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any one got wierd cravings

40 replies

Rachael17 · 30/05/2003 02:50

am i the only wierd pregnant person out there i have been cravin mini chedders dipped in the fondant bit of cream eggs
to me it tastes yummy but everybody thinks its disgustin esp daddy 2 be.he turned green wen i did it infront of him
also do people really loose their marbles durin prenancy??? thats wat everyone keeps tellin me they all think im gonna go mental or sumthing

OP posts:
Katherine · 30/05/2003 09:11

Just garlic mushrooms this time!

badjelly · 30/05/2003 12:39

I had what was termed by my sister as "placenta brain". mini chedders and cream eggs - sound gorgeous and I'm not preg!

M2T · 30/05/2003 12:51

My friend got a craving for sand! She used to sit in her dp's pub waiting for him to close up, meanwhile she would be casually picking away at the stone fire place! She loved the feeling of the grit on her teeth and gums.

She even went as far as to try it once she'd had the baby to see if she still liked it. She didn't. Very odd.

Rachael - your brain is never the same again.

Rhubarb · 30/05/2003 14:13

I crave alcohol!

grommit · 30/05/2003 14:20

prawns, lobster, scampi, stilton, goats cheese, white wine, mayonnaise.... AGGGHHHHHH

LadyP · 30/05/2003 16:13

Tinned sweetcorn (no added salt or sugar), orange juice (not squash) by the gallon, hotdogs.

My memory is really shot. I have to write everything on a calendar now.

Rachael17 · 30/05/2003 16:49

im like that anylittle date or thing i gotta remember i write down i have my hand bag diary everywhere i go its gonna be exhausted by the end of nov

OP posts:
eidsvold · 30/05/2003 19:07

pickled onion sandwiches ....

SoupDragon · 30/05/2003 19:43

I convinced a guy I worked with (single, niaive) that I had a craving for bacon sandwiches. He used to go and buy them for me from the staff restaurant

StripyMouse · 30/05/2003 20:52

fruit juice - but it gives me serious indigestion so am trying to ignore it. I am also desperately craving Haribo wine gums. Any wine gums will do really but Haribo are the juiciest and the best!!
Oh - nice to see I am not the only one with a pathetic memory. I couldn?t even remember my house number when someone came to my door to ask for sponsorship and I had to fill n my address - she sweetly told me the number as it was on the doorframe!! Very embarrassing...

tigermoth · 31/05/2003 07:38

milk - and that for me is a really strange craving since I hate drinking milk and never do.

In the last two months of my second pregnancy I suddenly thought 'milk' and had pint after pint, adding milk shake mix to take the nasty milk taste away.

Strangely enough, my second son (the one I was pregnant with) is milk obsessed. He was a very long and boney baby and now aged 3.8 years he still is very big boned. All that calcium I suppose. Perhaps he was sending me must have more milk messages from the womb.

EmmaTMG · 31/05/2003 07:47

Although it's not especially odd, my thing at the moment is iceberg lettuce which I think is a tragic waste of a 'craving opportunity' during pregnancy. With DS1 I had a chocolate/sweet craving and I'm quite sure he came out sugar coated as I ate so much.
Iceberg lettuce........I'm almost embarrassed to admit it!

bundle · 31/05/2003 07:54

tigermoth, my dd1 is also strapping and i must have drunk at least 2 pints a day during her pregnancy..dd2 is 5cm shorter but pretty chunky too! with her it was grapefruit juice

Bron · 31/05/2003 18:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

happyspider · 31/05/2003 20:00

beer, coffee and prawns!
and could not indulge any of them...

Until I realized I could have a cup of coffee a day, and sip a bit of beer once a week from my dh glass.
They've stopped now, but I still dream of Prawns (cooked in any way and any sauce)

Dahlia · 31/05/2003 20:47

When I had my hair done the other day I was desperate to stick my finger in the bowl of hair colourant and eat it, the need got so bad I had to sit on my hands and look the other way. Very unnerving. But I read about a girl who craved birthday cake candles and actually stole some off a cake at a kids party and locked herself in the loo and chomped the lot so that's even weirder.

whymummy · 31/05/2003 21:41

i had a craving for sardines with ds wich is supposed to be really good for the baby`s brain with dd i craved oranges and olives

emwi · 31/05/2003 22:28

liquorice allsorts yum

Rachael17 · 01/06/2003 00:20

bron an stripymouse i have the same problems WINEGUMS!!!! mmmmm
also the sour haribo sweets i cant get enuff of them i was stealin them out of my little bro's bag the other day wen he wasnt lookin
it was like bein a naughty kid again stealin cookies
i felt so bad after tho i had to go an buy him a new bag as i scoffed most of his

OP posts:
tigermoth · 01/06/2003 08:02

dahlia, hair colourant cravings? now that is really something. It's amazing that the chemical smell didn't put you off. Good job you're not a hairdresser

breeze · 01/06/2003 09:09

I craved pickled eggs for a few weeks, for about 2 weeks of mt pregnancy I ate nothing but shreddies, and for about a month I used to drink yahoo strawberry milkshake by the gallon full.

M2T, (sand) That is one of my worst nightmares, thats why I never to do the sandy beaches here because they get everywhere, and even hate it is DS goes anywhere near a sand-pit.

Ghosty · 01/06/2003 09:23

food ....


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StripyMouse · 01/06/2003 10:48

Rachael17and Bron - nice to know I am not the only one with a wine gum fetish, i hadn?t heard of anyone else before! The only place I can buy my Haribo wine gums near me is at the local garden centre and they now must think I am soo weird. It is almost a daily trip there and a couple of days ago I went twice - quick dash before closing time just in case I ran out!
Unfortunately my craving is becoming a family affair - dh and dd have discovered the wonder of wine gums and are joining in so I am having to hide reserves for emergencies!!

calcium · 01/06/2003 17:11

I craved mango and started to eat olives which I have never liked. Went off more things than craved them. As for the memory, sorry guys it doesn't come back!

jennifersofia · 01/06/2003 21:31

Pickles and peanut butter (with both pregnancies) and I don't normally eat either!

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