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Anyone out there had 4 c-sections?

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NotThatKindOfDoctor · 31/07/2020 14:31

Hi ladies,

I was just wondering if any of you have had 4 c-sections?

I had to have an emergency with my first, my second baby was big so they made me have one for him too, after that I had no choice for number 3 and have been told the same for this pregnancy.

I heard the 4th is rough, but was hoping to hear about what other women who have had 4 actually experienced?

I’m fairly nervous about it.

Thanks x

OP posts:
JoJoSM2 · 31/07/2020 19:53

It’s just dangerous and not advisable to have that many.

Having said that, my sister is a trainee doctor and saw a lady getting C section number 8. The doctors dreaded having to do it and the feeling very stressed out over it. It worked out fine in the end with no complications.

Tempusfudgeit · 31/07/2020 20:33

My Mum had three c-sections forty-odd years ago and she's had no problems since. You'll be right.

Phillipa12 · 31/07/2020 20:46

I've had 4. 1st was an emergency, 2nd elective due to large baby and 3 and 4 were also large. My 4th was actually easier than my 3rd, I did have an extra surgeon on standby but she was not needed. The section only took a little longer as I was sterilised at the same time, recovery was also relatively straight forward but by section number 4 you are pretty clued up on recovery tips.

Delbelleber · 31/07/2020 20:55

What were your previous experiences like? I've had 3, first was emergency so not ideal, second elective and I got an infection and the recovery was quite painful, the 3rd was a dream, such an easy recovery and nothing like the first 2.

bananacustard01 · 31/07/2020 21:41

If you are on Facebook take a look at the group c-section support UK lots of stories on there from people who have had more than 3 c-sections, including some with complications. I am due to have my 3rd in November and the group has been great for info.

nildesparandum · 31/07/2020 22:23

This is interesting as I have found times have changed
Both of my two grown up children were born by EMCS 50 and48 years ago. Both under GA as was the done thing then, I don't think epidurals were invented then!.
During the first one my DS1 and I almost died because of the GA.My second pregnancy was spent in fear. At my first ante natal appointment the consultant sad that ''You should think about having the tubal tie, because you will most likely need another caesarean and we can't cut you open every time you want a baby''.This was 1972.You were limited to two at the most three sections because of the GA and also you were opened up with the longitudinal or classical incision which carried a greater risk of uterine rupture in following pregnancies.I agreed to the tubal tie straight away on condition of another caesarian. Halfway through the pregnant doctors changed their minds and decided I should have a trial of labour to give me a chance of vaginal delivery.
Well surprise surprise this failed, complications set in like the first time and back to theatre with the dreadful GA which did not try and kill us this time and my tubes were tied as well
If this had been now I would have had more than two.I have never forgotten that consultant's words, it is as if I was being told not to come back you cause trouble.

NotThatKindOfDoctor · 01/08/2020 19:24

Thanks so much, and it’s particularly good to hear from someone who has been through 4 @Phillipa12, and I’ll definitely check out that group @bananacustard01.

I just need to relax about it as it’s going to happen either way!

OP posts:
ImagineRainbows · 01/08/2020 22:52

I’ve cared for loads of women that have had 4 caesarean’s and they are absolutely fine. Obviously the risks are increased with each one but they are still small. The most I’ve seen is 6 and she was fine also.

richtea3389 · 01/08/2020 22:58

Hi @NotThatKindOfDoctor I'm also due to have my 4th section in October and feeling anxious about it. Also getting sterilised at the same time too. When are you due?
I've got an appointment on Monday where I'm hoping they will have my previous notes as I was told last time I had a lot of scar tissue and to 'seriously consider' if I wanted anymore. I mean this was while they were stitching me back up and didn't think i was going to have any more Blush. They haven't seemed too concerned so far so hopefully that's a good thing!

MayfliesX · 01/08/2020 23:04

My mum had 5...I just asked her and she said that she healed As well after the 5th as she did with the 1st. The first birth was the most complicated as she laboured for ages and then had an emergency C-section. The rest were all planned and went very well.

kazza446 · 01/08/2020 23:36

I’ve had 4! First one was emergency, I attempted vaginal labour with 2nd but started to haemorrhage so ended up with another c section. 3rd and 4th were then both elective sections. Recovery was actually quicker with each section. I was 42 years at time of my fourth. No complications although the surgeon advised me to have no more due to scar tissue.

NotThatKindOfDoctor · 02/08/2020 07:39

You have no idea how reassuring your messages are. Some people just throw out that it’s dangerous and have no idea the effect that it has on someone who is already very nervous about it, so thank you to everyone who has been so positive.

@richtea3389 I live in France at the moment and they won’t typically sterilise you when you have a c-section (even if you ask them to 🙋🏻‍♀️) unless it’s medically necessary. They reckon that they just want to concentrate on one operation at a time. I’m not due until March, but I’m an over thinker which is why I have already been getting my knickers twisted about it 😂 When are you due? If you want a 4 time section buddy to talk to, I am absolutely here for it!!

By the time I have number 4 it will have been nearly 7 years since my last one so I am hoping that such a long break in between will contribute to making things a little less risky.

@kazza446 you are giving me life with your experience! I had been preparing myself for a brutal recovery but 🤞🏽 I can have an easier time this time (if all goes well).

