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Why does my cat have one red eye in photos?

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CatKisser · 28/07/2014 21:42

I could be worrying needlessly but a photo of two of my cats (Snowers and Olive) has worried me a bit. It's on the iPad, which is charging at the mo, but I will post it when I can.

Basically, Olive's eyes are both glowing green in the flash. Snowy has one eye glowing red and one eye not glowing at all. Every single photo I have of Snowy shows the same eye glowing red and the same eye not glowing at all.

Could this indicate a problem?

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 28/07/2014 21:57

In humans it's normal, it's the iris not reacting quickly enough to the flash.

But one eye is a bit unusual isn't it? Maybe lone will know.

thecatneuterer · 28/07/2014 22:09

I have no idea at all, but it doesn't sound right. If google doesn't throw up a reassuring answer, and if Lonecat doesn't come on here, then it might be worth phoning your vet to ask.

CatKisser · 28/07/2014 22:09

Thanks Fluffy!
Yeah it's just the fact it's EVERY photo I take - always the same eye. And actually, sometimes when the light's right, not even when I'm taking a pic. Hmm

OP posts:
CatKisser · 28/07/2014 22:09

Oh fuck I meant Confused

OP posts:
CatKisser · 28/07/2014 22:14

Oops sorry catneuterer, don't know how I missed your response!!
Thank you. The google results suggest blindness in that eye - but surely I would have noticed this? Sad
I definitely will speak to the vet. He is insured, but I have no clue whether that would be relevant if this needed dealing with.

OP posts:
Lonecatwithkitten · 28/07/2014 23:18

I would get Snowy checked it maybe nothing just the flash catching it retina at an abnormal angle.
However, it can be a sign of detached retina that can be treatable easily.

Pipbin · 29/07/2014 23:12

The opposite in a human can be a sign of a detached retina, as said above.
Not sure what they could do about it in cats though.

RubbishMantra · 30/07/2014 01:57

My colourpoint kitten's (which are a type of albino) eyes glow red if the light is right and his pupils are dilated. Quite normal for albino cats.

Odd that Snowers only has the one red eye... Could it be anything to with his colour I wonder, often white cats have odd eyes?

cozietoesie · 30/07/2014 07:52

I have a feeling that Snowers eyes are both blue - I think we asked when he first came to live with CatKisser (because of his colouring and possible deafness etc.) Happy to stand corrected on that one.

CatKisser · 30/07/2014 09:30

Thanks for replying, all.
Yes, both his eyes are a very bright blue - when you catch him with a light, one of them glows red and one does not glow. I'm pretty sure he's not blind I one eye but when my car is fixed tomorrow I will get to my vets. He's certainly in no pain or discomfort.

OP posts:
MandarinCheesecake · 30/07/2014 14:29

I was the owner of an odd eyed white cat until last year.
In photo's his blue eye would glow red and the green eye would glow green.
Also was the owner of a ragdoll with both blue eyes and his would glow red in photos. All other cats we have owned past and present (with every colour ranging from through brown/yellow/green) tend to glow green.

I wouldn't be too concerned about the red glow in blue eyes but rather the fact that the other eye doesn't glow at all.

I would maybe get his eyes checked out just for reassurance.

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