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what do you 'do' with your 1yr old

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Tootsieglitterballs · 23/02/2016 08:04

This may sound like a really daft question, but SAHP, what do you 'do' with your children / child during the day?

What kind of activities / play etc do you do?

Now DS is fully walking and into everything, we seem to need some new ideas! He has come on leaps and bounds over the last month or so.

I must sound like an awful patent.... Just sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough with him other than play with his toys.

We go to 1 baby group a week, most weeks.

Any suggestions / ideas would be great!

OP posts:
AStreetcarNamedBob · 23/02/2016 08:06

Wish away the time until he was 2 from
Memory! Then they can do more.

Otherwise just try and get out as much as possible to kill time, a trip to the supermarket or in a pushchair window shopping in town etc it's all interesting to a 1yr old.

It won't be long before they can do proper arts and crafts and baking.

Ragwort · 23/02/2016 08:12

I tended to do what I wanted and just took him along with me Grin - I loved walking so we did a four mile walk every day (he was in the buggy), I went to exercise classes/swimming and he went to the creche, we went to a couple of baby groups (I was the organiser) - I did voluntary work, driving old people and delivering meals on wheels so he came too - the old folks loved seeing him - and he slept a lot ! (Two long naps every day and 7pm-7am every day).

You will have years of accommodating what your child wants to do (bitter experience of hanging around watching rugby matches in the pouring rain) so focus on yourself now. Grin.

kaymondo · 23/02/2016 08:16

My general approach was to get out of the house and do something in the morning and then home in the afternoon. So we went to a baby group, waterbabies and a baby music group each week and then on the other 2 days would go to the park/for a walk/meet up with friends - anything really to get out.

I found being out in the morning, usually in the company of some other adults, made afternoons of playing/doing jigsaws/scribbling and a bit of CBeebies more bearable!

Tootsieglitterballs · 23/02/2016 08:38

In those few posts you have all just restored my faith in what I'm doing!

Every day we go for a walk, be it into town, around a woodland, to the park etc, we play with his toys, usually bake once a week - and when I say bake, I mean he runs around my feet while I try to do it. I attempt to do some chores during the day, but it's getting harder to do as someone likes to try and help. We sit and read books (note I read the books, he tries to close them)

I think I'm just having a bit of a crisis of faith in myself, wondering if I'm doing it right, thinking I should be doing more etc.

OP posts:
Anotherwriter · 26/02/2016 19:17

Toddler Sensory
Swimming lessons
Tumbling Toddlers
Creation Station
Local Childrens Centre activities
NCT meet-ups
Walk the dog
Messy play
Try gifted clothes on to see if they fit yet!
Bubble machine
Tunnel & beanbags
Chshions of sofa for 'rough & tumble'
Find puddles & then splashes
Helps me sort out laundry
Plastic baking bowls bashing with wooden spoons
Nursery rhymes via sound system
Rip up big sheet of unwanted/dated wrapping paper
Loves raking through shredded paper

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