@ImagineRainbows - it’s also very nice to hear from someone who has looked after ladies who have had 4!

Thank you again to everyone who has taken time to comment something positive, you have no idea how much better you’ve made me feel, and I really appreciate it.

OP posts:
richtea3389 · 02/08/2020 08:39

@NotThatKindOfDoctor I'm due end of October so I will let you know how it goes!
Oh really? It was mentioned to me last time which was 2 and a half years ago but I just wasn't ready to make it final and wasn't quite 26 so my consultant said I was still quite young and if I had any doubts I shouldn't do it. I'm now 28 and after the scar tissue comments from last time and all the symptoms of pregnancy while looking after my other 3 I had a long hard think to myself and realised for my own health it would be the best option.
I'm so nervous for this time especially with Covid and wondering how it will all go especially after when you can't move.
My other half is currently deployed overseas and not sure if he is going to be back in time to quarantine and be able to come with me. Not the best timing Confused.

NotThatKindOfDoctor · 27/11/2020 18:42

@richtea3389, I presume you've had the baby by now? I hope you are both doing well and that your other half was allowed home in time for the birth.

I also hope the op went well...if you have a reassuring story to tell me, I would love to hear it!

OP posts:
richtea3389 · 27/11/2020 19:16

@NotThatKindOfDoctor yes I have a beautiful 4 week old baby girl who was my smallest baby at 8lbs 3oz!

So I was booked in for my section and 5 days before started with an upset tummy which started off contractions. They kept me going and said they were going to do my section the same day as planned but I would be last on the list. Baby decided she didn't want to wait and I ended up having an emergency c section in the early hours before my planned one.

I was in hospital from early hours of the Saturday morning until the Tuesday and my partner wasn't allowed with me until about half an hour before my section. He was with me in recovery and then had to leave and that was it. Staff were all great and fortunately due to having a tummy bug I got a room of my own.
Section was really quick, probably quicker than my previous electives. I was completely away with the fairies due to pethidine and oramorph so I wasn't able to have skin to skin straight away but as soon as I was in recovery she was given to me.
Pain was tough on days 3-5 but not unbearable so long as I kept on top of meds and just after a week I got really burny type pains for a few days when I moved which I think was scar tissue. Now though 4 weeks on I feel great, I am managing to lift things easier now and able to drive the car. I've even managed a long walk.

There was no mention of scar tissue being a problem during my section like they told me after my 3rd. They sterilised me at the same time with no issues and my wound has healed really well. Can't believe it's my last time and how quick time is going.

All my sections have been great and positive experiences. Hope this helps Smile

NotThatKindOfDoctor · 27/11/2020 20:25

Congratulations!! So glad to hear that it went so well!! And am glad your husband was able to be with you (even if not for very long). Thanks so much for the reassuring story as well, it really does help.

Hope you all have a wonderful Xmas!

OP posts:
PaperScissorsRock · 27/11/2020 20:31

I had 4, and tbh the 4th was the easiest to recover from.

I was told nightmare stories about 4th sections (which at that point was spectacularly unhelpful, as the baby had to come out!), and ended up crying to the midwife, who was very reassuring.

Somethingsnappy · 27/11/2020 20:46


It’s just dangerous and not advisable to have that many.

Having said that, my sister is a trainee doctor and saw a lady getting C section number 8. The doctors dreaded having to do it and the feeling very stressed out over it. It worked out fine in the end with no complications.

I'm sorry, but what an insensitive thing to say ('it's just dangerous'), not to mention astonishingly incorrect. The risks are raised a little with each section; this is very different from calling something 'dangerous'. I have never heard a single health professional use this kind of language and of course, they would be obliged to tell the truth if it were the case.

OP....I'm due my fourth too, in a month. My consultant told me that it can be more challenging, but also quite often, in her experience and also that of her colleagues, sometimes it can be easier than the third, as they clear away scar tissue in the third, where possible.
TattiesGone · 27/11/2020 21:12

I've had 3 CS and while they were sewing me up after the last the one the doctor just told me if i were to have another I'd have to have a CS (which i knew) and they'd probably need to do it at around 36 weeks due to how thin my muscle (?) was now stretched. I'm not sure she said muscle actually but it was something to do with my womb lining and they could see the baby's hair before they even cut in to the womb. (I duly informed her there would be not forth baby Grin)

TattiesGone · 27/11/2020 21:13

Sorry to add to this, the doctor in no way seemed alarmed at the prospect of me actually having a forth baby. It was just matter of fact, if you do then be prepared to maybe need to give birth early.

TattiesGone · 27/11/2020 21:14


NotThatKindOfDoctor · 28/11/2020 12:52

Thank you @Somethingsnappy, it’s good to hear more positive opinions particularly when they’ve come from a doc!

Good luck with your operation, I hope all goes well and you have an easy recovery (and a very happy Xmas).

OP posts:
NotThatKindOfDoctor · 10/01/2021 14:27

@Somethingsnappy, how are you doing? i hope everything went well and you and baby are doing well.

OP posts:
richtea3389 · 06/03/2021 22:22

Hey @NotThatKindOfDoctor how are you doing?
I know you were due this month but not sure when exactly! Hope you are doing well and if you have had your section that everything went okay x

Neshaababy441 · 01/11/2022 17:37

Has anyone had a 4th C-Section ? And would like to tell me about it ?

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