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You can choose only one thing about your cat/s that always makes you smile.

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DameDoom · 08/04/2013 22:24

My little black cat has the pinkest tongue - love watching him wash himself.It's like a lovely, tiny slice of vair naice ham.
My big bruiser is a polydactyl and I love his massive bear paws and their delicious stripes.
Only one thing per cat is permitted Wink.

OP posts:
Melissakitkat · 08/04/2013 22:25

Lol I love how if you sniff their fur when they have been sleeping they smell of old socks. X

CatsCantFlyFast · 08/04/2013 22:32

'Running' in their dreams. Trying to open the cat flap towards them

AnnoyingOrange · 08/04/2013 22:34

Sleeping stretched out with paws in the air

bulletwithbutterflywings · 08/04/2013 22:34

My cat is dead now but if you tickled his chin he looked exactly like the wish-dragon from The Never Ending Story. :)

Booyhoo · 08/04/2013 22:36

dcat1- how very firm she is about her no ds2/no dog rule. ds1 and me she loves but not if the other two are around.

dcat2- how much she loves ddog and vice versa.

Pascha · 08/04/2013 22:37

The Lion's curly soft orange bottlebrush snail tail that rests on his back. .

The Snowshoe's brain. He's clever enough for the two of them.

bulletwithbutterflywings · 08/04/2013 22:37

He stuck his chin out and shut his eyes like this

CharlieUniformNovemberTango · 08/04/2013 22:38

I like how mine tries every few days to go down the banister on the stairs and gets stuck half way crying to be rescued.

I think it's his eternal optimism that cheers me up. I just know he's thinking "right - today I am gonna master this thing!....oh shit.....muuuuuuummmmmm"

TimrousBeastie · 08/04/2013 22:39

when big cat flops down in her bed with her belly up so you can rub it and when wee cat lies across the top of the radiator:)

Sparklingbrook · 08/04/2013 22:42

Just everything. She is perfect.

crazydrunkevilhamster · 08/04/2013 22:42

Dcat1 thinks he is a ninja & tries to climb down my shoulder to get at what I'm eating but he is far to big and clumsy to be a ninja Grin

Dcat2 how whenever he is asleep he looks extra comfy all the time

Dcat3 I love her colouring

UnrequitedSkink · 08/04/2013 22:44

I love how my cat is a mardy cow to everyone except me.

patienceisvirtuous · 08/04/2013 22:47

The way she stretches her paws up to me while staring at me lovingly :o

ThatVikRinA22 · 08/04/2013 22:47


i adore her. she is cute as a bugs ear. Smile

and she loves being brushed. wave a comb and she comes running
she only drinks out of a glass
she has never ever caught or killed any other living creature.

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 08/04/2013 22:49

Oooh only ONE thing?? Well....I love the way my Siamese lies in bed with me, under the duvet with both of his paws on my chin. I think he's making sure I don't go anywhere.

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 08/04/2013 22:50

Oh oh I said thew WRONG thing!

Mine also says "Mama" when he meows. I like that best.

Blush I retract the first "thing".


feetheart · 08/04/2013 22:53

The way slightly dim boy-cat wraps himself around DS's head and they both fall asleep together almost every night.

Parisbanana · 08/04/2013 22:54

I love the way my cat doesn't really know how to meow. He makes a sort of chirruping noise more like a bird than a cat. I blame it on the couple of pigeons that used to sit on our windowsill when he was a kitten.
Anyway he's almost 19 now so don't think he's going to learn now Smile

Doinmummy · 08/04/2013 22:55

The way she lies on her side and drags herself round and round the edge of the rug.

Hassled · 08/04/2013 22:56

The fact that even though we have three of them they still don't have the collective strength (or, to be frank, care enough) to keep Nasty Local Bully Cat out of the garden.

sashh · 09/04/2013 04:27

The way she has to be in the same room as a human, even if that means following you to the toilet or sitting on the edge of the bath.

Bossybritches22 · 09/04/2013 04:49

Bigbossycat had a purr like a lion, if you suspect she is hiding somewhere & call her the rumble gives her away!

Smallbossycat belongs to DD2 & will chirrup to find her if she can't see her. She is so sweet when DD2 is ill, sleeping near her with a paw on her cheek or leg!


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Madratlady · 09/04/2013 05:22

Madcat1 makes a noise like a telephone when you give her attention.

Madcat2 just wants to be on my lap all the time.

TheSloppelganger · 09/04/2013 05:51

The way little cat demolishes cardboard boxes. She goes mad for them and spends hours licking them, chomping them, and then finally ripping great soggy chewed bits off - which she then dementedly spits at people. She is the most bizarre cat I've ever encountered, but we're very fond of her.

The way big cat clambers into laps and flops over on her back with her head against your upper arm, legs in the air so you have to cradle her with your arm like you would a baby. Then she wiggles her tummy at you - strongly hinting that you should rub it, and when you do she hangs her tongue out and purrs like a diesel engine. Sometimes she dribbles a bit, but I'm sure she would deny that, because she is a Very Dignified cat most of the time.

marzipanned · 09/04/2013 10:22

Lovely thread!

Angry cat - despite his fury at the world for making him a domestic cat rather than a lion, he gets very soppy and purry whenever his upper back is scratched and starts sticking his tongue in and out very quickly. Sometimes he forgets to put it back in again when the scratching is done (but don't tell him, he would be mortified)

Simple cat - the way, when you pick him up, he puts both his paws around your neck and gives you a very enthusiastic, and often rather slobbery, head butt

So hard to choose just one but both of these melt my heart!

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