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Mumsnet users share their child’s messiest moments with Farrow & Ball

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LucyBMumsnet · 28/09/2020 10:01

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We may have gradually adapted to spending more time at home this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. With children around, more time indoors can often mean more opportunity for mess-making, whether over-adventurous colouring, teatime catastrophes, or grubby mitts. Farrow & Ball’s durable Modern Emulsion paint is washable and wipeable, so to celebrate all eventualities, they would like to hear the story of the biggest mess your child has ever made.

Here’s what Farrow & Ball has to say: “Our homes have become office, crèche, and schoolroom as well as space for your family. Couple that with the fact that most of us have been looking at the same walls for months on end, noticing every mark, or wanting to introduce a change, and you have a great opportunity for a fresh lick of paint.

Modern Emulsion is a great choice for any space because it’s washable, wipeable, and tough enough to withstand those everyday scuffs and scrapes from things like scooters and shoes. It’s also eco-friendly, child-safe, and available in any Farrow & Ball colour you choose.”

What has been your child’s messiest moment? Do you have a budding Picasso who simply can’t resist the allure of a blank wall? Perhaps your children weren’t even the culprits: are your four-legged friends responsible for muddy marks and wet splodges along the wall? How do you tackle the clean-up?

No matter what kind of creative punishments your home has been subject to, we’d like to hear your stories. All who share on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw. The winner of the prize draw will receive a £100 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list), a virtual Farrow & Ball colour consultancy, and 10L of Modern Emulsion paint in a colour of their choice. Two runners-up will each win 5L of Modern Emulsion paint in a colour of their choice.

Thanks, and good luck!

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Mumsnet users share their child’s messiest moments with Farrow & Ball
Mumsnet users share their child’s messiest moments with Farrow & Ball
Mumsnet users share their child’s messiest moments with Farrow & Ball
OP posts:
Shoom72 · 30/09/2020 18:06

When my daughter was really young she would always write her name in random places, walls, furniture. She then started to write my sons name everywhere and try to act innocent, until I caught her in the act on a wall in the lounge with a bright red felt tip pen!

prettybird · 30/09/2020 18:26

When my ds was 4 or 5, he was playing upstairs with his wee friend from across the road. His bedroom is on the attic floor while most of the other rooms are the floor below.

It was a classic case of "things are very quiet, you should be worried". Wink

Ds and his friend came downstairs absolutely covered in paint - hands, clothes, shoes, the lot. We ran upstairs to find out what had happened: they'd been playing with the (large) squidgy bottles of poster paint, and rather than putting them on to the easel with its roll of lining paper, had been enjoying squishing the paint into the Ikea rug! Shock It had actually soaked through to the floorboards below!

There were painted hand-prints on the door to the upstairs bathroom (we think that they had belatedly realised that they'd perhaps got a big too messy Wink) but amazingly, even though there was paint ingrained in the tread of ds' and his friend's trainers, somehow none of it went on to the blue stair carpet, nor on the cream carpet of the downstairs! Confused

To give the IKEA rug (blue with large white circles) its due, it cleaned up really well - you can only see remnants of its colour adventure on the underside.

Ds' trainers had to be scrubbed with a toothbrush to get the paint out.

We got off lightly! Grin

queenoftheschoolrun · 30/09/2020 19:40

That would be the time DD decided to try out her new pens on the newly painted kitchen wall... We were in the room with her at the time, she was happily drawing at the table and the next thing we knew the entire wall was covered in multi-colour scribbles!

Firewall · 30/09/2020 22:47

Our son has really bad hayfever Over the summer and managed to cover a whole wall in chocolate milk when he sneezed with a mouthful of chocolate milk. Unfortunately it’s still on the wall, having scrubbed the (white) wall multiple times it just wouldn’t come off. One positive thing is it’s clearly demonstrated how far and wide a sneeze can cover!

Pimmsypimms · 01/10/2020 07:25

I mistakenly left my toddler dd unattended with a pot of sudocream. She absolutely covered herself in it! It took at least 4 washes to get it out of her her. She also smeared it all over the tv and DVD player!!
I didn't make that mistake with ds!

LilyLongJohn · 01/10/2020 07:50

My youngest found some navy blue, yes navy blue, nail polish and decided to smear it all over herself. So after being stood In the bath with several bottles of nail varnish remover, and lots of cotton wool, she looked like a smurf for a week or two!

MrsLeclerc · 01/10/2020 18:14

Aside from the standard food related Jackson Pollock incidents and plate throwing, DS discovered the joys of crayons. While DH and I were working DS liked to sit in the hall with his books. I can see him from my desk so let him sit quietly. You know what they say about quiet toddlers!

After a few minutes I got up to check on him and he’d taken a crayon and decided to draw “daddy’s car” (a mass of scribbles as high as he could reach) on the wall. Brown crayon on a cream wall left mum unimpressed. Thankfully I had one of those magic eraser blocks and it got rid of the crayon without stripping the paint off.

Crayons are now forbidden until he’s 25!

PickAChew · 01/10/2020 19:39

You don't want to know the messiest because that's just plain gross.

Less gross is the time my mum cooked meatballs for us and my youngest managed to get sauce on the cream seat and then ran for the stairs to go and wash his hands, trailing it all up the woodwork and the walls, on the way. We started sitting either side of him, rather than him sitting next to grandma, and they found him a darker seat, which he has used ever since!

