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Please help - Pram advice - what would you recommend

46 replies

Charlieislovely · 19/02/2017 18:06

Hi ladies!

Really need some help with regards to a pram. This is my first baby and am getting confused with all the different options...

The main things we are looking for is something lightweight, and a pram that will run smoothly when walking our dog in the forest.

A few people have recommended the silvercross pioneer but then I have read reviews saying it only works well on the pavement. I also like the look of egg strollers but seem quite expensive?

Budget wise I don't really want to go over £700.

Any advice would be much appreciated! X

OP posts:
Sunshinegirl82 · 19/02/2017 18:15

To be honest it may be better to get a lightweight pram for everyday and a second for off roading. You can pick up all terrain prams fairly cheaply second hand.

We have an icandy peach which is great but not spectacularly light (although I believe they do an all terrain version).

I've heard good things about the armadillo flip (in terms of being compact and light) but I don't think it would work as an off roader.

A few things to think about:

  1. do you want the car seat to fix onto the pram base? Or will you have a fixed car seat and transfer to pram?
  2. do you plan to have a second child in the not too distant future? If do would a pram that converts to a tandem be better for you? We have the peach for this reason.
calimommy · 19/02/2017 19:00

I second the 2nd baby question. Some children are fabulous walkers, others are like my 3.5 who is bone lazy and still clung to his seat.

  1. bugaboo cameleon- loved it but needed a double so sold it. They hold their value well so if you don't want to buy new I can recommend getting one second hand.

2. Uppababy vista (2015+ version) excellent buggy, still going strong with 2 heavy children 1.5 & 3.5. It can be both single and double and also has a ride on board so will see me to next baby in sept as well (pushing 3 children!!)
3. I also have a mamas and papas urbo bug umbrella stroller for holidays and airports and nipping into shops BUT I am now going to buy a Banyzen yoyo. I want to be able to put it in the over head bins on planes and not have to wait endlessly for it to turn up at the gate, also it folds so tiny it takes up little space in the car.
Buggys really depend on how you use them, where you use the and the space you have.

That's my 10cents!
Sunshinegirl82 · 19/02/2017 19:07

We really liked the uppababy vista as well, personally I think if you're looking for a single that converts to a tandem I reckon your best bets are icandy peach, uppababy vista, bugaboo donkey (it's wide in single mode I felt) or perhaps the oyster max which is cheaper but a bit more cumbersome.

AreWeThereYet000 · 19/02/2017 19:37

Stokke are good for off roading and they are quite small and compact too x

LaPharisienne · 19/02/2017 19:40

Bugaboo cameleon has served us well off road and on

kel1234 · 19/02/2017 19:41

We have the silver cross pioneer and love it. But we live in a city so don't use it off road.

Mouse510 · 19/02/2017 20:04

We live rurally and have an Outnabout Nipper after a recommendation from a friend. Our 1st baby isn't here yet so I can't confirm but having pushed the friends wee one around I've found it light and easily manoeuvrable.

Charlieislovely · 19/02/2017 20:04

I love the bugaboos but they're so expensive! Do any of you recommend to purchase from a particular site or store?

Will check out the uppababy and icandy!

OP posts:
SuperUnicorn · 19/02/2017 21:06

I tried everything in the shop and my two favourites were the pioneer and the egg. I went for the egg in the end as it just felt better (and I managed to find it on offer, which was great as it really was over our budget), I think it really depends on your personal preferences, go to a shop or two and try a range and see what you like.

We are rural too, baby isn't here yet so I've not tested it loaded but without baby it seems to go well.

Jojo13 · 19/02/2017 21:09

We bought a silver cross pioneer for the same reason (walks off road in the woods with dog) and whilst it had it's good points, we ended up selling it after about 6 Months and getting and Out n About nipper and I wish I'd bought that from the start. Perhaps not as 'aesthetically pleasing' (dependant on what you like - I liked the idea of the carry cot etc with the SC which was used about twice!) but honestly, so much more robust and easy to handle off the pavement. You can get a car seat that fits the Out n About too so we are now planning on using it from birth for baby number two in a couple of weeks.

Gardencentregroupie · 19/02/2017 21:10

Never heard anything good about any silver cross from anyone I knew who owned one.

