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toy picnic basket - where can I get one?

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ShirleyL · 19/10/2009 12:10

While my dd was in hospital recently she fell in love with a toy picnic basket, it was plastic by chad valley and had woolworths on the bottom of it. I have searched the internet but can't find any like it. It had a small green blanket, play food, cups etc with it.
Does anyone know where I could get one.

Any help would be great


OP posts:
ChunkyMonkeysMum · 19/10/2009 17:36

There's this one on eBay. Not sure if it's the same as the one you're looking for, but it's the only Chad Valley one that comes up. There are loads of kids toy picnic baskets on there though, so worth a look.

ShirleyL · 19/10/2009 22:50

Thats the one thank you

OP posts:
ChunkyMonkeysMum · 20/10/2009 11:41

No worries !! Hope you get it

(let me know if you win the auction )

Avendesora · 22/10/2009 09:49

GLTC do one that is quite sweet.

beth83 · 22/10/2009 22:36

have a look on they have lovely toys very sweet. i have just joined as agent after buying toys for my little girl and it works really well around her and family.


richarda · 23/10/2009 21:31 do a couple of nice picnic sets and tea sets.

ShirleyL · 24/10/2009 23:33

thanks for the suggestions will look them up now.

OP posts:
micku5 · 24/10/2009 23:37

I bought on for dd1 from ELC.

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