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Girls clothes that aren't pink

48 replies

Magscat · 06/04/2005 13:14

Anyone else annoyed by the fact that almost all girls clothes available on the High Street are PINK? Has anyone found anywhere that offers more choice of colours so baby girls don't have to be totally dressed in pink all the time? It's just a personal dislike of mine but I'm sure I can't be the only one.

OP posts:

Marina · 06/04/2005 19:08

I tend to agree with Twiglett here...ds is still mainly dressed in French stuff and Mini Boden because I want him to have jolly colours too...and dd wears quite a few of his more effete cast-offs ( aloha, we had a fair few androgynous French bouffant rompers too...)
Now we have dd I'm enjoying pink more than I thought I would, although we prefer the hard to find foxglove/cerise/coral shades.
Definitely rate H & M, Pumpkin Patch and Boden for brights, and also Vertbaudet and La Redoute.


bundle · 06/04/2005 19:10

marina, have just finished dd2's cotton crocheted hat which goes beautifully with her dumpling

(i've nearly finished dd1's pseudo-dumpling too)


cod · 06/04/2005 19:11

Message withdrawn


joannieL · 06/04/2005 19:17

Don't want to worry you, but despite me putting dd in non-gender specific clothing and me being all-black and khaki type,when she reached 3-ish she would wear nothing but pink (and no trousers)by her own choice, also wants to buy Barbie, fairies, my little Pony...make the most of it, they will be girly or not whatever you do! She's four now and no sign of growing out of it.
Vertbaudet catalogue not bad prices, and some different stuff.


WideWebWitch · 06/04/2005 19:20

Oh I agree Twiglett, I had a boy first and am so, so happy with all the pink. And I find that everything tends to go together really well because, well, you can't go that wrong with pink/lilac type combinations. I'm thoroughly enjoying the pinkness and I speak as someone who hasn't bought much at all for my dd as she's been given so many gorgeous hand me downs (some from mumsnetters, thanks!). Aloha and all other pink lovers, have you seen Girl Heaven? It looks horrible on the site, but is full of pinky pearly peachy feathery confections of tulle and lace and sequins, gorgeous, like the Belle Hooped dress, scroll down here!


joannieL · 06/04/2005 19:20

Also, expensive-ish but very cute, and not all pink - Zac and Ily, batik tropical patterns. Wish they did grown-up sizes. And of course, charity shops.Found loads of Kenzo (lovely kids stuff) and Dior stuff the other day!


bundle · 06/04/2005 19:21

dd1's pinkness has spread to my clothes too but at least it got me out of all black


geogteach · 06/04/2005 19:38

I thought I was the only one! They look at me weird when I go into clarks and ask what they've got that isn't pink.


Hulababy · 06/04/2005 19:50

This thread makes me smile; as DD has got older and such a strong sense of self identity I would be on a losing battle. My DD (3 yesterday) wears pink constantly - it is the only colour she will choose for herself! Everything has to be pink, or at least lilac for her! TBH I really don't mind - she loojks lovely in it, and I can somtimes persuade her to wear other colours - so long as there is some hint of pink somewhere!!!


Magscat · 06/04/2005 19:52

Hi again. I started the thread and I did have a boy first (see Twiglett's comment) and agree with that there is much more in the shops for girls than there is for boys but I still don't like pink! My son spent first 3 years mostly in reds, oranges, blues or at least if duller clothes then with brighter stripes/pictures on. I too looked forward to having a girl as I thought it would mean more choice and if the fairy princess theme does it for you there's loads but it's just not my thing! She has been wearing her brother's hand-me-downs but she looks just like he did at the same age (3 months) & I needed to get her some girly things to give her more of her own identity and because I do like some of the pretty, delicate designs there are for girls - just wish they weren't all pink.
Like JoannieL said, despite my best efforts she'll probably be a Barbie freak in a couple of years anyway (she will if the mother-in-law has anything to do with it). Thanks again for all the suggestions.

OP posts:

Pruni · 06/04/2005 19:55

Message withdrawn


Magscat · 06/04/2005 19:59

P.S. Re. Tesco/Asda - I've bought a few bits from there. Asda not too bad but the better Tesco stuff is in the 9 months plus range. Their baby stuff seems to be all pink or disney (another pet hate). Thanks TreacleTart for the eBay tip. Have been checking eBay but not with the search yuo suggested - the link worked btw.

