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cat questions

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HelloBoys · 05/02/2014 10:37

A couple of cat questions.

My cat who is 17 has been on Sheba pate for past 2-3 years (due to most of her teeth being removed apart from front ones and 'fangs'. She gets fussy over it, some days she hates the beef, some days it is the liver. There are 2 different boxes of the pate, I try to get both sorts. Is there any way to deal with a fussy cat (usually just leave it out for her rather than changing it).

Also she loves being brushed and if possible would have me do it 3 times a day - it's almost like a massage therapy but she is obsessive about it.

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cozietoesie · 05/02/2014 11:37

Seniorboy (aged 19) has had most of his teeth out apart from one back tooth and his 'fangs' - and he manages perfectly well with wet food with ordinary texture. (Although he doesn't like fish flavours.) I'd try some other brands/types and also put it out in smaller amounts but more frequently, if your schedule permits. They do like it to be fresh.

(Cat food freezes fine so save any little lidded pots you can get your hands on and put half a tin in the freezer each time - to save money.)

He also loves his groom every evening - I think partly because it feels satisfying but also because it's concentrated attention. Is your girl an attention seeker? (3 times a day seems a tad excessive.)

HelloBoys · 05/02/2014 15:45


Thanks for this any other ideas about other cat pates, I only ever see Sheba. That's good re freezing too, I never knew that.

I have a neighbour come in to feed her lunch and brush her.

She would have more brushing if it were possible.

She had a brother up until 3 years ago who was very demanding and wanted lots of attention. HER brushing started after he died. Maybe she is keen on the more attention now he's gone - they didn't get on much!

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cozietoesie · 05/02/2014 17:57

I wouldn't even go looking specially for pates - just try some ordinary wet food pouches. If you've got a fussy blighter (and Seniorboy is one of those) then the important thing seems to be to change flavour/brand quite a lot so maybe start off with some single pouches until you see how it's going. Cat food is more expensive that way but at least you wouldn't be buying a whole box to have it rejected. (Although Sheba is expensive enough in any conscience.)

Seniorboy is on liquid meds with his meals because of his arthritis so I have to be maybe more indulgent than I would with another cat - because he has to eat his food - but a big favourite with him is the Co-op Gourmet chicken with gravy (comes in single black pouches). That is polished off for tea every night so if you have a Co-op nearby, you could try that. (It's also quite a good meat content - 8 or 9% if I remember - so a decent food.)

She does sound as if she's an attention needer. Maybe see if you can play some more games with her even though she's an old girl. You might also consider a heated pad or bed for her when you're out during the day. If she's got to 17 without any serious illnesses, she's doing well but old cats in particular love some warmth to snooze in comfort.

HelloBoys · 06/02/2014 09:41

Cozie - she drives me mad right now as she wants to go outside and drink from the pond (god knows why I have that!) or puddles then seems to be faddy about her food when she's back in, so have stopped that.

she is also fascinated by the garden at night but there's no way after work am I chasing her around our garden with a torch trying to get her in. also neighbour's cat (I feed him treats to keep him on side) is out there and there's a love hate relationship.

She doesn't have arthritis (is a bit stiff?) can jump across 2 sofas. she does like her laser light chaser sometimes.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 06/02/2014 09:52

It's good that she doesn't have any arthritis but she'll likely still love some heat, especially at this season of the year. Seniorboy has an electric blanket largely to himself (he likes to stretch out long because he does have arthritis - as I mentioned - and sleeps on it throughout much of the day at the moment.) Maybe keep an eye on ebay or similar and see if you can pick up a cat bed/heating pad cheaply? (No sense in buying one commercially if you're not sure it will be used enough to justify the cost.)

Best of luck with her anyway.

(By the way - they get a huge proportion of their liquid intake from their food if they eat wet food, so if she were to start tucking into that, it's possible that she'd be less inclined to drink from alternative sources. Is your tap water heavily chemicalled?)

cozietoesie · 06/02/2014 09:55

PS - just noticed (after a quick peek) that ebay and others seem to have a lot of 'self heating' fleecy cat beds. They may be good but I've never tried them - other posters might be able to comment on them.

HelloBoys · 06/02/2014 09:56

I will look into getting her a heated blanket. She doesn't seem to radiate towards it just sits on a cushion on a sofa.

I have no idea about our water being heavily chemicalled, she drinks it a lot more now. along with the pate. she has 2 bowls of water (in case they run dry but I empty and replace them).

she actually seems in good nick (vet says so) she has a heart murmur apparently but never seen that affect her.

OP posts:
HelloBoys · 06/02/2014 09:57

cozie - ooh self heating! looks good.

I am sort of influenced by my mum (2 cats, lives nearby) who although she pampers her cats thinks heated cat beds are a bit much. But if Sooty would like it I will look into it.

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