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Right, we've had enough of paying a huge mortgage on a mediocre house

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lizziehoney · 28/08/2007 22:03

so have decided to bite the bullet, up sticks and go live somewhere else! We live in the South of England, and tbh, I've had it up to here with watching half our monthly income disappearing into the mortgage black hole, when all we have to show for it is a boring as hell 3 bed semi. We both have jobs which are reasonably transferable (and have a national pay scale, so we'll earn the same wherever we live). The plan is to make our home the top priority - we want detached, old, preferably characterful and 4 bedrooms. Rural would be nice, and obvs want decent schools, but other than that we really don't mind where we go. Our extended family are scattered all over England so no preferences there. I've been quite depressed recently, and talking things over with dh, we both feel this feeling of constantly scrimping and worrying about money and not even liking the house we're in is a major factor. So - suggestions please about where we could move!

OP posts:

Tinker · 28/08/2007 22:04

Where are you now?


WideWebWitch · 28/08/2007 22:05

Budget? Roughly?


ruddynorah · 28/08/2007 22:05

how much do you want to spend?


expatinscotland · 28/08/2007 22:05

You're moving to Australia, then?

Do you honestly believe it's better elsewhere? You do realise that wages are much lower to correspond with 'cheaper' housing - which isn't cheaper at all most of the time when you factor in the cost of long commutes.

Here's the problem: tens of thousands, if not hundreds, got to where you are about, oh, 10 years ago.

And upped sticks to these charming 'rural' areas with good schools and homes with 'wow' factors and - shock of the world here! - drove property values up.

Scrimping and worrying about money is the human condition for about 90% of the population.

Best of luck!


lizziehoney · 28/08/2007 22:06

Just outside Salisbury. Ooh forgot to add, our budget is about 280k tops, though would prefer to spend considerably less.

OP posts:

Twinklemegan · 28/08/2007 22:08

Well I wouldn't hold your breath for anywhere in England now tbh. We're oop north and feel exactly the same as you. 40% of our monthly income disappearing on a tiny little shoebox in a place we don't even like.

So we're doing what you want to do and upping sticks. But we're going to step off the ladder and rent for a while - I'm ever fearful that the housing market's about to crash and I reckon the equity will grow faster in a savings account than in the house at the moment.


Piffle · 28/08/2007 22:08

WE took southern (Surrey Hants) pay to semi rural ath Lincolnshire after deciding we also were not prepared to payy top whack for nothing special.

We went from a 3 bed flat above shops to detached 4 bed with lovely garden in Lincs without stretching at all.


lizziehoney · 28/08/2007 22:08

expat, as I said, we work in public sector jobs where the salary is on a national scale - we'd earn the same whatever the cost of housing, which is crux of the issue. If I can do the same job and live in a nicer, bigger house, then that makes sense to me!

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 28/08/2007 22:09

Or up here in an area that's near any source of employment. Not for 4 bed with character, rural location, detached and good schools at that price or considerably less.


Piffle · 28/08/2007 22:11

£ 280 k would see you right up here, not sure as to where you'd find your work base though


Tinker · 28/08/2007 22:11

What coudl you sacrifice from your wish list if you can't have it all?


expatinscotland · 28/08/2007 22:11

Is it true that Nottingham is really 'Bulletham', though?


Twinklemegan · 28/08/2007 22:12

As Expat said, it is slightly annoying that it is people from the south who have ridden the rises in the market who are now driving up the prices in other areas. Hence our huge mortgage on the smallest 2 bed mid-terrace in the world. Not that I don't understand why you want to move, but some of us feel a little that you have the choice of buying a nice place when we have scrimped and saved to buy anything at all in this inflated market.


expatinscotland · 28/08/2007 22:13

I think, 'Yeah, I'd like a 4 bed detached in a rural location with lots of character and good schools', and I'm sure one is waiting for me . . . in Continental Europe .


lizziehoney · 28/08/2007 22:14

God, this isn't looking hopeful, apart from maybe Lincolnshire! I work in social services and Dh is a teacher, so in theory there should be employment prospects anywhere.I've always fancied Yorkshire - though I'll probably be shouted down now and told there's nothing under half a million! Dh says what about Wales? Anyone?

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 28/08/2007 22:14

Blimey, I thought Tony Benn was already dead!


CantSleepWontSleep · 28/08/2007 22:15

lol at the thought of getting what you want for £280k round here, but then I'm in the Northern Home Counties, where that sort of property will set you back at least £600k!

Twinklemegan - what will you do if house prices rise by more than your savings (which I believe they will do)? Will you be happy renting forever if that's what it comes to?


Twinklemegan · 28/08/2007 22:15

My thoughts are now that if an area's still cheap there's a good reason for it.


Tinker · 28/08/2007 22:16

Wales isn't cheap. North East is cheapest region and is mostly empty


lizziehoney · 28/08/2007 22:16

Tinker, the thing I'd probably sacrifice would be the 4th bedroom tbh. Also, when I say 'good' schools, I don't mean they need to be 'Ofsted outstanding'or any of that nonsense. We're really not snobby about stuff like that - I just meant I wouldnt want to move to a catchment that actually had a reputation for poor schools.

OP posts:

Hurlyburly · 28/08/2007 22:17

Well you can get detached houses in parts of Yorkshire for £280k, but not in particularly nice areas.


Twinklemegan · 28/08/2007 22:17

CSWS - yes we've thought of that but we don't have the choice at the mo and I really don't think it's likely in the short term. We're moving to Scotland and the house buying system is so different there that we absolutely have to sell here first. Also my new job's just a temporary contract for now. So all in all short-term renting's best for us at this time, and it is a nice thought being relieved of a mortgage even just for a while.


expatinscotland · 28/08/2007 22:17

'My thoughts are now that if an area's still cheap there's a good reason for it.'

Yep, and it's usually because of slim to none chance of employment and/or very long, costly commute to places of work. Or poor schools.

Or both.


CantSleepWontSleep · 28/08/2007 22:21

Oh I see and understand Twinkemegan. I thought you meant that you were selling up purely because you thought you could make more money that way to help you step up the ladder.


saggarmakersbottomknocker · 28/08/2007 22:22

You could easily get a 3 bed detached here for £280k (Stoke) - wouldn't recommend it though. What about Derbyshire?

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