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It's getting colder and I have no boots! Cheap and Stylish recommendations please

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Blatherskite · 30/01/2012 13:43

Somehow, I've managed to get this far through the Winter without any winter boots but the weather man says it's going to get colder and I'm not sure I can face -11 degrees in just my trainers!

I need some nice, warm boots that will go with my jeans and not make me look like I have huge clown feet (I'm only 5'1" and have size 4/5 feet) without breaking the bank.

I promised Cod I'd try harder to be a little more stylish this year and am completely lost. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Shmiley · 30/01/2012 15:26

Watching this in anticipation- I am looking for the same thing! (I also strangely am the same height as you and have size 4 feet.)

Flyingoutofcontrol · 30/01/2012 15:47

Ditto. Although a small 4 here.

I do have cankles and knins (amorphous blob of knee and shin merging!) to contend with too though!

Blatherskite · 30/01/2012 15:49

I've been doing weight watchers and am finally down to just one chin which may be what's making me feel like being a little more stylish Wink

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