit in return. This lasted all day.

Wow! What did you get him?

helpIhateclothesshopping Thu 02-Dec-21 12:05:51

I can't think of any terrible ones but from what I read on another thread about Bayliss and Harding being what you give to someone you secretly hate but have to buy a present for, I have had B &H miniatures, although I thought they were quite nice. Another year I got a lovely mug, I was delighted, sounds boring but my mug had disappeared and the replacement was actually really lovely. We don't really do Secret Santa any more.

whywouldntyou Thu 02-Dec-21 12:05:51

I had only been at the company for a few months so totally understand that people didn't know me. I was 45 years old and I was given - bath cubes. Yep, not even nice smellies, but effing BATH CUBES! Christ knows how old they were, I used to buy them for my granny in the 60s...

AlfonsoTheUnrepentant Thu 02-Dec-21 12:08:33

Five days after the gift exchange, I received an alarm clock from the pound shop that did not have a battery.

Another time, nothing. The person who participated in the Secret Santa exchange got a gift and then announced to the group that she was too poor to buy a gift for her secret santa.

Yummypumpkin Thu 02-Dec-21 12:20:39

@ODFOgrinch It was his first job and he found work culture quite perplexing. I got him the humorous ladybird book about The Meeting, which poked fun at meetings and the silly ways people act in them. Went down like a lead balloon!

SSOYS Thu 02-Dec-21 12:21:02

In our family secret Santas, somehow DS always gets me and always buys me Celebrations chocolates, which I don't like but he very much does. (To be fair, his thinking appears to be "What makes a good present? Ah! Celebrations!" rather than "If I buy Mum these chocolates she doesn't like, I'll get to scoff them myself".)

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