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Make up lesson from a freelance make up artist

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Idreamofdaleks · 12/06/2007 16:49

I fancy a make up lesson and am thinking of booking a freelance make up artist...has anyone tried this?

It looks as if they charge around £70 - £80 around here. Is it worth paying for? I could do with a confidence boost and I'mnot very good with make up! Have never been impressed with makeovers from the local make up counters

OP posts:
noddyholder · 12/06/2007 16:50

Go to a good dept store and get one of the make up depts to do it and spend the £80 opn the products

Wotznotreallyhere · 12/06/2007 16:51

££ xxx I'm in the wrong job. How long do they spend?

Idreamofdaleks · 12/06/2007 18:32

1 to 2 hours

Have found makeovers from local department stores to be both crap and depressing. Mainly they despair of how crap my skin is (although it's hardly the worst in the world) and have zero idea about fashionable makeup for nearly 40 year olds. I could do without comments that start with "oh dear" from 18 year olds plastered in heavy makeup.

Basically I don't want someone to ruin my day and be of no use at all (been there, done that) - and I am willing to pay £70 for someone who can show me how to look my best and boost my confidence.

OP posts:
bundle · 12/06/2007 18:33

how bad is your skin?

Wotznotreallyhere · 12/06/2007 18:37

Well I can see where you are coming from, the idea of a make over in a department store would fill me with terror.

Idreamofdaleks · 12/06/2007 18:38

hello bundle

My skin tends to be on the dry side and I often have a few spots on my chin, maybe 1 or 2 other spots at most.

In summer it is much less dry (in winter my forehead can go flaky). I have freckles but am happy about that. Sometimes my complexion is a bit red.

OP posts:
Idreamofdaleks · 12/06/2007 18:39

I know £70 might seem a lot but its not more than highlights would cost, and hopefully I would benefit for a long time from the lesson!

OP posts:
bundle · 12/06/2007 19:04

it sounds like it might be rosacea (for which I've just got this gel for my skin - have seen an improvement in a few days. mine is dry too but never had spots before, even as a teenager):

A topical (applied to the skin) antibiotic, metronidazole is commonly given as a gel or cream for the treatment of mild rosacea. You may see a slight improvement within the first month but it usually takes about two months to see a more definite improvement. Apply a thin layer of the gel or cream once or twice a day to the affected area(s), according to the label and patient information leaflet that is provided with your medicine. You will need to use it for two to three months or longer depending on the type of preparation used and the severity of the rosacea. If you are given topical metronidazole and you use a moisturiser, apply the moisturiser after the medication has dried. The moisturiser will also help to soothe the skin.
Topical metronidazole preparations sometimes cause irritant dermatitis, so the skin becomes more inflamed and itchy. If this happens, you should see your doctor, you may need to change to another treatment.

PandaG · 12/06/2007 19:08

I'm going for a makeup lesson in a couple of weeks - there will be 4 or 5 of us I think, £20 each for 2 hours. We take own makeup, or they can sell us some. Is an independant colour and style company, they've done my colour and style so know they are good!

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