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When do feet stop growing??

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Canella · 23/01/2012 17:21

Dd (10.6) is tall for her age & we've just been to buy new trainers and her feet were the same length as mine! A size 40!!!!
I'm just wondering how big they're going to get? Was hoping they would only be as big as mine but not sure?
When did your dc's feet stop growing?

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Mercedes · 23/01/2012 20:08

Hi Canella I'm interested in any responses as my dd is same age and a 39.

Canella · 23/01/2012 20:48

Think I need to bump it! Glad its not only my dd with such mahoosive feet!

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frenchfancy · 24/01/2012 06:38

I was wondering the same thing. DD2 is now 38 and is starting to eye up my shoes.

parttimedomesticgoddess · 24/01/2012 08:02

As I remember (in my dim and distant past given that I am now 40), I had reached my adult size sometime in what we now call year 6, as I know that I was wearing size 7 shoes when I started secondary school. So, it's quite possible that they have reached their adult size already and will stop growing now (girls can finish growing significantly sooner than boys). On the other hand, I don't see how you'll be able to tell for a while!

RatherBeOnThePiste · 24/01/2012 08:06

My daughter is 14 and her feet haven't grown for about a year. They have a massive growth spurt in puberty and then after a girls periods start they don't really grow much more - in height or in feet!

Boys keep on growing forever it would seem.

Canella · 24/01/2012 15:57

Thanks for those replies. She's the age of a year 6 dc (we're not in the UK) so I'm reassured there is a possibility her feet growth might stop soon.
She's grown (in height) a huge amount in the last year since starting puberty - she's now 157cm tall but since her father & i are both tall then I'm quite expecting her to end up not much under 6 foot! Just hope her feet stop at a 41 otherwise her shoe options will be a bit limited. Sad

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RatherBeOnThePiste · 24/01/2012 15:58

Yes, you want her feet to stop at an 8 or less, because the shoes they want stop there. DD has two friends who are nearly six feet, but with a 9 and a 10 sized feet and they have to get shoes online. Sad times

mimbleandlittlemy · 31/01/2012 14:50

DS aged 9.9 has adult sized 8 1/2 feet (42.5). Would love them to stop growing but fear we've got rather a lot more years of potential growth. Most of my family/friends' ds didn't stop foot growth until 17/18 Sad. I fear clown shoes may be our only choice Shock.

Canella · 31/01/2012 20:02

Oh I could imagine writing your post in a few years time - ds1 is 7.3 and has size 39 feet! He was 10lbs 13oz at birth so never expected him to be petite but this is ridiculous! Think we'll also be investing in clown shoes!

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