BikeRunSki · 19/02/2017 21:11

Out n About Nipper 360 is excellent off road (and on).
The Baby Jogger City Mini is lovely and lightweight and folds beautifully.

The Baby Jogger City GT is the love child of them both.

My youngest is now 5, but I speak from experience.

Oojemeflip · 19/02/2017 21:11

Pioneer is rubbish on anything but pavements. I wouldn't recommend it at all.

Snowflakes1122 · 19/02/2017 21:16

I've had lots of prams over three kids, and can't recommend Phil & Teds enough for walking.

It isn't light to lift but It is built to last and can take on walks in the forest with no problems. Because it's got big air filled wheels, it feels lighter than it is.

Bugaboos are good too-excellent customer service when I had issues with my Bee Plus. Perhaps look at the Buffalo. That's designed with all terrain in mind too. Yes pricey, but they are very good quality.

AnnaBegins · 19/02/2017 21:18

We bought a Quinny Buzz as it is fab off road. However we ended up using our sling so the poor buggy gets very little use... (Can recommend a close caboo sling for nice long walks!)

IamChipmunk · 19/02/2017 21:27

Britax Affinity. We bought it for dc1 and it's still going strong for dc2. It's light, great steering and suspension and good off road.
We have a dog so wanted something that would work on rough terrain.
its a travel system so can clip the car seat on or use a carry cot. We didn't cos the pram part lies flat with a newborn insert so we used that.

yolorolo · 19/02/2017 21:29

Out 'n' about nipper 360. Have a single and a double for long walks for dc
Used both on muddy country tracks, trails, forests and beaches and have taken abroad on several occasions too. It also handles well in towns and shops. I find it light and easy to steer whilst walking two spaniels and that goes for the double too. My only negative about it is it doesn't fold up very small.

HN42 · 19/02/2017 21:42

Quite a few people have recommended the baby jogger GT to me - I'm currently looking at their double buggy for twins and the GT version is apparently more suitable for rougher terrain while the City version is designed for pavements only I believe. And they are below your budget of £700 for a single buggy.

BikeRunSki · 19/02/2017 21:44

My Quinny Buzz was rubbish off road.

Artandco · 19/02/2017 21:45

We had a bugaboo wa since but rubbish off road

Look at mountain buggy swift. It's the smallest of their off road range, so lightweight and works in town as well as off road

BentleyBelly · 19/02/2017 21:54

Out n about Nipper is brilliant off road. Very light and easy to push. I have horses and it's always at the field, covered in mud, never got stuck, tackles all terrain. Not the most attractive one out there but I love ours. I have the carry cot and car seat adapters. Only thing I dislike is not being able to turn the seat around to face the person pushing, they have to go straight from carry cot to forward facing buggy. They aren't expensive compared to others so you might be able to afford another smarter pram for town.

Artandco · 20/02/2017 08:18

Oh the mountain buggy swift has a carrycot that converts to parent facing seat now also, making it one of few off road that can. It's also relatively cheap. About £350 for pram, £150 for convertible carrycot. Can be used without carrycot also

NinkyNonky · 20/02/2017 08:39

I love my baby jogger GT. It's lovely and smooth to push and folds so easily. The wheels also pop off really easily if you have a full boot and want to make a bit more room. (I also keep a bin bag in the car to put the wheels in if they've got really muddy)

We also have a recaro easylife which isn't nearly as fancy or smooth but is brilliant for public transport (it doesn't lie flat though so isn't suitable for a newborn). It folds into a square shape so is great for fitting into the luggage compartment on buses and trains. I've had many a bus driver marvel at it!

babynugget · 20/02/2017 08:53

The Pioneer is a lovely pram/buggy and my LO slept in the carry for for the first 5 months of her life. She's never slept as well since! But it is terrible off road, the wheels just don't like bumpy ground. We ended up buying a Graco evo mini when she was a little older and it's great - very reasonably priced too. We still use both the Pioneer and the Graco and she's 2+.

Nan0second · 20/02/2017 08:58

Baby jogger gt here. We used a graco insert for the first four months and had car seat adapters for a mix cosi seat for when desperate.
Great buggy!

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