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Best tips for getting pregnant?

40 replies

MinesALatte · 28/05/2020 17:30

Been TTC since April last year, conceived in February but miscarried at 5 weeks, have been trying ever since but still not successful so I’m curious to hear (read!) what everyone’s advice is, from food, to tablets, to anything really! I’m sure I’ve read everything there is to know but still curious! X

OP posts:
Chanel05 · 28/05/2020 17:36

Sorry to hear about your mc. ThanksIt took me 8 months to get pregnant twice (first a mmc) so I felt like I tried absolutely everything in that time, fertility lube, DHA the list goes on and on!! I temped and used cheapie ovulation sticks throughout which helped me to pinpoint ovulation but generally, I don't think anything specific helped at all, persistence and time for me.

Clemmie83 · 28/05/2020 17:37

It took me 15 months to conceive, I started taking the supplements detailed in this article at the start of the year and was pregnant 3 months later!

Imonlymoominafterall · 28/05/2020 17:40

Blimey didn't take long for someone to start plugging did it.

Namechangednorth · 28/05/2020 17:41

Stop deliberately trying I think sometimes helps but difficult when you really want to conceive. Our second wasn't as quick...and had a period of time that trying wasn't practical but we ended up having a weekend away.. nice hotel, drink and frankly pretty dirty sex lol!

Also a friend, she has a tilted cervix and a midwife friend advised her to have sex from behind at the time when her DH was going to cum in her....apparently it directly hits the cervix. She got pregnant soon after.

Clemmie83 · 28/05/2020 18:09

@Imonlymoominafterall If you're referring to me then it's completely not a plug, struggling to conceive is heartbreaking, I tried everything and honestly believe the supplements helped me, I recommend them to everyone. They can be bought on Amazon, I've got nothing to gain from sharing, was just trying to help out...🤷🏻‍♀️

BeingATwatItsABingThing · 28/05/2020 18:20

DH and I TTC for 13 cycles. Got my BFP on cycle 1 but it ended as an EMC and then got our BFP on cycle 13. I bought an AVA bracelet (waste of money), used OPKs for most cycles and tracked using the Femometer app and tests. We tried SMEP and DH was drinking special tea that is supposedly meant to help male fertility. We both took Pregnacare conception tablets. DH cut out alcohol and we both tried to eat better.

On the second month we conceived, I had switched to Feroglobin tablets a couple of months before instead of Pregnacare. We did SMEP and just made sure we DTD more over our fertile period. We’d bought preseed but didn’t end up using it. It was over Christmas so DH had been drinking more and I had even had a couple before I ovulated (almost unheard of for me). I had decided if we didn’t conceive by the end of January, we would start things rolling with testing but I got my BFP. I’m now 23+5 weeks pregnant.

Hopefully it happens for you soon too!

Quackersandcheese3 · 28/05/2020 18:27

So random but I would suggest having sex at different times of the day. Like we always used to have before bed sex but both my children were conceived when we had sex at different time to that.

normalpeeps · 28/05/2020 18:36

I don't know if it will help anyone as everyone and their circumstances are different but we did the following:

About a month before ttc:

  • both stopped drinking
  • made a concerted effort not to skip it (we go anyway but tried not to skip sessions)
  • started taking Boots him and hers conception vitamins (cheaper than branded ones)

And at the last minute:
  • my sis-in-law told me about ovulation prediction kits, bought Boots own brand again.

Did the deed every other day when I knew I was ovulating. Got pregnant first time with both of mine. But really it's not an exact science, so much has to happen after sex, the journey of a single sperm making it to the egg and the egg implanting etc. really is incredible - and a wonder anyone gets pregnant!

Also, not sure if you've been to the docs but it might be worth doing that if it's been a year?

All the best to you both!
SilverShot · 28/05/2020 18:47

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request

SparklingPinot · 28/05/2020 18:51

As a previous poster has suggested, you should try COq10 if you aren’t already. You will see there is much positive stuff about its effects on fertility online, couple of TED talks about it too. We tried for 18 months before starting this in Jan, both myself & husband took it & was pregnant Feb, which sadly resulted in EMC, continued taking & I am again now pregnant (🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻). I also started seeing a fertility acupuncture specialist at the beginning of the year.
Good luck to you xx

20viona · 28/05/2020 18:54

We used preseed and got pregnant 6 weeks after coming off the pill. No idea if it was coincidence but certainly
Didn't harm us.

siblingrevelryagain · 28/05/2020 18:57

Sperm meets egg Plan (google it) every time (4 pregnancies, 3 children). A friend also has 3 children (she recommended it to me). Obviously purely anecdotal

Oneearringlost · 28/05/2020 19:00

That link is wrong, these are micrograms not 400 milligrams!!

