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Our lovely cat has cancer

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Growlithe · 05/12/2012 04:44

Hi. We have a lovely, affectionate 11 year old tortoiseshell. In February, the vet found 4 little lumps on her mammary glands. She'd lost some weight, was lethargic, and moulting a lot. Her bloods were encouraging, so the opted to have the lumps removed.

The vet said it would add more expense to have them analysed, so instead he stored them and said if she had any further symptoms we could always have them analysed later.

Well, she's had an ok few months, still not going out much but she seemed comfortable. The last few weeks, however, she seemed to be dipping again so we took her back to the vet.

They found one small lump this time. They sent the others for analysis and the results have shown they were cancerous.

We have an appointment tomorrow to discuss options. They vet was talking about quality of life. She can have an operation to remove the new lump, but this time they would do a chest xray first to see if it's spread.

Sorry if I'm rambling. I can't sleep for thinking about her, and don't want her to suffer, but the DCs will be devastated, and frankly so will we.

Does anyone have any experience of cancer in cats?


OP posts:
Lonecatwithkitten · 05/12/2012 07:37

Mammary cancer in cats is most commonly a pretty nasty one hence why they suggest doing a chest x-ray before any surgery to check for spread to the lungs.
Though how she will have is really a piece of string animals don't read textbooks and don't know how they are expected to be.

Growlithe · 05/12/2012 10:07

Thanks Lonecat. We have just been to the vet and she is having the chest X-ray and op. They say it's a fairly aggressive cancer, and they will have an idea from the X-ray how much of the surrounding tissue to take away.

She doesn't seem to be suffering at all at the moment, so the vet has said we will be buying time with her. I think we'll know when the time is right but I don't think we've reached it yet.

If only they could talk.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 05/12/2012 12:06

You're not rambling - but if you do feel the need, just come here and let off steam to your heart's content.

So sorry about your girl. Let us all know how she gets on with the op.

Yes - if only they could talk sometimes. Sad

BendyBobsBrusselsSprouts · 05/12/2012 12:09

Sad I so sorry. You must be very upsetSad.

Growlithe · 05/12/2012 13:28

Feel a bit more optimistic now. Last night she had lost her collar and as it has one of those magnetic keys to get in her cat flap, she couldn't get in. I've just found her collar and that seems like a bit of a good omen. Smile

OP posts:
werekitty · 05/12/2012 21:10

My cat has cancer of the intestines, she was diagnosed in July 2010 and given a years life expectancy. They couldn't operate as the mass was too big so we tried chemo, she is still with me 2 1/2 years later. As long as they still enjoy life then I would try the op and see how she does.

JustFabulous · 05/12/2012 21:21

Sorry if I am being thick but just because the original lumps were cancerous does it mean the new one definitely is?

My cat is 18 and among many things has breast cancer. She was diagnosed in July but there has been no change. We opted not to have it removed as the risk to the operation sending her into kidney failure was too much.

I really hope GrowCat has many more years with you.

Growlithe · 05/12/2012 22:02

JustFab - it is possible I suppose that the new lump isn't cancer, but the original ones where of a highly aggressive form of cancer so it is a fair assumption. Sad

She will be the most spoilt cat in the world, from now on. She's always been such a wise old girl, I think she will let us know if she's not happy. She is having her op on Friday, so I hope that will put a spring in her step.

Thanks for listening about her everyone, especially with your positive stories. Smile

OP posts:
Horsemad · 05/12/2012 23:17

No experience of cats with cancer but wanted to wish you and your tortie all the luck in the world.

I have a fondness for torties, have owned two (current cat is also tortie) and they are very special cats.

Growlithe · 07/12/2012 13:47

Well, they did the chest x-ray, and it showed the worst result. The cancer had spread extensively. There is no point in her having the op now. We are picking her up later this afternoon, and she is expected to decline quickly. Sad

OP posts:
Persuasion · 07/12/2012 13:51

How awful for you. Sad

There's not much to say beyond that. If it was my boy I would be devastated. So sorry.

JustFabulous · 07/12/2012 13:54

Oh God, that hit me in the stomach Sad. I am so sorry for you and your cat. I am sure you will spoil him as much as possible. We have given FABCat her Christmas present early (actually bought it and DH decreed it was her present.) She has ignored it mostly.

Do whatever you want with him and I hope you have longer than you think with him.

SO sorry SadSad.

Horsemad · 07/12/2012 14:30

Oh I'm so sorry to read this - such a shock for you Sad

BendyBobsBrusselsSprouts · 07/12/2012 14:40

Sad This is terribly sad. Poor little girl. No consolation I know but she sounds as though she is a very very loved cat and always will be and that is wonderful for her to have had that. I'm so sorry.

Growlithe · 07/12/2012 14:43

I hope I'm not going to be criticised for this, but we've decided for her to be put to sleep today. She has been being ick, she is skin and bone and is shivering a lot. She doesn't seem to enjoy being cuddled anymore either. They said she would only last weeks and would decline rapidly. They could put her on steroids but that wouls only keep her goung a bit longer.

She is a very dignified cat and I think she would want it this way.

The DCs have two years ago lost their nan to cancer, and their grandad suddenly early this year, and I don't think watching their cat decline would be right for them either. Sad

OP posts:
BendyBobsBrusselsSprouts · 07/12/2012 14:59

I think you've done the right thing absolutely, for all the reasons you say.

She sounds a wonderful and very special cat.

Growlithe · 07/12/2012 16:35

Beautiful girl. Sad

Thank you for listening this week Thanks

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 07/12/2012 17:07

So very sorry, Growlithe. And no - of course you won't be criticized. Remember what a good life she had until the very last. You did a kind thing.

stookiesackhouse · 07/12/2012 17:13

I'm really sorry for you all :( She sounds like a lovely girl who deserves the dignified end you're giving her.

JustFabulous · 07/12/2012 17:39

No criticism at all and anyone who does can bog off.

It is the right thing to do when she is so tired.

I hope it is peaceful for you all and your DC's cope okay.

RIP GrowlitheCat.

poozlepants · 07/12/2012 17:50

You poor thing. You've done the last kind thing you can for your cat to add to a lifetime of kindnesses you have given her.
I have had to put 3 cats to sleep and I let the first one linger too long - it wasn't fair to him really so you absolutely did the right thing. Our elderly cat died this year and I miss him but I have two new black cats to fill the catty void.

Fluffycloudland77 · 07/12/2012 17:57

Poor you, I think you always know when it's time to pts and it doesnt sound like she was having a nice time of it.

You must all be devastated.


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Horsemad · 07/12/2012 19:13

You've definitely done the right thing. Be kind to yourselves and remember the lovely times you had with your gorgeous girl.

prayingmantisgroupie · 07/12/2012 19:52

Huge hugs and yes, you've absolutely done the right thing. I lost my darling girl last year, she had very aggressive stomach cancer and lasted just 6 weeks from diagnosis to the end. I definitely left it too long and my one regret is that I didn't let her go sooner. Thinking of you.

bigwombat · 08/12/2012 18:06

So sorry. We have a 12 year old tortie girl and they are indeed special cats.

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