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i would like a love and kisses hunni emoticon with lips

40 replies

zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 10:06

....we don't have an i heart u one

how about it tech babe [heart luv and kisses emoticon]

OP posts:
SauerKraut · 01/11/2007 10:08

and what about a "you're my bitch" one

Carmenere · 01/11/2007 10:09

What about a simple 'feck off you trashy cow, I wouldn't be seen dead on the same thread as you' one?

Flier · 01/11/2007 10:10

or a "hun" one too...............

zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 10:20

don't lots of peole want one?

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 10:21

you all want horrid things like ignore buttons

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 01/11/2007 10:21

Lots of people don't want one. I think it would be good for annoying the fishy one, but otherwise, ugh, no thanks.

zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 10:23

but it would save writing xxbabe etc

OP posts:
ledodgy · 01/11/2007 10:23

I think we should have a 'talk to the hand ...' one where a big hand comes up then we could go totally Jeremy Kyle.

TigerFeet · 01/11/2007 10:25

how about [chav alert]

NotQuiteCockney · 01/11/2007 10:25

I have a better way to save writing 'xxbabe etc'. Don't write 'xxbabe etc.'

TigerFeet · 01/11/2007 10:26

awww come on NQC hun get into the sirit of things babe xoxoxox

NotQuiteCockney · 01/11/2007 10:28

I'm actually going irl now. A lot.

And now it's :-P

zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 10:28


for nqc

OP posts:
FlightAttendant · 01/11/2007 10:31

I still want one carrying a lickle bunch of flowers!

Tasteful flowers of course. I keep needing it in all sorts of threads...

NotQuiteCockney · 01/11/2007 10:37


NotQuiteCockney · 01/11/2007 10:37


NotQuiteCockney · 01/11/2007 10:38

How come they never have the ones I want?

TigerFeet · 01/11/2007 10:39

there's always this one NQC

zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 10:40

aw hunni u going to the m eet up?

OP posts:
Bocoreepy · 01/11/2007 10:41
NotQuiteCockney · 01/11/2007 10:44
zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 10:45

well i can't promise but i'll do my best


OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 10:46

nobody tell lou tho

OP posts:
TigerFeet · 01/11/2007 10:46
NotQuiteCockney · 01/11/2007 10:52

Vomit is fine. Much less gross than all the xoxoxo hun stuff.

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