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When do you suspect/know you are carrying twins

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Sallie · 25/01/2005 16:48

Pretty sure I am not carrying twins as am not that sick and not rapidly developing a big belly but as am quiet at work thought I would ask the question as it has always intrigued me - ie how pregnancy differs, particularly in the early stages. My friend who had twins didn't find out until her 12 week scan......

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bubble99 · 29/01/2005 11:40

I'm 36 weeks + 4 days smellymelly, My consultant considers 'term' to be 38 weeks. Said she will induce at 40 weeks, but due to scary reaction from me quickly said that 39 weeks would be OK.
It's crap for me to be complaining so much, I'm delighted to be pg and excited about twins, but it's just so uncomfortable. I'm also getting fed up with people thinking but not saying "big deal, she's pregnant, why all the complaints?" Or "I've got 4 children, why is she making such a fuss?"
Did any of you with twins encounter this? Unless you've carried twins it really is impossible to understand how disabling it can be isn't it?

mum2twins · 29/01/2005 11:49

towards the end I slept very little woke and really wanted them out - when I went for my check up I had developed pre-eclampsia at 36.5weeks and so they were induced. Still managed to deliver normally although DD was a little tricky as she was breech. But I can remember being so big I had to roll on and off the sofa and could not lie down on my back otherwise I would pass out from the pressure squashing the main artery (they told me that during a scan) I had to keep rolling onto my side. So yes I can fully appreciate how you feel, but they are now 3.5yrs and are playing beautifully together as they always do - so hang on in there! and good luck.

harrogatemum · 29/01/2005 12:01

smellymelly how did you get down to one feed a night? my twin boys are 11 weeks today and still waking twice - sometimes 3 times a night!!??

smellymelly · 29/01/2005 13:43

Great Bubble99 - nearly there!

Thankfully where I live they induce twin mums after 37 weeks. I was delayed a couple of days in hospital as they were so busy and in those 2 days I got stretchmarks!! The only thing to keep me sane was knowing they were inducing me early, and my babies weighed 6lbs 8oz, and 5lbs 9oz. So they were really good weights. They were actually 37 weeks and 5 days by the time they were born.

I think people realised how hard it was for me as I couldn't walk any faster than a tortoise. Everything hurt so much, but I think it was only dh who really understood what I went through.

Harrogatemum - They were both feeding every 1.5 to 2 hours in the evening and the midwives and HV's were saying that they need to do that to build up my milk supply for the next day, and to go longer in the night. But they were not going any longer at night, so I got tough and did what I had done with dd1 and that is stretch them a little longer between feeds in the day, up to 4 hours so they take a more at a feed. Also have found infacol to be invaluable, which I use at every feed, and double dose in the afternoons and evenings. It makes them sick, but stops the colic which was waking them at night. So long as they have between 6 and 8 feeds in 24 hours then they should be fine. They have only fed once in the night all this week, and are putting on as much weight as they were in the early days - a pound each in 10 days!!

smellymelly · 29/01/2005 13:46

When I say the colic drops makes them sick, I mean just a normal posseting, but it comes up all slimey. It is annoying, but it is better than the colic pain.

Sallie · 30/01/2005 21:12

Well had the sneaky scan and there is only one in there. Mixture of relief and slight disappointment as we had started wondering about having twins!!! Anyway, all looked ok - strong heartbeat and measuring good for dates. Am at 7 weeks + 2 days now. Can't wait for the 12 week scan and for this trimester to be over.

OP posts:
smellymelly · 31/01/2005 15:49

and !!!

But glad the one looks good...

smellymelly · 31/01/2005 15:50

To the other Mum's on here with twins, I have started a twins thread...

Kelly1978 · 31/01/2005 15:53

Hi Sallie, glad to hear scan went well. Twin pregs are def lot harder so in a way you are very lucky. I'm now 30 weeks and having times when I feel really bad. Dd is off school again today cos I can't walk there. Can't wait til I have them, it got to be better than carrying them!!!

smellymelly · 31/01/2005 15:58

Hi Kelly, it is much better when they are here! Come and join my Twins thread, I can sympathise.

Kelly1978 · 31/01/2005 16:00

Thanks, I've just posted on there!

Lonelymum · 31/01/2005 16:05

I had no M/S with my first three pregnancies and then felt a bit sick with No 4. I didn't suspect twins - just thought I was unlucky - but then the sickness disappeared and I thought I had miscarried. In the end, it turned out I had lost an undeveloped ovum and still had a healthy baby, so I suppose I had been carrying sort of twins and if I had carried on with both babies, I think it would have occurred to me that I might have been carrying twins quite quickly as I had no M/S with the others. All this was at nine weeks.

sandyballs · 31/01/2005 16:13

This thread brings back memories! My twin dds are nearly 4. I didn't find out it was twins until a 16 week scan - very big and everyone thought the dates were confused. Very lucky with pregnancy, tired but not terribly uncomfortable or sick, still managed to drive until the day before they were delivered - by cs at 37 weeks, one 6lb 15oz and the other 61b 2oz.

Sallie · 31/01/2005 16:15

thanks for all your comments. Because of the ultra-early BFP and the exaggerated symptoms, I had started to think I was pg with twins. Always thought I fancied having twins, esp as dh wants to stop at 3 and I would like 4 kids!!! Anyway, good news is that all is well with the beanie thats there. Will have strong words with him/her when born re putting me through all this extreme tiredness and queasiness - all being well of course! Lovely to have the impromptu scan!

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