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Tell me about your outdoor accomodation for your rodents

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LordOfTheFlies · 06/01/2012 00:06

I'm thinking ahead here. (I'm not thinking of putting the critters outside in a Force 9 Gale - honest) Grin

DH doesn't want a wooden enclosure because it'll need repainted. Fair enough.

I've been scouting on Amazon and I've spied an enclosure for outdoor (for GPs and rabbits)
It's 7'x4'x2' high. Galvanised metal with pegs to pin it down.
It folds flat, so can store in the garage for winter.
It'll need a raincover and a box (I saw a lovely hedgehog house) for shelter. I'd only put them out if someone was in the house to keep an eye on them.

It's got good reviews regarding quality and size of the grid.
Only downside is catching the little monsters in it.

Some of the pens I've seen are 'open' top with a flimsy mesh. So not cat/fox proof.
DH doesn't want to make a wooden pen.
We've got a biggish garden with lawn .
It's £38 ish. (I would spend my Christmas money on it)

This is for our 2 male GPs. They had a few afternoons out last year (we got them Oct half term) with their indoor cage metal part to protect them.But it's too small for them.

Good Plan?

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