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Best place to sell a horse trailer

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lavendersun · 17/10/2015 15:14

Any ideas, I am not sure why but am a bit reluctant to try eBay.

I did take it to my local dealer who insulted me with their offer .... by the time I got home they had left a message upping it by £500 but still £1000 less than anything I can find advertised.

Not sure what to do with it but I think I need to have a go at selling it privately first.

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frostyfingers · 17/10/2015 19:36

Local tackshops/equestrian centres/pony club websites? We sold through a local equestrian website so have a look and see if there's anything similar in your area.

When we sold ours we did several things which helped make it more attractive than the others available at the same time:

  1. Clean it properly, inside and out.
  2. We had the tyres, floor, brakes, tow hitch and electrics checked by garage and moveable bits greased.
  3. Take loads of photos, inside and out.
  4. Give as much information as you can re weight, any services/repairs you've had done. We went a bit ott and gave the internal measurements for the partitions but it doesn't take long and might just be the thing that gets someone to come and see it.

The person who bought ours said she came to see it mainly because of the amount of information we'd put up about it, and was impressed with how clean it was. I'm always amazed at how few photos people put up, and how often the lorry/trailer is filthy....
lavendersun · 18/10/2015 06:10

Thank you frosty - believe it or not I hadn't thought of tack shops!

It is immaculate and has been used very little, serviced annually and barn stored.

I will look for a local website, thanks again.

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gingerdad · 18/10/2015 06:39

We have a local ish agricultural seek and sell group on Facebook.

lavendersun · 18/10/2015 08:52

Thank you ginger dad - am not on Facebook old gimmer here

OP posts:
Catscatsandmorecats · 24/11/2015 10:51

If you haven't sold it yet don't be reluctant about eBay - I sold both of mine on there and they sold for good money, one more than I paid for it a year earlier!

I was very careful to be completely and brutally honest about the state they were in but it really was very easy.

Good luck

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