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How much do rabbits cost to keep a week?

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CareerChangeMum · 22/08/2012 21:26

I'd be really grateful if you could advise me how much a rabbit costs to feed a week, and also what yearly bills I should expect on top of those.

I know they are expensive cf guineas.

Many thanks.

OP posts:
cathers · 23/08/2012 21:24

Food - £1 a week for excel pellet, £1 on hay for eating and bedding, veggies are leftovers!
Hutch was expensive as it has a big run attached, probably £150.
Carrier was £10
Spay / neuter £50
Vaccine £15 a year.

So reckon about £3 a week once you have paid for the hutch.

Wolfiefan · 23/08/2012 21:34

Be prepared for vet bills. Check teeth and claws regularly. I love bunnies but they take a lot of time (to care for properly) and are not normally suited to being handled by v small children.
Please get biggest hutch/run possible. Fox proof. Handle every day.
Our bunnies had a big shed to play in when weather was rubbish. We couldn't stand having them cooped up in a hutch!

FarrowAndBollock · 07/09/2012 12:03

Thank you. Very large hutch purchased & run in garden for finer days. £3 a week sounds very manageable.

BonkeyMollocks · 08/09/2012 09:09

£3 per week??

I have two guineas. Cheaper to keep than Rabbits due to the vaccines but have the same needs re. hay/bedding (not sure about veg).

Hay - One big bag a week to sleep/play/eat £3.50

Bedding - £10 per month so £2.50 a week.

Food pellets - About a £1 a week if you break it down.

Veg - Extra £5 ish on top of what i buy anyway. Again, not sure about rabbits requirements for veg.

So that's roughly £7 per week without the veg for two guineas.
You would have to have two rabbits for company. Rabbits are generally bigger and put away a hell of alot of hay - especially during winter.

I think £3 a week is a little unrealistic - unless you have the room to buy hay and bedding in bulk answer store it!

FannyFifer · 08/09/2012 09:14

I buy a big bag of rabbit food once a month, about £8, rabbit treats £1.00.

He gets veggie peelings, bit of fruit.
Doesn't have a hutch as has full access to our walled garden during the day and grazes, he sleeps in the porch overnight.

Gets his double vaccination once a year, £25ish I think.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 08/09/2012 20:27

I'm a guinea pig mum like Bonkey and I'd say hay is my biggest weekly expense (£3-60 bag a week), for beddin/eating.We eat most of the same veg/fruit/salad except the shedloads of parsley.I tried to grow parsley this year but the slugs got itAngry
Rabbits ,I believe , eat more grass/hay, less pellets (eggcup full ) and I have no idea about veg.

Add on to the neutering (one-off) and vaccines (annual) regular claw and teeth appointments if needed.
And you can get Pet Insurance for bunnies if you wanted
Worming and parasite treament

Holiday boarding

TheMonster · 08/09/2012 20:28

About a fiver a week for food and veg, and sawdust and hay about three quid on top of that.

santac · 08/09/2012 20:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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