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Please help constant thrush and bv

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Jkrgjg · 10/02/2020 21:39

Hi I am wondering if any of you ladies have the same issue. Evertime I sleep with my partner I get thrush or worse bv. Its ruining my life. I've had endless antibiotics with no cure. I've spent countless pounds on different moisturisers and ph balancing gels and pessarys to get nowhere. I feel like it dissipates and then as soon as we sleep together it's back not to mention the chronic pain I have when we sleep together it takes about an hour for his penis to find the right angle where I'm not jumping off the bed in agony and by the time we do find the spot it's great for a few minutes then it just goes completely numb. Its soul destroying and I'm scared hes going to eventually leave me because it makes me feel less of a woman when we cant sleep together. We are trying for a baby but its just a loss cause when we cant even sleep together. When he ejaculates the pain that I feel its like my insides are melting. Has anyone experienced the same and has had a positive outcome from it all. Its ruined all of my past relationships ships and I dont want it to ruin this one too. Thank you so much for any advice you can give. X

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Thefaceofboe · 26/02/2020 19:28

I’m the same although I don’t have pain during sex. I’ve tried everything for BV and tbh I think I will just give up. It’s tiring and starting to make me depressed

HRH2020 · 26/02/2020 19:33

How old are you? Could it be a peri menopause symptom? Itching and pain during sex can be signs of vaginal atrophy

Jkrgdk · 26/02/2020 19:57

Hi I am 30 I've had this for years and years and its ruining every relationship I try to have. I'm desperately trying not for it to screw up my new relationship but it's a huge strain on my life and ours as a couple. I have doctors again tomorrow to see what they can suggest and have a gyne appointment on Monday so hopefully they can help me with something its driving me crazy :-(

Jkrgdk · 26/02/2020 20:00

It really is soul destroying so I know how you feel when you say its depressing because i feel exactly the same. I just want some answers. They are running tests for diabetes to see if that could be the cause but I just dont know and want to be able to live a normal happy life with my partner :-( I hope you find something that helps. When I have spoken to them I will report back

Peegreenlie12 · 26/02/2020 20:12

Hello, I bought a plastic spray bottle, and fill it with organic cider vinegar water down a bit, and squirt it up my vagina daily. The vaginas pH is naturally slightly acidic. I do this daily while showing, and I don't douch with water afterwards, most will drip out of you, but it helps to keep the pH balanced. I use a menstral cup during my period, and remove the cup and spray that with the vinegar mix and pop it back in place. As absurd as it sounds, I've found this to really help, and notice a reoccurrence after my period and I haven't been spraying myself

Jkrgdk · 28/02/2020 11:20

Hey everyone so I went back to the doctors yesterday and she took more swabs this time didnt use the speculum as I was too sore she just prodded the swabs in pressed on an area that was so sore I nearly jumped off the bed! Then she said i think you have vulvodynia explained that it's where the vulva and other areas become incredibly inflamed and sore for no real reason at all. She said it can be treated with antibiotics antidepressants steroids and at the very worse surgery. But she is going to wait until I've seen the gynecologists on monday to see what they think. Has anyone here been diagnosed with vulvodynia please? Thank you :-)

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