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Today's Horse & Hound, interesting feature about babies

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fourlegstwolegs · 23/01/2014 14:17

That's it - big feature about competing post-baby and the effect it has, emotionally and practically. Interesting read!

OP posts:
Stinkyminkymoo · 26/01/2014 14:03

It was interesting though as if yet I don't compete though I bloody hope we do next year as my youngster is going to be backed in spring Grin

I've just sold my other horse (waiting for vetting) as I found it just too expensive and too much hard work with a baby too.

Twattyzombiebollocks · 06/02/2014 13:36

Haven't read the feature but it's almost impossible for the average person to compete to the same level post baby for the first 2/3 years I think. I used to be out every weekend showing (local and a bit of county) pre kids, I would school every other day, hack on non schooling days, spend hours strapping, grooming, primping and dehairing. Post baby even with a sharer I think I got out 4 times in the first year, second year I was pregnant again, year after second baby was born I managed 2 shows. I gave up at that point as just wasn't enjoying it, not enough time to prepare horse and always rushed and feeling guilty at shows. Third baby now a year old, new horse is at producer as realistically the only way we are in with a chance of doing well is for someone else to do the bulk of the prep and me just turn up plait up and compete. Once baby is at school things get a lot easier IMO as even if you work by 5yo they are generally capable of sitting in the stable with snacks and entertainment while you ride etc

Landy77 · 07/02/2014 13:57

I haven't read the article either, but the year I was on maternity leave I had one of my best years competing ever (showing) and last year been back at work was rather good too. I am very picky about the shows I do and don't go out for the sake of it either, if I am honest I think less pressure is suiting my mare so she is enjoying going out and working rather then been quirky. I do all the riding (she is too much of an old bag to get a sharer after been sent home from an experienced loan home whilst I was preggers I have learnt she is a mummies girl) and turning out.
My dd who was 2 in Dec has always loved coming out with us. I don't think it would work if I was eventing. But I always think the county shows are a great family day out and I look forward to next year when we can have a lead rein in tow!!!!!!!!!

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