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Do you have questions about menopause? Ask Vira Health’s expert Dr Michelle Griffin - £200 voucher to be won

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CeriMumsnet · 29/12/2020 12:46

Please note this Q&A is now closed for questions but you can see Dr Griffins answers here

Menopause can feel daunting and complicated. Maybe you’re perimenopausal; maybe your periods have stopped but you’re still having menopause-related symptoms. Maybe you’re going through an early menopause, or one brought on by medical treatment. Or maybe you’re just wondering what the next few years might hold for you and how you can best embrace (or at least get through) whatever may be heading your way. Vira Health is here to help, and their expert Dr Michelle Griffin will be answering your questions about everything to do with menopause from 18th to 27th Jan.

Here’s some more information about Dr Griffin: ‘Dr Michelle Griffin qualified as a doctor from University of Cambridge and specialised in Gynaecology, working in a number of hospitals in London and the East of England. She is a Member of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and has completed her training with the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare. She has worked in the NHS for over a decade, as well as for the Department of Health, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation on women’s health projects. She is leading the clinical development of Stella, a new app to help you manage your menopausal symptoms'.

Here’s what Vira Health, the team behind Stella has to say: “Women spend on average 7-10 years in menopause, with symptoms changing and fluctuating all the time. Yet, in the UK, less than 7% of women are satisfied with the care they receive. That’s not ok. Stella offers women personalised plans to help manage menopause symptoms better with support from an expert coach. From insomnia to weight gain and anxiety to incontinence issues, Stella supports women to find relief backed by proven science. Plans are customised to your needs and you can track your progress quickly and easily.”

If you feel in the dark about the symptoms of menopause, you’re looking for advice on managing its effects in day to day life, or you have questions about treatment or care options, you’re in the right place. Share your questions for Dr Griffin below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one Mumsnet user will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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Do you have questions about menopause? Ask Vira Health’s expert Dr Michelle Griffin - £200 voucher to be won
OP posts:
maisietoo · 31/12/2020 10:03

How do I know when I'm on the menopause. I don't want to bother the doctors for tests. My hair has really thinned out this year. Will it grow back or if it is the menopause - is that it!?

Gurufloof · 31/12/2020 10:46

Ive been on HRT for 5 years now, but recently most of the symptoms have returned with bells on. I cannot carry on any longer like this. Is this a thing that happens? Can it be treated with a different HRT? Will my doctor believe me ?

Bemystarlord · 31/12/2020 10:49

I’m 38 and had a full hysterectomy two years ago, i currently have 100mg everol parches and testosterone but i’m really struggling with body pain and fatigue , my joins and muscles are constantly so painfu and i just feel so lethargic all the time and it is making me miserable. I’ve had full bloods and vitamin deficiency tested and everything is ok so i just don’t know what to do.

starlight36 · 31/12/2020 10:55

My periods now seem to be heavier and are very red blood (much redder than previously). I often see little bits of clots or fibres in the blood. Is this a normal stage of menopause?

Montydoo · 31/12/2020 11:47

What is the best over the counter product you would recommend for vaginal dryness ? Or is there anything else - natural/herbal that can be used.

KickingBishopBrennanUpTheArrse · 31/12/2020 12:36

I'm 53, had menopausal symptoms for at least 6 years & started body identical HRT 4 years ago. Evorel 100mcg patches, Utrogestan 100mg capsules and Testagel 5mg (tiny amounts) via a private menopause specialist but now prescribed by my GP. Symptoms relieved and feel well and also lost 5 stone in weight!

I'm still having periods most months though. When will they ever stop? Are they prolonged by the HRT?

lovemyflipflops · 31/12/2020 13:15

Does taking the contraceptive pill delay/affect your onset of the menopause ? If so what is the best advice.
I don't want to be one of those 40 something mums who are blessed with a baby when they thought it was the menopause.

RaininSummer · 31/12/2020 15:30

At 58, I figure my menopause must be well underway but I haven't suffered too much so far. Have had plenty of flushes and bad sleep but nothing else really. My question is this: having been lucky enough to not need HRT so far, will this lack of added hormones backfire on me with osteoporosis and so on. Should I be taking it even though I don't feel any need?

museumum · 31/12/2020 15:31

I’m 44 and have a Mirena which needs replaced in two months. I’m not sure if I should get another? I don’t have any periods so how will I ever know if I’m in menopause.
I feel pretty crappy this year and have ballooned in weight but assume this is just how I am now? Is there any way to lose weight at this time of life? I literally cannot seem to burn fat at all, I will collapse from lack of energy before my body will burn fat.

