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Adult threatened my child

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Applesnoranges15 · 02/08/2015 18:51

Hi, really not sure what to do. My dd had an argument with one of her friends from school today. She was out with friends so I wasn't there to witness it and I've only got her side of it. Basically, this girls mum has prodded my dd and shouted at her in therror street. My dd apologised for what she had said and really wants to be friends with the girl she argued with.
Later the girl's mum sent a nasty message to my dds phone. I replied in a perfectly civil way about how my dd had not behaved in a way I would like but pointed out that it's not right for an adult to bully a child. I didn't use any bad language or badmouth her child. She sent an even nastier message back and said I was rediculous and that my dd is disgusting. My dd and I are both really upset about the whole thing and we are really worried this woman will carry things on. She's well known at school and part of the Pta with lots of friends there and knows all the mums and my concern is that she will bad mouth me and my dd to everyone. One of my dds other friends has already cancelled coming over to our house tomorrow.
I just don't know what to do.

OP posts:
AngieBolen · 03/08/2015 20:25

I'd be very interested to hear of an agency which could help the op out.

No, the adult should not have poked or texted the child....but none of us actually know what the child did/said to the woman's child. But I'm guessing (as I can only guess) that it must have been quite unkind to be so worried about losing friends.

It doesn't seem like the girls have a massive issue going on...surely it will have blown over between tow 11yos by then?! Enemy if the mothers are both still seething.

Won't they have gone to high school?

Mentioning this to the school will only be making a bigger issue out of it!

I think the OP has quite a good grip of the situation, and has said all the right things to her DD.

Cazza011 · 29/07/2019 01:38

I have 4 girls aged 5 9 10 11 who is well mannered and of course no angels but a male in his 40s came a threatened them tonight that he will slap them because my nephew hit his wee girl now how is that anything to do wif my girls apparently my young girl at 5 told him hit her Angry anyway he came my door mouthing off like big man and pointing at my wee girls saying heads up next time I slap you all my 5 year old shaking now my wanes terrified to go out to play

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