Oneearringlost · 28/05/2020 19:02

If it gets that wrong, what else is wrong and/ misleading.
Don't trust it.
You don't have to buy Pregnacare, either.
Just buy ordinary Folic Acid tablets

BeingATwatItsABingThing · 28/05/2020 19:07

I would recommend Feroglobin (mentioned in my earlier post). They’re iron tablets but also have folic acid and Vitamin B12 too. A friend and I had both been TTC over a year, started taking these and then fell pregnant within a month. Could be coincidence but I know I was willing to try anything.

PirateWeasel · 28/05/2020 19:16

I would say don't rely on just one method for determining ovulation. Any or all of them might be slightly out, scuppering your chances if you only DTD around ovulation. Aim for every other day between CD10 and CD20, for example, and you're bound to be in with a shot, at least.

lc86 · 28/05/2020 19:22

The month we conceived we dtd every other day, rather than every day, and worked for us 😊

Carabu1 · 28/05/2020 19:44

I really don’t think there is a trick, unfortunately. If neither you nor your husband have any underlying issues, and you have sex every other day, it will happen eventually. If it doesn’t within a year or so, I would start on tests. My own experience of tests is they are verrrrry slow so better to start early! In my case, turns out I rarely ovulate on my own so had to have clomid. But obviously everyone’s issue(s) will be different. I’m sure lots of the vitamins, lubes etc don’t hurt, but I’m personally sceptical they help (they certainly won’t if like me you have an actual underlying problem).

FirstTM2020 · 28/05/2020 19:58

Find out exactly when your ovulating... in my experience scrap the cheap ovulation sticks and guessing games weather its a dark line etc etc...

Buy yourself clear blue digital ovulation stick which is a clear yes or no when it gives you the go ahead do bits for the next 5 days a couple of times per day using CONCEIVE PLUS LUBRICANT, put the lube deep and do the deed and hold your legs in the air for 10/15 mins and stay lying down for the next hour or so.

I remember trying for a few months and somebody told me these exact steps and it worked first time. Trick is knowing when your actually bang on ovulating a lot of people including myself get it wrong with those sticks you pee on and guess when its getting darker etc.

Spend the money and just get it done✔️ good luck 💕

dingdang · 28/05/2020 22:11

I did the knees up and lying down trick too after sex and it worked for me!

mintich · 28/05/2020 22:17

I've conceived on the first month with two of my kids using the clear blue ovulation tests with smiley faces. I swear by them! With my first child I took 6 months to get pregnant, but I wasn't tracking my ovulation.

Igotta · 28/05/2020 22:27

I lay on my back with my legs up on the headboard for all of mine. Worked a treat.

Stay there for 20 mins.

sel2223 · 28/05/2020 23:15

Easier said than done i know, but relaxing and not tracking or thinking about things too much worked for us.
I came off contraception in the Sept but we said we wouldn't actively try till after New Year as we had a lot going on (I fully expected it to take months).
2 cycles later after a lovely holiday with copious amounts of eating and drinking, i was pregnant (first pregnancy, age 37).
One thing we did try out was conceive plus lube. Can't say for definite if it worked or was just a coincidence but may be worth a try.
Good luck.

MinesALatte · 28/05/2020 23:29

Thank you for all these tips! I’m going to be looking into lots of them!

I currently use Clearblue ovulation tests and read about SMEP this month so if it hasn’t worked this month will be doing that next time. I do try to relax and not track but it’s so hard not to!

After 11 months of trying I booked my doctors appointment to discuss fertility concerns as I’m 34, OH is 44. But, I found out I was pregnant that week! I still went, but obviously we talked about pregnancy rather than fertility concerns. When I lost that pregnancy I asked my doctor what happens next and she said no fertility help until I miscarry 3 times in a row! Lovely...
sent OH off to the docs to get the pot but that was just as COVID hit and no pot so far Sad

OP posts:
MinesALatte · 28/05/2020 23:31

Also what’s the verdict on stopping drinking altogether? I don’t drink and haven’t had any alcohol since probably a glass of Buck’s Fizz at Christmas! But OH likes a bottle or two of wine a week and a handful of beers. We first conceived during dry January so I’ve convinced myself that’s why we conceived but asking him to quit has proven very tricky. He did this last month for a month but I know that’s a one-off

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