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When do you suspect/know you are carrying twins

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Sallie · 25/01/2005 16:48

Pretty sure I am not carrying twins as am not that sick and not rapidly developing a big belly but as am quiet at work thought I would ask the question as it has always intrigued me - ie how pregnancy differs, particularly in the early stages. My friend who had twins didn't find out until her 12 week scan......

OP posts:
pickledonion · 25/01/2005 16:50

i always thought the sickness started earlier and the belly grew quicker -could be wrong

Pamina3 · 25/01/2005 16:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle · 25/01/2005 16:51

friend had severe morning sickness, even passed out when she was being sick. she could barely move towards the end (they were c/s at 8 mths)

Kelly1978 · 25/01/2005 16:52

I'm 30 weeks with twins, and the symptoms were def doubled! I was a lot sicker, more tired and I've now got reflux which I never had in my past two (single) pregnancies. I also felt movement incredibly early - abt 15 weeks or so, and by abt 18 weeks i could feel movements on opposite sides of my belly and kinda knew I had twins then. I didn't have a 12 wk scan, and so it was confirmed with the 20 week scan. I had a very grumpy sonographer at the end of the day who wasnt happy to be faced with two lots of measurements unexpectedly!

Sallie · 25/01/2005 16:53 friend had no unusual symptoms so thats why she didn't suspect anything before her scan.

OP posts:
bubble99 · 25/01/2005 17:17

I'm 36 weeks pregnant with twins. No sickness at all - but I didn't get any with my previous two singleton pgs. Absolutely exhausted in the early weeks though, well beyond the usual fatigue.

Pidge · 25/01/2005 17:21

A friend of mine didn't find out she was carrying twins until her 20 week scan (she wasn't offered one at 12 weeks). It was her 2nd pregnancy - and all she'd thought was that she was rather large, but everyone kept saying that was normal 2nd time round!

Sallie · 25/01/2005 17:25

bubble - did you get bigger more quickly?

OP posts:
bubble99 · 25/01/2005 19:25

Well Sallie - having never quite regained my girlish figure since the birth of DS2 nearly 5 years ago, it was not obvious immediately. But yes, at 14 weeks I had a 20 week sized uterus - and now I am huge.

bubble99 · 25/01/2005 19:28

And I had an early scan at 6 weeks (I work in gynae)

throckenholt · 25/01/2005 19:50

I found out at a scan at 11.5 weeks - no incling before that - although I had awful morning sickness.

onlyjoking9329 · 25/01/2005 20:19

well i knew at eight weeks as was rushed into hospital with bad pains and i had had an ectopic 14 weeks before, i had a internal scan which showed twins, i wasnt very sick at all thou i did get huge and had to stop driving as couldnt fit behind the wheel.

smellymelly · 25/01/2005 20:36

I found out at 5 weeks, early scan because of previous ectopic.

Tested positive 5 days before AF was due, felt sick from day AF due, and was showing well by 10 weeks. Previously had 2 single pregnancies.

Twins now 5.5 weeks old!!!!

smellymelly · 25/01/2005 20:37

Oh and I had already said on TTC thread here that maybe it was twins, and day before scan said to Mil, maybe it was too!!

bubble99 · 25/01/2005 20:46

How's it going smellymelly? Is the complete discomfort of the late stages of twin pregnancy worse than the sleep deprivation of two newborns?

Tortington · 25/01/2005 21:25

i was as sick as a dog, i could only eat oranges and tomato soup - not at the same time. the smell of chips and fat made me yonk, everything made me yonk - i yonked for months. of course i didnt suspect twins. didnt know til 3 month scan - and i was so fucked off becuase i was lookng forward to not being jabbed with needles and having to see a doctor ever month like i did with my first. however every hospital employee delighted in telling me!

at 7 months i had to get a taxi to pick ds1 up from nursery - a 25 minute walk away - the taxi driver shat himself thought i was gonna give birth - i was huge

MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 25/01/2005 22:05

I didn't find out that it was twins until my 11 week scan. I was incredibly sick, but I know people who were hardly sick at all. I wasn't any bigger than with my singletons. I was huge with them and people thought that each of my pregnancies were twin ones. I also developed ptilism. That was particularly disgusting. I couldn't swallow the huge amounts of saliva that I was producing and so I was constantly spitting. So attractive. Until my scan I wouldn't have been able to say that it was twins. I always looked 6 months pregnant from conception!!

smellymelly · 28/01/2005 12:49

Thanks for asking Bubble99 - Having 2 newborns is so much better than being pregnant with twins, don't want to scare anyone expecting 2 babies, but I found it incredibly hard going, and I was in alot of pain.

They are 6 weeks today and it is all going incredibly well, we even have it down to only one feed in the night now!

mum2twins · 28/01/2005 13:21

maybe I was just built for pregancy as I never had any symptoms, and never even felt sick. I loved the pregnancy so much! I only went mad once they were born

Sallie · 28/01/2005 16:03

all very interesting. I am slightly suspicious as got a BFP very early on - at 9/10dpo and cd24 out of 28/29. Have felt a lot more tired and queasy this time around but then its THAT time of year and there are a lot of bugs going around aren't there? I don't feel particularly big. Hoping dh will do me a sneaky scan tomorrow to have a quick peek. As I said, am pretty sure I am not carrying twins and there are none in the family but doesn't stop me speculating just coz I have been so damn tired!

OP posts:
bubble99 · 28/01/2005 19:04

Thanks for the positive post smellymelly. I am so fed up with being pregnant. I really enjoyed my singleton pgs but this is hell.
One feed a night eh!? Good on you! Hope my two are as obliging when they eventually arrive.
Sallie, good luck with the scan tomorrow. I too had a 'sneaky' scan at 6 weeks - during my lunchbreak at work - one of the few perks of my job

MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 28/01/2005 19:07

I agree smelly. Much easier to have newborn twins than to carry them. Mine are now 11months and they are like puppies. So playful and happy. Tumbling over pretty much everything.

pooka · 28/01/2005 19:19

Good luck sallie when you have your sneaky scan. I'm very

smellymelly · 29/01/2005 09:23

When are you due Bubble99 ??

It is really so much easier than I thought it would be. And so amazing to have 2 little babies.

smellymelly · 29/01/2005 09:24

MMMM - are yours boys or girls? We have one of each. I'm glad you are positive as well, further down the road!

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