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Primary school teachers: tell me about computer usage in school

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JoshandJamie · 30/08/2007 11:05

I'm just doing a bit of research and wondered if any primary school teachers (or anyone else who knows) could tell me how prevalant computers are in their school:

a) Is your school private or government run?
b) How many computers in each class?
c) Are their computers in reception and year 1 classes?
d) How much of the curriculum uses computers as part of the learning process?
e) Is it necessary for children entering reception year to be able to use a mouse/basic computer skills?

Thanks in advance

OP posts:
hana · 30/08/2007 11:08

in my daughter's reception class there was one computer for the students. Also one in the other reception class.

state school

cazzybabs · 30/08/2007 11:09


about 2 - but changes as go up the school. We have 2 seperate ICT suites each with about 20 computers plus getting a class set of laptops

about 2 but year 1 have timetabled slot in ICT suite for 50 mins a week. Can book extra if want.

Doesn't have to - but it does motivate boys espcailly.

No not necessary but some useage may be helpful, similar to exposure to books and pens.

Alot of rooms have IWBS too. ICT also included alot of other stuff too don't forget - such as progammable toys.

constancereader · 30/08/2007 11:14

a)government run.

b)one computer in each class and a room with enough computers for one between two. This is timetabled for one long session a week per class. There are also two interactive whiteboards that are shared amongst the school.

c) yes.

d) ideally integrated into most areas of the curriculum, but in practice this depends on the level of interest by the teacher. My school has linked all schemes of work for IT into other areas of the curriculum.

e) no, this is a learning objective for this age.

I would add that the interactive whiteboards are brilliant, can add to every area of the curriculum and the children adore it.

JoshandJamie · 30/08/2007 11:48

thank you - interesting. Any more?

OP posts:
roisin · 30/08/2007 13:14

a) government
b) all teachers have a laptop and smartboard in every classroom
most classrooms have 1 or 2 PCs
one IT suite with 36 networked PCs
c) yes
d) all areas to some extent
e) No

roisin · 30/08/2007 13:16

In YR children get IT teaching individually or in pairs.
In Yr1 they are taught in the IT suite in small groups of about 6
From then on they are taught as a whole class in the IT suite (1 PC each), usually be specialist IT teacher (qualified teacher IT specialist). At least 1 lesson per week, more frequent as they go up the school.

MaloryTowersHasManners · 30/08/2007 13:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AslanFan · 30/08/2007 23:03

a) state school
b) Computer suite of 30 and about 3 Pcs in each class.
c) yes
d) Don't know, depends on teacher
e) no

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