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getting rid of fleas...

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mummyandpig · 27/11/2011 12:47

We have noticed a large amount in fleas at home in the last few days, hopping around the carpet, sofa etc.

We're going to treat the cat but what is the best thing to use on carpets etc? My son is 8 months and crawling around so need something that is safe for him...

OP posts:
Elfontheedge · 27/11/2011 13:00

Get some bob Martin flea foggers. Each one does a whole room although you need to leave the house for a few hours while they do their stuff. Worked a treat for us!

Fluffycloudland77 · 27/11/2011 18:01

I never treat the house just the cat Blush

mummyandpig · 27/11/2011 20:35

Haha, Fluffy. I have never treated the house before but everytime I sit down on the sofa they start hopping out so I think it needs to be done.

Elf, will try the flea foggers although read some reviews online that said they only work alongside other products?

Anyone else?

OP posts:
JKSLtd · 27/11/2011 20:37

I have recently used a spray as couldn't wait to get hold of a fogger thingie - though i should get some in the cupboard i think for the inevitable next time.

It was just a standard spray thing, can't remember the name sorry

But it seems to have worked. Obv have also done the cats with their drops too and have the scratches to prove it

BigGreenBin · 27/11/2011 20:37

i used de-fest spray. spray in corners of room, leave room, then hoover. been a while since i used it but that is the general gist of it.

JKSLtd · 27/11/2011 20:39

Oh and I have a 7month old so want something safe for her too.

JKSLtd · 27/11/2011 20:40

Just googled it - mine was Raid spray.

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