Fortheweekend · 31/12/2020 17:22

Can perimenopause cause digestive upsets or exacerbate conditions such as IBS? I am almost 48 and have had IBS for over 20 years but the last 3-4 years have been awful. After endless tests (colonoscopy, endoscopy, ultra sound scans, ct scans etc) gastroenterologists say it’s ‘just’ IBS but I have regular/almost daily symptoms which make me miserable such as indigestion, acid, burping, gas, bloating, grumbling/gurgling guts. I do notice many woman my age complaining of these things on menopause support groups. Can the unsettled hormones disrupt the digestive system?

DinkyDaisy · 31/12/2020 17:24

I'm so worried about brain fog. I forget words half way through a sentence. Also forget a word altogether..
I am 54, not on HRT and still having periods.
I feel like I have dementia sometimes and worse when tired. Working full time and do wonder if workplaces should be more aware/ supportive. In this job climate, don't want to show weakness though..

MirandaWest · 31/12/2020 18:04

I’m 45 and had my third Mirena coil fitted last year. Haven’t had any actual periods for over 10 years and so not sure how I’d know if I were menopausal.

I had a bad bout of anxiety and depression from July 2018 for about 18 months (still on anti depressants but reducing) after having not suffered for over 10 years. I have wondered if this could be connected with menopause at all but when I did ask a GP they glossed over it. I also asked what treatments for menopause were available and was told that the main one was the mirena coil and as I had one already I was probably all right (or something like that).

Is that true? And if not, how would I know if I needed anything additional?

JamieLeesCurtains · 31/12/2020 18:48

Why aren't GPs aware of NICE guidelines? My latest named GP is female, probably in her 30s. The previous one (male, 50s) was just as woeful.

Isn't this some sort of professional lapse; and why?

RamsayBoltonsConscience · 31/12/2020 22:32

Can losing weight delay menopause symptoms or even menopause itself? I was suffering with hot flushes and anxiety and went 9 months without a period. I've lost 5 stone this year and all my symptoms have disappeared and my periods have become regular. What's going on?

Strangeways19 · 31/12/2020 22:33

I'm 52 & have had menopausal symptoms for several years, yet bleed every month without fail. I also have terrible sensitivity & mood swings. I take black cohosh but is there anything else you would recommend under the alternative therapy umbrella?

OfficeDrama · 31/12/2020 23:06

What tests can I ask for from a GP that will indicate what stage I'm at in my menopause?

CookieDoughKid · 31/12/2020 23:36

Is there anything we should be doing diet or exercise wise, for example, that can minimise the effects of menopause?

Purplemirror · 01/01/2021 01:40

Why do they not teach about menopause in schools?

wehaveafloater · 01/01/2021 07:40

Hi, happy New year ! I have a question too .

If you had a hysterectomy some 20 odd years ago,but ovaries left ( due to being early 30's at the time ) how will you know if you are at menopause?
Is there a blood test or do you just go to pot with loads of crappy symptoms ? Or do some people have little to no symptoms and just carry on the same.
( I'm in the latter group currently)

Willowcat77 · 01/01/2021 08:46

I'm worried that my GP might refuse to keep prescribing my HRT (Estrogel + Utrogestan) after the first 5 years. I've heard of this happening to other women. Do they have the right to do this? I want to be on it for the rest of my life if possible!

desperatetostaypositive · 01/01/2021 09:38

I'm 52 and peri-menopausal (last period in March)
Have suffered with menstrual migraines since I was pregnant 24 years ago. Over the past few months they have become more regular and more severe and the triptans don't work as well.
Any advice or light at the end of the tunnel do you think?
Many thanks for any advice

LankyJolene · 01/01/2021 09:54

Who do you know when you are starting the menopause? Is there any major signs to watch out for?

PetrovYelyenaAndMe · 01/01/2021 11:46

I’m experiencing waves of a ‘jangly nerve’ feeling, particular night - as I’ve recently also started getting hot flushes I assume it’s a peri menopausal symptom but I can’t find it described in menopausal literature. It’s really unpleasant - what is it and is there anything I can do about it?

Thank you.

dexterslockedintheshedagain · 01/01/2021 12:24

I'm 52, had my last period over 2yrs ago. Was prescribed oestrogen and progesterone 2 yrs ago, but after the initial script was only given the oestrogen, so have been taking this alone for nigh on two years now (I still have a womb).
Recently I have been bleeding, heavily. GP has referred me to gynae and I have an appt in Feb. Have had bloods and ultrasound, GP is phoning to discuss the results on the 11th.
Should I be worried?

alwaysataldi · 01/01/2021 12:42

I have always felt that the menopause has not been taken seriously by employees, and make staff - women just 'get on with it'.
My question would be if I wanted to take hormones to delay the menopause - are there any, what would you recommend, and what are the potential side effects ?

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