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awful, awful day

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halfdozen · 11/11/2009 01:31

My sons pony has cut her fetlock, we aren't sure how as she did it in her stable, the vet thinks she may have got cast and her corner manger was on the floor this morning.

Anyway, the way it happened doesn't really matter, the problem is it is much worse than that and the cut was so deep it involved the joint capsule, joint fluid was leaking out so tonight she has had an arthroscopy, joint wash out and capsule repair.

After the 7 days she needs to spend in the equine hospital, the vet thinks she will need another 6 weeks box rest. Has anyone any experience of either this type of injury or keeping a pony on box rest for 6 weeks? I can't believe after such an injury we will be able to ride her again. She looked terrible before the anaesthetic so I dread to think what state she is in now, the other ponies are still calling for her and my son is beside himself. I just feel so awfull for them all.

What will she do for 6 weeks in a stable???

OP posts:
SarahSon · 11/11/2009 02:17

Hi Halfdozen, what a terrible day for you all

WRT injuries involving a joint, I am sure your vet has told you they are nasty and difficult but horses can and do make a full recovery.

WRT box rest, well, my main tips are around food! Is she at livery? If there are people around at various times of day could they lend a hand?

Things like, give her her morning hay at one time, then a while later change rugs and give her a brush. Space things out as much as you can so that there is always something small going on for her. If you are allowed to take her out to stretch her legs do it at a different time to the other things that are going on IYSWIM.

Have several buckets outside her stable with different things in, one with a sliced apple, one a carrot, one some extra hay, one a dozen pony nuts (really a tiny amount so as not to give her extra energy!). If people were willing just to drop in a bucket every now and again through the day it would give her something to look forward to and break the time up.

Get some of those hanging lickits, tie up a hanging ball...

Sorry, I am running out of ideas now. I hope she gets through this ok, please let us know how it goes?

MitchyInge · 11/11/2009 09:30

is box rest 100% total box rest or will she be allowed to come out and graze in hand at some point before the 6 weeks is up?

out of curiosity, do you still give feed feed in this situation or do you have to cut it right down?

hope the time passes quickly and she is sound again at the end

Nekabu · 11/11/2009 09:33

Fingers firmly crossed for your pony's recovery!

I had a horse on box rest for months and things I found that helped are:

Have another horse/s in on rota too so the box rest horse isn't in on his own.

Rubber matting at the front of the box so he's not going to be standing on concrete at any stage.

Day and night routines - change rugs, maybe swap stables if you can, etc.

Hiding carrots in the hay in his haynet - and for a pony who might be a good doer, do the hay in a double haylage net to make the holes very small so it takes him longer to get it.

Cut grass and give a grass haynet (again, double haylage net) a couple of times a day.

Toys such as a treat ball, a horse ball or a likkit. Rotate the toys, don't leave them all in at the same time and don't leave each in for more than a day - this stops them getting bored with the toys.

If the yard tends to be quiet with not many people coming and going, some horses like a radio being on.

Some horses will do apple bobbing (put an apple or two in their water bucket) but mine never did.

A massage pad for muscle stimulation can help reduce muscle loss too. Sort of like 'banging'.

Butkin · 11/11/2009 13:15

We had a pony on box rest this Spring - luckily only for a couple of weeks.

We didn't do anything special for him except we cut out all feed (except hay) and kept another horse/pony in on rotation to keep him company.

They soon get used to it - especially at this time of year when it is cold and they don't usually want to go out anyway!

halfdozen · 11/11/2009 15:46

Thanks for all of your advice, The ponies are kept at home so it is easy to pop out little and often. She already has rubber matting and I will try all the other ideas. I have been to see her today and she looks so much better, she still has cannula in her neck for iv antibiotics. However, she tried to barge out of her box when we opened the door so whilst she is clearly feeling better, she isn't too happy in the stable. The other ponies are still calling for her though which is a bit sad.

OP posts:
Pixel · 13/11/2009 18:31

Halfdozen, how is your poor pony getting on?

MitchyInge · 19/11/2009 09:55

have also been wondering how she is, any chance of an update?

hope she is healing well and not too miserable on box rest

halfdozen · 19/11/2009 18:57

Thanks for your concern - she is ok. The vet is really pleased with her progress and she should have her stiches out on Monday. Box rest is just about ok - I've given her a radio and a selection of licks to keep her happy. Once her stiches are out she can have a football which I am sure she will love - the vets were astounded to find that on the first morning she was with them, they found her standing with her water bucket between her hocks about 12 inches off the ground!!

Hopefully she will continue to make good progress and will be sound at the end of it.

Will keep you updated.

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 19/11/2009 22:49

heh, sounds like she is good at making her own entertainment!

thank goodness she is mending so well, hope she enjoys the football

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