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Poorly Pig

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thethreeblondies · 01/04/2013 09:20

Hi ladies need some advice please! Didn't get my usual noisy welcome in the kitchen this morning, only 1 piggie was up demanding her morning treat the other was hiding in her tube. Have got her out and she was very quiet (and feels skinny) she tried to nibble some carrot but can't seem to manage it, she has had a few grapes a bit of hay from my DD and a bit of the carrot I've now chopped up, her teeth look ok but I'll take her to vets tomorrow for a check over. I'll keep them separate for meals today but just wondered if anyone had any advice, Thanks x

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 01/04/2013 11:46

Oh poor piggie.

How old are your piggies? Are they both the same age?
Has she always been a slim pig or is that just recent?
If it's a new thing, she really needs food (and water) urgently. Have you got Critical Care Sachets (food replacement)
If not, mash up some pellets with warm water to make a paste and give it on a tiny teaspoon. That way she'll get the fibre and nutrients in one with some water.

Is she poohing normally. Or has she got a dirty bottom?
Is she being harrassed away from the food or treats by her cagemate at all? Sows can get a bit hormonal too.

It could be her back teeth that you can't see that are a problem.You'd need a vet or rodentologist to put a dental retractor in to check (GPs have very narrow mouths , my DD has tried to feel her boars teeth but he said "no")

See how she goes if you get her to eat some pellet mash. Typical of animals to be ill over Bank Holidays but with GPs they have a fairly short time period where they can go without eating.At least she's had some grapes and carrots but she needs fibre too.

Can you cut grass for her? Dandelions. At the moment they can't graze and fresh cut grass is a real pig treat.

If she doesn't pick up , she'll need the vet though.

Sad Good Luck.

soaccidentprone · 01/04/2013 11:52

we had this last year with one of our male piggies. I thought it might be diabetes. he had also gone blind in one eye. he is 5.

anyway after spending neatly £100 at the vets on various tests and medications the vet gave him some painkillers which he took for a week and was then right as rain. that was 6 months ago and he is still fine.

he's also had an abscess on his paw which was another £60 to sort out.

hope they find out what's wrong with your piggie

thethreeblondies · 01/04/2013 12:18

Thanks for the advice ladies, they are sisters only 1 year old, She has perked up a lot, managed a bit of dry food and hay and was drinking, the other one is definitely the more bossy, feisty one so may have been nicking the majority of food, when I put them back in together poorly pig was much more lively and protected a bit of her carrot. Will monitor today and feed again separately later, she gave me such a fright, thought she was going to drift on my lap this morning, will phone vets in the morning x

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 01/04/2013 12:23

blondies try and get some Critical Care (vets sell it,if you need it quickly but it's cheaper on Amazon)

Guineas are eating poohing machines and there's always a reason for them not eating. But they have the type of digestive system (a bit like horses) where they need to eat almost constantly.

thethreeblondies · 01/04/2013 14:27

DD just cut them some grass and thats gone down well, she is keeping up with eating with sister speed eating wise and she also came up to us for some carrot and again kept up and ate normally and quick, poos all look normal and plentiful, hope we've caught the issues quick and she will be ok otherwise I'll DD's will be distraught! xx

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