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can we have a trashy celebrities topic please?

10 replies

treacletart · 29/05/2006 21:00

We've had lots of very worthy new topics lately, but following on from my "I was behind Chantelle and Preston at Waitrose checkout" thread and the recent cancellation of my Heat subscription, can we have an unashamedly trashy topic for more Zlist sightings - I'd love a regular trolley snoop. I'm sure you could get sell loads of banner ads on it.

OP posts:
LadyCodofCOdford · 29/05/2006 21:00

oooooooooooooooh yess

we can calle dit " starstruck"

treacletart · 30/05/2006 19:40

just us?

OP posts:
PrincessBoris · 30/05/2006 19:43

oh please no

i dont mind the odd thread but this site is being dumbed down enough as it is

Piffle · 30/05/2006 20:01

I have a bloody degree and it is not dumbing down it is much needed escapism actually Grin

treacletart · 30/05/2006 20:05

Oh go on, please?! It wouldnt be dumbed down - it would be clever and witty and post modern. Anyway if it had its own topic, can't you fix it in your preferences for it not to bother your active convos if you prefer them unsullied with celbrity tripe?

OP posts:
MrsMills · 30/05/2006 20:28

and i could cancel my overseas Heat subscription which arrives a week late, by which time it really is old 'news', I mean trying ti keep up with Chantelle/Preston/t'other one was an effin nightmare and i still don't know who or what they are

treacletart · 30/05/2006 20:47

go on... you know you want it!

OP posts:
PrincessBoris · 30/05/2006 20:51

please dont do this

im begging you

ill never get a boyfriend at this rate!!

Snafu · 30/05/2006 20:55

Oooh, yes - but anyone caught taking it seriously would be immediately hounded off MN with flaming torches. Pretty please?

And also LOl at the idea that much-maligned 'Chat' topic is obviously now too highbrow for sleb threads Grin

Rachel (mumsnet) · 04/07/2006 16:44

Hi there - after some discussion at our latest meeting, 'fraid it's a no at the moment for a trashy celebrities topic. We're having to be a little selective because of the sheer no. of topics up on talk now and we decided for the moment this wasn't a priority. Not to stop you from going into other areas of talk to discuss the latest celeb goss...


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