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CitrusZest Sat 30-Oct-10 21:44:14

Does anyone remember the address of the Santa website where you put in your DCs names and get a personalised message?

BoysAreLikeDogs Sat 30-Oct-10 22:02:05

I can't remember the website but if you write to:

S Claus
The Grotto
North Pole

you should get a reply


CitrusZest Sat 30-Oct-10 22:37:23

Thank you but the website I'm looking for had a Santa who spoke the message. You could type in a name, the gift you wanted and upload a picture. Santa would then talk directly to the camera and look through a book with your picture in it. Unfortunately my DDs have names that weren't on their very populatr 1970s name was on it and DD1 loved it!

cheekster Sat 30-Oct-10 22:40:37

Portable north pole?

It isnt ready yet, but you can give your email and you will get an alert once it is up and ready

Marrow Sat 30-Oct-10 22:40:45

Was it the Portable North Pole?

MollieO Sat 30-Oct-10 22:41:14

Here is the thread from last year.

EnchantressNettieSpaghetti Sat 30-Oct-10 23:00:52

brill thanks for this, cant wait to try it. grin

LadyInPink Sat 30-Oct-10 23:07:13

Do you have to pay for using this? Sounds fab!

Alambil Sun 31-Oct-10 00:10:42

it's free

and don't forget Norad tracking on Christmas Eve grin

CitrusZest Sun 31-Oct-10 13:49:37

Thank you! That's it! It's free and great fun.
I forgot all about Norad on Christmas Eve last year...I'll remember this year!

PirateScaredyCat Sun 31-Oct-10 13:53:00

ooh it's brilliant, so sweet. he speaks ( thru the beard so you can't actually see his mouth moving exactly)to your child. I cried when i saw the last one i made blush.

EnchantressNettieSpaghetti Sun 31-Oct-10 19:42:25

whats norad tracking?

CitrusZest Mon 01-Nov-10 21:00:29

Norad is a webiste where you track Santa's progress through the skies...I think...I forgot last year!

marriednotdead Mon 01-Nov-10 21:25:50

I love Norad tracking Santa even more than the DCs blush

We used to make them go to bed when he reached France grin

NettieSnowBalls Sun 07-Nov-10 00:17:40

norad sounds fab too im getting so excited. i love christmas

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