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GRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Hospital Appt

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eidsvold · 30/03/2005 06:10

well what a mess - today was the check up to decide whether or not dd1 will need to have grommets. As dh now works at the hospital where her appts are he came along. They came and called dd1 and so I told dh to go ahead as I was feeding dd2 - thinking it was dd1's hearing test. A couple of minutes later dh returns to tell me they will see in 3 months time. I asked is that what the audiologist thinks and he then told me he had seen the consultant?!?!?!

This appt was one I had asked for as 6 months ago they wanted to give dd1 grommets and I asked for a few months to see if her hearing would improve.... so after a two second look in dd1's ears the consultant knows she is fine for a few more months. Poor dh - I am going off on one about a waste of time for a two minute consultation ( over an hours wait with a moany dd2 who was tired and hungry). The nurse heard me and asked what the problem was so I explained that this check up was to see whether or not she would need grommets and make the decision to book surgery - she is on the waiting list.

Well to cut a rant short - they did a hearing test as my insistence and her hearing is within the normal range and she is fine for now. There is some flatness in one ear which is either wax or fluid but her hearing has improved. Which sneakily I suspected given she can now hear us whisper.

What got me more annoyed after all of that is the consultant telling dh that 4 out of 10 children with downs syndrome show no improvement after grommets have been inserted. SO we would wait a few more months and check again and then put her on the waiting list. ( does he not read his own notes - she went on the waiting list last year... just needs a booking date!!)

What a turn around - when I challenge the effectiveness of grommets the consultant speaks to me like I am stupid and swears that he has done tonnes of operations for grommets in children with down syndrome and they have great success, and he has read the research re: medication and basically ignoring anything I wanted to ask or say to the point of speaking over me. Dh goes in for an appointment and he is sweetness and light!! Made me sooo Not sure whether it was the staff badge or the fact he was male.... that led to the change in attitude!!!

Anyway so pleased her hearing has improved and no grommets in the near future. Her speech is slowly improving and we have a few more words... so I figured things had improved.

Okay rant over!!

OP posts:
Jayzmummy · 30/03/2005 08:16

What a shame you got so upset. Just glad that little ones ears are improving and that her speech is getting better.

Twiglett · 30/03/2005 09:10

now THAT was a worthwhile rant

glad you got what you needed out of it though

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