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Maximum weight loss in short time

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AliceLivesHere · 17/06/2021 20:04

Help - got myself so overweight. Changed name for this since don't want to match up to my name and sister who is on here.

What's the quickest way I could lose a stone. Best ways all of you have lost weight.

I appreciate that it's not the long term healthy way but need to for a family party and have 6 weeks.

OP posts:
Mammyloveswine · 17/06/2021 20:12

The fast 800! Michael mosely.

Veuvelily · 17/06/2021 20:12

1200 Cals a day. Log everything on MyFitnessPal Walk for at least half hour.
I’ve lost 24lb in 9 weeks
15lb in the first 4 weeks.

AliceLivesHere · 18/06/2021 06:27

Thank you both

OP posts:
IntoAir · 18/06/2021 14:07

This is a section of MN about lifting heavy weights, not losing weight quickly (which is unsafe and unsustainable).

You'll get better and safe advice in the sections for actual weight loss. But restricting calories to a ridiculous level (like 800 per day) is not the way to do it.

Or you could stay here and read about weight lifting and learn how to get strong & fit properly.

Veuvelily · 18/06/2021 17:36

Oh yeah! Maybe post in weight loss chat.

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