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I thought I'd heard it all...

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MiniMummy576 · 04/10/2017 16:19

...during my first pregnancy but second time round it seems there are other wonderfully insulting things that people can say that hadn't occurred to me. Just over the last week I've had:

  1. (from my mother-in-law on being told the baby was moving around much more than DS did at the first scan) "Oh, well that's because its all so stretched out and the baby has so much more room"
    Hmm how about you don't comment on the apparently humungous size of my uterus, thank you very much.

    2)(from an ex-nurse at work) "Oh, so you've finally decided to tell people have you? Well of course I've known for ages. I can tell you what you're having too. Turn around" (points out my hips and bum to another colleague) "see that? Hmm, yes I thought so too. I knew that So-and-so was having a boy because her hips got really wide. I know what you're having."
    Erm, did you just imply I have fat hips and arse? Eff off.

    Has anyone else got any stonkers? I'm only 11 weeks so I've got many (many) more comments to come, I'm sure! Grin
OP posts:
TodaysFishIsTroutALaCreme · 04/10/2017 16:23

"Wow, you are HUGE. Have you got triplets in there?"

I wouldn't mind, but this person went on for months that I was lying to her. She got proper angry at me Hmm

TodaysFishIsTroutALaCreme · 04/10/2017 16:24

And I wasn't even that big either!

DameBaggySmith · 04/10/2017 16:24

Are you sure it's not twins... from my mother in law Envy

MagicFajita · 04/10/2017 16:26

I rather like having people guess my baby's sex with their nonsense old wives tales. I know what I'm having so it gives me a little laugh.

BELLAARA · 04/10/2017 17:15

"Oooh Bella, you're the same size front on as you are sideways" Hmm not entirely sure what that meant but I didn't feel particularly flattered.

MotherOfBeagles · 04/10/2017 17:24

From a man who was a visitor in my work environment and I had my met 30 seconds earlier -

"Oh you're pregnant? Well make sure you don't have a vaginal birth or your husband will leave you - with good reason!"

From a male colleague -

"I've never been able to look at my wife the same since she made me attend the birth of our child. She was so undignified and just frankly it's disgusting I had to see her like that"

From a female colleague -

"If you don't breastfeed you're just choosing to poison your child"

And so many more!!!! Angry normally I'm not a quiet and retiring person but some comments have literally left me too shocked to react.

AmyB1986 · 04/10/2017 17:24

I keep getting ‘baby has dropped’ yes I know she’s low I’m 38 weeks pregnant and I can feel her weight squashing down on my bladder and pelvis!

‘You’re really round’ yep I thought every pregnant lady had a fairly round belly seeing as there’s a human the size of a watermelon in there.
‘I don’t think you’ve gained too much weight!’ Not up to you if my weight gain is normal or not so don’t comment.
‘Are you having twins? You’re huge.’ Nope just one.
‘Another girl! Oh well!’ Feck off!
And the classic from one of my colleagues ‘your boobs haven’t grown have they? I thought they had to grow more to get milk.’ I’m already a 34G from growth with my two DD’s from a B cup in my first pregnancy, they will grow when my milk comes in which won’t be yet and it’s not your place to comment on my bloody bra size.

Really cracks me up!

Alexandra07 · 04/10/2017 17:28

When I announced to my boss, she asked if we had planned it and if we were happy...
My MIL made a comment that if the baby is two weeks earlier than due date then there is something wrong with the baby... We tried to explain her that anything between 37-42 weeks is normal, I am not sure she was conceived...

Tinksee · 04/10/2017 17:31

After I got pregnant soon after starting a new job, one of my bosses said “you deserve to be shot”.

No longer work there.

Cracklesfire · 04/10/2017 18:58

I'm waiting on all the smug "I knew it" comments when we tell people next week.

Last time one of my colleagues went straight in with "I knew it - I noticed you've put on weight". I had lost about 10lbs & when I told her that she then backtracked to say only some days I looked bigger? Hmm

Mum2oneds · 04/10/2017 19:32

My MIL always says ohh your getting a belly on you.. Umm well yeah. Of course. But she said it from 6 weeks. Lol

Fiona1984 · 04/10/2017 19:44

I like the people who will tell you what you're having based on the shape of your bump. Surely it's your body shape and the position of the baby and your uterus itself that determine this, not the baby's genitals?

