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Does anyone elses child not get spellings from school

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asdmumandteacher · 16/11/2008 19:23

My son is in year 5 and since year 3 the school haven't given him spellings to learn...i am a teacher myself (secondary) and apparantly its because of some directive or other but was chatting to a primary teacher friend today and she says her school still does it and thought it was crazy.

Sure i could set him spellings at home but he would be more likely to do them if they came from teacher and had a test etc....

his spelling is awful and i am increasingly pissed off with the school (a very good high flying state school-alledgedly- in very affluent area-which we don't live in!)

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blametheparents · 16/11/2008 19:30

DS does not have spelling tests.
The school started moving away fro them when he was in Yr1, he is in Yr 3 now.
In KS1 the school has a big emphasis on phonics and uses that to teach the children spelling patterns.
My short experince of KS2 is that one again they teach words in groups, for example the rules surrounding adding 'ing' to the end of a word. He occasionally has spelling tests now (about once a month) but they are always based on the 'rule' that they have been learning about.
DS is a very good speller, but not sure if that proves anything!

asdmumandteacher · 16/11/2008 19:33

I think its a real shame as the last spelling he had (in year 3) were revision of his KS1 words ehich he had been doing since reception...i mean jees three years of 'this', 'that', 'was', 'where' etc...he was so bored by time year 3 was up...i think its sad they don't bring spellings home so we don't know where they are with literacy

OP posts:
christywhisty · 16/11/2008 19:51

DS (dyslexic) can't spell but always did okay in spelling tests because they were always based on a rule. If he knew the rule he could usually spell the word in the test. But if he was writing an essay he would probably get the word wrong.
DD yr 6 is a good speller and never needs to learn them and usually gets high marks in her tests.
So tests don't really help either of them.

DS's primary did a lot of one to one with him using wordwall and Stareway to Spelling

Stareway is quite intensive but it does help.

Watchtheworldcomealivetonight · 16/11/2008 19:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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