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Mumsnetters share their imaginative play tips and ideas with The LEGO Group

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BellaMumsnet · 14/12/2020 11:25

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Whether it’s an indoor fort made of cushions, playing pretend shops or having an intense car race around the living room, learning through play is a great way for children to tap into their imagination. The LEGO Group and LEGO Foundation have launched an online platform called ‘Build the Change’ to encourage children to get creative (while having fun) when thinking about the environment, climate change and biodiversity. This is why The LEGO Group would love to hear your tips for getting your children involved in creative imaginative play.

Here’s what The LEGO Group has to say: "Everybody loves to play, especially children but we know it can be hard to make the time for it. Play is not only super fun but it’s a great way for our children’s brain to develop and to learn new skills and knowledge, especially if play is centred around a topic – such as biodiversity or climate change. Build the Change is a really great opportunity for you to play with your child/ren in a really creative way and hear from them what they think about these topics. Create the space and time – it’ll be worth it!!"

Do you have a fail-safe activity that your children enjoy every time? How do you tease your children away from video games and encourage them to invent their own fun? Do you find it easy to keep them interested in creative play? Do you have tips or ideas for encouraging imaginative play that you can share with other parents? Do you have to inspire your kids to play creatively or do they use their own imagination to dream up new games? How does your child explore the world through imaginative play?

All who post on this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!


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Mumsnetters share their imaginative play tips and ideas with The LEGO Group
OP posts:
mandydoherty65 · 04/01/2021 21:12

We enjoy making things from scraps of fabric, sewing or gluing pieces together. Creating paper weights/ornaments with salt dough that we've made. Outdoors we play ball games, hopscotch and love digging in the garden for dinosaur teeth ( pointy stones) and making mud pies decorated with leaves, flowers and twigs etc.

Composer1 · 04/01/2021 21:37

Whatever the present my favourite acquisition was always a large cardboard box: once inside with the flaps pulled over you can be wherever your fancy takes you.

Lisapaige24 · 04/01/2021 21:52

I have my children take timeout from video games and television to do puzzles which I make into a competition and drawing and colouring of picture numbers, having them play 30 minutes with different toys so they don’t get bored and it keeps there mind stimulated something I learnt when I was teaching assistant.

JulieAlderson · 04/01/2021 23:37

I used to create all sorts of different obstacle courses in the garden for my children, and they'd have timed races. It was a great way of helping them to burn off energy and improve their athletic skills.

lillypopdaisyduke · 05/01/2021 09:56

A packing box every time, with a box of felt tips, we can decorate this into a house, spaceship, pirate ship - or a mixture of the 3.
It can last until it becomes a flying carpet - then recycled.

LeeFitz1968 · 05/01/2021 11:53

We like to build an assault course around the garden and play the lava game where you have to get to the tree house by using only the course we have set up , i am rubbish at it but the kids are great

tomskype · 05/01/2021 12:47

Water pistols in the bath, in fact any water based toys

hareharehare · 05/01/2021 13:11

I always get down on the floor with them and join in with their ideas. much better than getting them to follow your ideas.

CardiffChris · 05/01/2021 13:23

My 6 year old loves to play with Lego, all I have to do is get the box out and he will be there in a flash.

jlkendrick14 · 05/01/2021 14:59

Encouraging a childs' imagination is so very important.
My two grandchildren absolutely love their lego and it really is any excuse to play with it. We had had some questions about the moon which obviously piqued their interest. Having shown them some pictures of the Apollo rockets, we decided we were going to design our own 'rockets' to get there! Having built those we got to the moon extraordinarily quickly and set about battling with the dinosaurs we found there! After a great adventure, we set off for Earth in our self made rockets.
Roll on the next adventure........

jessamybride · 05/01/2021 15:25

We love a walk in the garden and local area to pick up lots of leaves and bits and pieces from nature to make pictures and bookmarks and craft projects. We've made bug and bee houses and bird boxes and bird feeders. We've recently made Bird fat balls.

barbaramcgibben · 05/01/2021 15:42

S wants to play ‘teacher’ every day and her young sister and me have to be pupils.She is very strict and allows no questions.....I wonder what usually goes on at school.👩‍🎓

ciderchickxxx · 05/01/2021 16:18

We enjoy making lego, my daughter has learning difficulties so we make letters to learn.

karla10 · 05/01/2021 18:10

today we made drums from cups with balloons round the top we enjoyed hearing all the different sounds different types of cups made. My boys were in their glory

jenny007 · 05/01/2021 18:15

got cardboard boxes from shops made them into a dolls house and a tank etc the kids love it they loved the colouring them in and playing with their creations xx

sarahmc25 · 05/01/2021 19:28

One sure fire way to get them off their screens is home made play dough! They love mixing up the ingredients and colouring the dough and then they use it to make play scenes for their lego men to hang out in. They love mixing up their toys which I didn’t like at first but have come to realise it’s perfect for creative play if not for my OCD!

pineapple99 · 05/01/2021 22:45

Messy play always seems to fire my grandsons imagination.
Things like . . .
playing with ice - frozen in lots of different shapes and sizes - and the tools from his play tool kit like the hammer. Can be fun to freeze things inside the ice for him to get at
making potions. Store up different bottles making sure you keep the lids. He fills them with water and adds a few drops of different food colourings to make potions.

BellaMumsnet · 06/01/2021 09:07

We have selected a lucky prize winner for this prize draw. The winner is @jessamybride - congratulations!

OP posts:
jessamybride · 06/01/2021 13:14

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Tsuyoikochan · 07/01/2021 16:33

You don't need tease kids away from video games, there's plenty of opportunity for using their imagination and a whole range of other skills while gaming. If that's their passion it's no worse than any other hobby.

sheilads105 · 07/01/2021 16:49

I use the Alphabet for a toy beginning with A, B, C...etc. A girl's name beginning A, B, C...etc. A boy's name. A Country, a city. Take photos of things in the house or out on a walk beginning with A, B, C...etc. Let's them be creative whilst learning.

SuperLoudPoppingAction · 10/01/2021 19:22

Tsuyoikochan, as a case in point, ds1 and ds2 were playing lego lord of the rings on their PCs and this week they have been watching the films with me, playing Lord of the rings risk and the related warhammer. The game got them interested in the lore.

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