GlitterSparkles17 · 04/10/2017 19:45

“God your huge.... in a good way of course” how could that possibly be meant in a good way?!

Expectingbsbunumber2 · 04/10/2017 19:54

I get oh my god your huge all the time 🙄 It's like yes I'm quite aware I have a baby bump thanks. One lovely parent in the playground said oh you look nice your just all bump, made me feel a bit better lol

ScotsLamb · 04/10/2017 22:28

"I'll open the window. You must be roasting in here" no im fine actually. "But you're pregnant. You'll get warm". Oh right.

"I'll bend down and get that. You wouldn't want to pee yourself. You must always need to pee" eh no.

NowApparently · 04/10/2017 22:30

I'll be having an elective section in roughly 9 weeks. Upon telling my own dad this news he retorted, 'but you're not really a woman if you don't actually give birth!'

Cheers dad, I'm pretty sure my genetics make me a 'real woman' and not my difficult pregnancy.

Papillion86 · 04/10/2017 22:31

My awful MIL after showing her our 12 week scan picture yesterday “oh that’s really poor quality compared to your sister, you can’t tell what anything is” to which she got her purse and produced my SILs scan picture to compare......

DeadDoorpost · 05/10/2017 01:09

I have the leisure to avoid people as I live 350 miles from all family and don't work (got pregnant just as I was finishing uni) so the most frustrating thing I've heard from anyone has been from my DF when he said "oh it's a normal thing to be sick during pregnancy. It'll pass."
No it's not normal to be as sick as I've been (Hyperemesis sufferer) and it's certainly not normal to have to still be on anti Sickness meds just so I can eat food without throwing it up. Hmm 7 weeks to go and if I hear it from him one more time....

2furbabies · 05/10/2017 01:22

"Ohh you've got a proper waddle on"
Yes that's a huge baby head pushing into my pelvis at 39 weeks pregnant!!!!

"Was it planned or an accident "
Looks at me with a smerk ..... I look young but I'm bloody 27 ft gods sake!!!

And then swiftly followed by and "are you with the babies father still"
Fuck sake yes I am 😂
And actually it was him who realllllyyyyyy wanted a family I was quite shocked to be pregnant haha

MrMagnoliasBoot · 05/10/2017 02:12

On find out I was having another boy a male colleague said "Sorry, you must be so disappointed! Don't worry you can always try again for a girl"

MrsLilymunster · 05/10/2017 04:27

I used to get "sit!!! (you must be so tired) ALOT...considerate but I'm not a dawg!!

MiniMummy576 · 05/10/2017 08:50

@MotherOfBeagles Wow. Just wow. Those are awful

@AmyB1986 Yes, suddenly the size of my boobs seems to be open to comment from colleagues - including the male ones - this time around!

@Cracklesfire Oh god, those "I knew it" people! Admittedly this time round I started showing from 8 weeks and usually I'm pretty slim, but still...!

@Fiona1984 Yes those people really annoy me. With my first pregnancy one woman who'd had a baby the year before was like 'oh from the way you're carrying, it's DEFINITELY a girl'. It was a boy. The stupid thing is they have a 50/50 chance of getting it right so some people are going to get it right, even if their reasoning was wrong!

@NowApparently Ooh this would really wind me up! What about all those women who can't have children? Grrr...

@Papillion86 That's awful

Thanks everyone for your replies. It's good to hear that people are getting similar (and sometimes worse!) comments!

Yesterday afternoon I had another one. A male colleague (who think he knows everything, has done everything, has done every job under the sun...) went into great detail about the size of my boobs, how big they would grow and how they would stay big afterwards. Then how it would be best for me to give birth, positions, things that could go wrong, breathing techniques, what drugs to take and the pros and cons of home birth and hospital birth.
He has no medical experience at all.

OP posts:
Talkietalk · 05/10/2017 11:15

when i was worried about the possibility of a Csection - someone said about me - doesnt she know how to push - this person had had two Csections

JuniUmiZoomi · 05/10/2017 11:52

Bully colleague said 'I thought you'd got fat, but that it was just all the chocolate you were eating'.

Consultant said 'HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT WORD?!' when discussing what an obstretician might do. I have to see her in again soon and wondering how to drop in some other multi-syllabic words. Rude bitch.

intheholidaymood · 05/10/2017 13:59

"It just doesn't suit you, you look fat"
from an eight year old kid! Angry

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