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Is it just me....

20 replies

JanHR · 19/01/2004 14:06

or is antone else fiinding MN slow today.

OP posts:
Lisa78 · 19/01/2004 14:07

v v slow

popsycal · 19/01/2004 14:08

it is all the people checking on the strawberry story!!!!

katierocket · 19/01/2004 14:08

it's because of strawberry - sheer volume of traffic keeping tabs on the saga I bet!

M2T · 19/01/2004 14:08

Haven't noticed it coz when I'm using a dial-up connection, like today, my laptop is always incredibly sssslllllowwww.

JanHR · 19/01/2004 14:14

I have an adsl line and it is sooooooooooo ssllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww.

OP posts:
emmatmg · 19/01/2004 14:17

I've got broad band and today is the slowest I've ever known it.

Heheheheheheheheheheheh I hope it is me and skie( and of course strawberry) thats causing it!!!!

suzywong · 19/01/2004 14:19

it's normal spped for me on broadband

suzywong · 19/01/2004 14:20

but it is preventing me from spelling speed correctly

popsycal · 19/01/2004 14:20

i have broadband = slowest ever too

suzywong · 19/01/2004 14:23

how peculiar

ghengis · 19/01/2004 14:25

I have broadband too and it was terribly slow earlier but seem to have picked up now.

melsy · 19/01/2004 14:31

My it friend said speed is controlled by several factors :

volume of traffic
If u are inactive for a while your server puts you at the bottom of the que so to speak!!
The interaction of your url with the one you are on again to do with traffic. some urls can cope with this with super powerful mainframes.

God I sound like a computor nerd!!!!

What is this strawberry thread , sounds far more interesting????

ponygirl · 19/01/2004 14:58

Melsy, see Lost PLEASE help. Make sure you've got a big mug of tea, plenty of time and a box of tissues.

fio2 · 20/01/2004 10:13

what strawberry story?

Bron · 20/01/2004 10:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Carla · 20/01/2004 10:46

And what, prey tell, is wrong with an F reg Nissan Bluebird?

REALLY slow, but then it has been since strawberry.

Bron · 20/01/2004 11:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bron · 20/01/2004 11:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alibubbles · 20/01/2004 11:41

Bron, do a restart, or sign off and sign back on again, I find that helps.

Mine starts acting up if DH has his mobile phone in front of his desk top, it interferes with the wireless connection ( as we have alll 4 on broadband, connected by an airport) and seems to slow mine down.

Carla · 20/01/2004 11:48

Bron,not,it's not our vehicle! But then if it was, I wouldn't admit to it!

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