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Theme for christmas decor- do you have one?

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bigbluestars Fri 21-Nov-14 22:27:44

I am having 1st christmas in a news home, not sure what would look right - but just decided on a Scottish/lodge type decor theme for this christmas, DD suggested it- she is inspired. I love the whole pine cone/tartan/stag deer thing trend atm.
I have seen tartan table runner and have loads of pine cones. We are having relatives from abroad spending their forst christmas in a cold country- so now I cant wait.
Do you have a theme?

Mrsgrumble Fri 21-Nov-14 22:34:31

I kind of have this year

I have tartan and stag baubles, sage green and white baubles and stag and tartan cushions.

White berry wreath for mirror above fireplace

It's kind of low key

Loads of chunky white candles

bigbluestars Fri 21-Nov-14 22:35:10

Sounds lovely.

FelixTitling Fri 21-Nov-14 22:38:18

I have a theme. It's called Load of old tat

I used to have a proper theme, but then I had kids and cats.

One day I will have candles and tartan too. <wistful emoticon>

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Fri 21-Nov-14 22:43:30

^ ditto what Felix said grin

bigbluestars Fri 21-Nov-14 22:45:48

felix- I have been there too. When all my christmas tree decorations were things made out of carboard toilet roll tubes and old sweetie wrappers.

You will look back and think it was lovely. For now though I have teenagers and have been steered by them into a "no tinsel" type of christmas.

Mrsgrumble Fri 21-Nov-14 22:45:57

Felix, my tree was so bad last year hence a kick up the backside and new stuff this year. It was like the leaning tower of Pisa and I had crackers on scattered branches

FelixTitling Fri 21-Nov-14 23:05:02

My two are obsessed with extra thick tinsel from B&M. It's stripy ffs. And they don't just hang it up and leave it there. They keep moving it around wearing it!

I still have remnants of the all white Xmas theme I had many years ago. It goes well with the toilet roll angel and the stripy tinsel. Oh, and the arctic blue seizure inducing disco tree lights.

(Love it really)

Chottie Fri 21-Nov-14 23:17:38

I'm having a woodland theme this year.

I loved having the homemade toilet roll nativity scene out every year. DCs have vetoed that one this year sad (they are both in their 30s). DD has steered me towards something more tastful and naice. Hence the woodland theme.

LoblollyBoy Fri 21-Nov-14 23:28:02

A p

LoblollyBoy Fri 21-Nov-14 23:32:05

Yep, A p.

Actually, no I don't have one. But I have noticed that there are a lot of things on the tree that are vehicles. I have buses, planes, cars, taxis, a tram. So if I wanted a theme I could spread it out from there. I have a wreath and kissing bunch to design. I might just do that and put some boats or airships in them, thanks for the inspiration!

trixymalixy Sat 22-Nov-14 05:17:51

My dining room will be nutcracker themed this year. I'm having my while family for dinner and my Gran when she was alive used to take us en masse to see the ballet at Christmas so it's a bit of a surprise for everyone.

bigbluestars Sat 22-Nov-14 07:54:16

trix that sounds very special.

poolomoomon Sat 22-Nov-14 07:56:29

I'm having a no tinsel year for the first time grin. See how I like it... Never been particularly huge on tinsel anyway and would definitely only allow silver and red.

No theme, never had a theme. I guess I'm going slightly more "kitsch" than traditional this year. Ditching the fireplace garland I think because it takes up too much space. Got nativity nesting dolls, A LOT of candles including the White company winter one which I'm particularly excited for wink, nutcrackers, the wooden advent calendar we use every year that's Santa on his sleigh with a little draw for each day... The tree is a random mix match of EVERYTHING from robins to gingerbread men to, um, Cliff Richard grin with a traditional angel in a tartan dress on the top. Table "theme" is red and white polka dot and woodland animals. Also got the "Joyeux Noel" tealight holders from La redoute.

Yeah so no theme here, just a random mix match of everything and a mix between modern and traditional.

bryonyelf Sat 22-Nov-14 08:00:09

Same as usual. Mine is all disney. Lots of old pieces collected over years and years, some from the states, ebay etc combined with some new bits.

northernmummeh Sat 22-Nov-14 08:01:59

For the past 6 years our decorations have been purple and silver. This year I have christmas hating dh full support to buy new. Last year I edged him in slowly with a garland for the fireplace which has berry lights and is red/white themed so going for the same with the tree. Lots of red n white felt and a bit Nordski themed

elQuintoConyo Sat 22-Nov-14 08:36:22

Mine looks like the inside of Buddy the Elf's head.

And I have pink martini glasses on my tree grin

clarehoppy Sat 22-Nov-14 08:42:40

we av a red and gold theme. big tree and millons of lights, red lights on windows, garlen on stairs and around mirror, lots of christmas bits and candels around room. looking forward to when the kids are older and i re-decorate downstairs in lighter colours and then i can av a white and silver christmas smile be a while yet though lol!

KatieKaye Sat 22-Nov-14 08:47:32

My theme is Christmas.
I like the accumulation of memories from over the years and have decorations that go way back to the 1920s. I remember the excitement as a child of seeing pieces come out once a year and remembering them - that's a huge part of Christmas for me.

Badvocinapeartree Sat 22-Nov-14 08:48:09

Is that a thing then?
I have 2 dc so mine looks like santa threw up on it sad

marne2 Sat 22-Nov-14 08:51:39

I'm going a bit OTT this year, we usually just decorate the living room but I'm going all out and doing every room this year. Living rooms is going to be mainly white ( white twig tree, white fluffy lights ) and I have been buying some quirky decorations, we have globes, London buses, glittery doughnuts and shinny fish grin, I'm going to put a tree in my bedroom and the theme will be woodland and tartan ( reds, greens, pine cones etc..).

Wait4nothing Sat 22-Nov-14 08:58:02

I'm in a new house this year too. We are having a no plastic theme (so a range of ornaments in wood, metal, glass, some are even homemade) DH does like colourschemes but hasn't really noticed most are grey, red and teal (along with lots of brown wood). I've thrown a few different (coordinating) colours in to put him off!

angeltreats Sat 22-Nov-14 09:04:53

Just red and white, with white lights. No particular theme to the decorations though.

Trapper Sat 22-Nov-14 13:07:14

Our theme this year is 'poundshop' gringringrin

mumslife Sat 22-Nov-14 20:01:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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