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Ungracious Day Nursery staff

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handlemecarefully · 22/12/2003 10:01

I know you don't give presents in order to receive effusive "thank you's", but surely thank you's are polite?

There is a headcount of 15 staff working on my dd's floor (there is the baby room and adjacent to it the 1-2's room where my daughter is cared for). I felt that I wanted to get something for all 15 because the baby room staff sometimes cross cover in the toddler rather rashly (without thinking of the cost implications)I bought 15 bottles of 'potions' from the body shop (cost me a fortune!!)

A week or so ago I passed on these 15 individually wrapped items to the Day Nursery Manager to give to the staff. Since then - not a dicky bird. No word of thanks from any of the staff. I don't expect them to throw themselves at my feet and demonstrate undying gratitude - but a simple acknowledgement would have been nice.

Next year they'll be lucky if they get a bar of Aero to share!

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twiglett · 22/12/2003 10:07

message withdrawn


Chandra · 22/12/2003 10:20

MMmmm... it may be that every person of the staff considered that the other 14 may have already said thanks or, considering that you bought 15 bottles, I assume there should be at least 50 children at the floor, you may care about and know all the staff but probably for many of them your dd is just another child. Or it may be that they have been terribly busy and distracted with so many attentions, maybe they don't even know it was you who brang the presents...

Don't think more about it, next year don't waste your money, give them a general christmas card, one for the full nursery staff and another one (more special) for the person your child cares more of.


handlemecarefully · 22/12/2003 10:33

There aren't as many as 50 children...whilst there are 15 staff, this is a headcount rather than whole time equivalent and consists of quite a few part timers. Also, the staff should know who the presents are from since they all had a present tag on them from my daughter.

But you are right - perhaps just one or two gifts next year to my daughter's primary carer(s)!

OP posts:

Sari · 22/12/2003 10:43

When I gave out presents to staff this year they told my children they would open them on Christmas Day with their other presents. Maybe yours are doing the same?


hmb · 22/12/2003 11:33

I gave sweets to the children I teach, a funsize par. As I teach in secondary school, this cost me about £20. Rough estmate of the % of kids that said 'thank you' 15%.


TinselDragon · 22/12/2003 11:54

DS2s nursery staff have all their presents round the tree in the foyer at the moment. I bought individual gifts for the 3 main carers in his room and a box of chocolate biscuits for "everyone".

I agree that a thankyou would be nice. Maybe your DDs carers haven't opened the gifts yet as others have said.


philippat · 22/12/2003 13:11

do you think they might have said thank you to your dd? If so, she'd probably have been excited at the time but not remember it later. after all, you did say the presents were from her...


handlemecarefully · 22/12/2003 13:21

She is only 17 months old though!

Going to resolve to keep an open mind and give them the benefit of the doubt - perhaps the gifts haven't been passed on to them yet as people suggest.

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