OP posts:

ThomCat · 06/04/2005 19:59

Verbaudet is good as well.

I don't like pink, although she has got some fab pink boots and pink gingham jimjams and 1 pale pink t-shirt, but that's our lot.


Juliehafrancis · 06/04/2005 20:06

How about catalogues such as la redoute and verbaudet?
H and M are great as are baby gap, zara, pumpkin patch etc... but perhaps instead of buying from the shops outright you could look on e-bay?


lovecloud · 06/04/2005 20:19

For some cool unusual clothes try

I wish they sold girls clothes in plain colours like a pack of plain tshirts on red/green etc or with stripes. Girls clothes are always pink, lilac or soft shades.


Enid · 06/04/2005 20:23

I helped launch Girl Heaven! We all rather like pink chez Enid


motherinferior · 06/04/2005 20:39

I held out on pink for DD1 (especially as she spent most of her first year in her male cousin's less butch castoffs)...but gave in when I had DD2 (partly because that meant I didn't have to think about the Handmedown Issue). And they both seem to get given lots of pink. And I can't wear girly pink as have red hair, so it's quite fun.

But I do find a fair amount of non-pink. You may be shopping in overly classy shops, of course


Bozza · 07/04/2005 15:54

Magscat - I do understand where you are coming from. Like you and several others I have a DS and despaired about the colours/lack of choice. And he is currently getting very strong ideas about what he likes to wear. He likes a t-shirt with a logo/picture on, teamed with a zip front top (generally knitted) which he zips up about an inch so that the logo on the t-shirt is on display. Drives me mad. So all his jumpers/shirts/plain or striped t-shirts are bypassed.

I know DD will eventually form her own views on clothes but she is a baby and so I try and dress her in a variety of colours plus any suitable cast-offs from DS. Still has mucho pink clothes though.


OldieMum · 07/04/2005 16:18

What annoys me about British girls' high street clothes is not just the ubiqituous pink, but the fluffy, sequiny naffness of the styles. Last year, I got so desperate that I bought most of DD's summer clothes over the net from in the US (now very cheap because the $ is so weak). The clothes arrived quite quickly and were nice - lots of yellows, acquamarines and oranges. But their styles are too cutesy for my taste this year. L.L.Bean (at have lovely clothes for toddlers - some are pink or lilac, but many are in plainer styles and colours and they are great for basics like rainjackets, t-shirts, simple dresses and fleeces, all costing around 1/2 to 1/3 of what Boden charge, but of similar quality. I ordered from them in the autumn, but got stung by customs charges. A kind friend who lives in the US suggested I get L.L. Bean to send them to her and she would send them on to me as a gift, to avoid customs charges. This worked. But I still don't understand why the Gymboree order got through without customs charges last year.

My other source has been second-hand sales in the local primary school. I get the impression from these older clothes that the sequiny, pink hegemony may be a recent thing. I have found lovely, plainish secondhand dungarees and pinafore dresses from M&S, Laura Ashley and Next of a kind which I have never seen on sale new in the shops.


blueteddy · 07/04/2005 19:49

I have 2 ds's, but if I one of them had been a girl, I would not have wanted them swamped in pink either (after all, you don't tend to dress boys head - toe in blue!)
I remember seeing a blue & white striped dress with matching knickers & blue tights in the Blooming marvellous catalouge.
Both my DH & me thought it looked really good to see a little baby girl in a blue dress!
So Blooming marvellous may be worth a try!
Also Oshkosh do a blue & white striped pinifore dress, which I saw in Boots today.
I would also try H&M, vertbaudet & Gap.


cupcakes · 07/04/2005 19:56

Oldiemum - I've ordered from Gymboree a couple of times and each delivery has come via Germany. I think that is how it has avoided customs. Don't ask me why but I know some other mumsnetters have found this as well!


Eowyn · 07/04/2005 20:07

I've got some lovely blue/green stuff from la redoute, can't tell you how pleased I was when dd said she didn't want pink. Can't believe we will finally get some variety in her wardrobe.
Her hair was v short for a long long time so pink felt a bit more necessary back then.


blueteddy · 07/04/2005 20:10

I always think that the girls part of Next seems to be a sea of pink stuff!
Gap are not so bad & they have a sale on ATM!

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