Peachypips78 · 01/10/2020 19:49

My son has a new game. It's called 'squish the crane fly'. We now have hundreds on brown dead smudges all over the walls!

Sid98 · 02/10/2020 01:06

My kids put their foot in the paint tray and then walked on the carpets

GeorgeDavidson · 02/10/2020 13:03

1st and only time we paid someone to professionally paint the inside our house - the walls looked beautiful. Perfect!
Until our 4 year old decided that the biggest, whitest wall looked like a canvas and went to town on it with a rainbow of poster paints... 3 coats of paint later... and you can still see the rainbow in certain light.

ButterflyBitch · 02/10/2020 18:46

So so many. There was the glitter incident, the drawing all over her furniture incident (ongoing), the cutting her hair incident, cutting her cuddly toys/dolls hair incident, the picking at the wallpaper incident.. I’m sorry what? You want me to stop talking? But I’ve got so many more. Blush I swear my dd isn’t completely feral.

fishnships · 02/10/2020 19:44

DS drew random circles on his bedroom wall in felt-tip - something to do with Dr Who, not that you would have known. After much scrubbing I found the only thing to do was to buy some paint specially designed to cover up marks, then paint over it. Much tidier now Smile

blackteaplease · 03/10/2020 06:08

Oh where to start. I have 3 DC and there have been so many incidents.

I think the messiest and most memorable was when Ds 1 and ds 2 had a fight over a frube at the breakfast table. It split and yogurt went absolutely everywhere. It was on the walls, table, chairs, floor and children. I was scrubbing for ages

Prufrocks · 03/10/2020 08:32

We’ve had sudocrem on the sofa, full body mascara and more wall based artistic endeavour than I care to remember.

He’s a bit older now and not treated to so many of these incidents.

wonkylegs · 03/10/2020 08:49

I'll never forget the crafting moment when I was helping DS1 make a dinosaur for his school homework. Making a normal amount of mess but nothing that couldn't be easily cleaned up.
We were 3/4 way through when the phone rang and I went to answer it....
I came back after less than 5mins to see a glittery hellscape and a very proud little boy. 'Look mummy we DO have glitter, I did it myself'
The dinosaur was quite disco, the kitchen floor, table, walls and even the ceiling also sparkled for pretty much the next 6mths. No matter how much I hoovered or mopped there seemed to still be twinkly bits. I'm not a big fan of bling so really not the aesthetic I was going for with our kitchen decor.
I have since learnt that if glitter is in the house it should be kept in a locked cabinet not just hidden at the back of the cupboard.

BigBadBox · 03/10/2020 09:37

The insides of a bean bag all over the house. The little balls get staticy and cling to everything and they're too light to hoover up. I remember going to the loo and finding them in my knickers Confused

Ashhead24 · 03/10/2020 17:31

Touch wood nothing too awful to date. Worst is probably ketchup smeared all over themselves or oranges on white tops.

pashmina696 · 03/10/2020 18:50

Crayon, drawn all over the newly decorated hall and his newly decorated bedroom with beautiful pirate themed wallpaper, on the wallpaper of course, and with added stickers too. He was 3. Angry

Dr273 · 03/10/2020 20:15

Does anybody else's baby LOVE TOOTHPASTE? Mine is obsessed with it. She began by stealing mama's toothbrush (and mama couldn't overcome the baby grip). Now she steals the toothpaste dispenser, rips of the lid, and suckles it. The dispenser then ejects toothpaste everywhere - luckily in the bathroom, which is easier to clean & our Farrow&Ball painted room (everywhere except the wall behind the changing mat)!
Currently, I am thwarting her efforts by providing the toothpaste dispenser upside down, leading her to suckle the bottom rather than the top, and feel that she has somehow won! Phew!

Mumsnet users share their child’s messiest moments with Farrow & Ball
Tigger83 · 04/10/2020 17:04

Oh gosh there's been so many...

Playing with Oxo cubes... involves opening them all over the kitchen floor.

'Opening' tea bags so he could hoover them up, which resulted in him spreading them all over the kitchen floor

Sudo all over him and his giant bunny as he was 'changing the baby'

Or my personal favourite emptying out my shampoo onto my dressing table then using my eyeshadow pallet and lipstick to paint him, the spare room and the dressing table whilst I was feeding his 4 week old baby sister.... I knew he was too quiet! He's 2.5 lol

Scottieboi32 · 04/10/2020 17:48

Covering an ornament with a duster to perform a magic trick. Saying abracadabra and pulling it away to find shockingly it had disappeared. Their face was a picture I tell you, thinking how do I get the parents ornament back now. Then..... smash as the ornament and grate below it broke into pieces. A different shocked face appeared then let me tell you. So yeah a moment I will never forget but a very messy moment it was too! Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry hehe Shock

Catawaul · 04/10/2020 17:48

DD drew a face on the wall with pencil when she was small, my then H was furious and started scrubbing it off. I stopped him, I thought it was cute. H is long gone but the little face is still smiling on the wall. Smile

Punkatheart · 04/10/2020 18:04

My daughter went through a stage of collecting dead flies and then trying to paint them. Revolting!

CLOCK1914 · 04/10/2020 18:26

My daughter had just learned to ride a bike I went out with her and she accidentally rode the bike in a load of dogs mess it went all in the wheels it took ages to clean it off

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