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Do you find it hard to imagine some MNers ever having been pregnant?

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FrannyandZooey · 23/09/2006 08:59

Her Ladyship the Fish, for instance. Do you know what I mean?

OP posts:
trinityshiftingherleatheryarse · 23/09/2006 09:00

lol, yeah I know what you mean

you on the other hand strike me as an earth mother, how were your pregnancies?

FrannyandZooey · 23/09/2006 09:02

Only had one so far trinity, how have yours been?

loved it apart from crippling back pain for a trimester - looked great, felt sexy, had the horn for about 6 months, ate like a horse, no, make that 2 horses

was total pain in the arse, wrapped up in myself, expecting the earth to revolve around me though, what a surprise

OP posts:
trinityshiftingherleatheryarse · 23/09/2006 09:05

first one was fine, no sickness, ate like 2 horses, went off sex completely then had pnd

second one, felt sick from about 8 weeks till 18 weeks then ate like 2 horses, didn't suffer pnd

this one, felt sick from 5 weeks till about now, I'm 21 weeks now, beginning to eat like 2 horses, don't feel like sex and have higth hopes that I won't suffer badly with pnd

having said that I still am on ad's but have never felt like i did after the first

FrannyandZooey · 23/09/2006 09:08

Do you mean you're still feeling sick or that it has just stopped?

You poor thing. Btw I don't like your new name at all! Your poor arse. Makes me think of when you were a rhino

OP posts:
trinityrhino · 23/09/2006 09:11

yeah, I mean the sickness is going now, thank god and I'm starting to enjoy food again

I changed my name for the flylady thread and have een meaning to change it back, thanks for reminding me

FrannyandZooey · 23/09/2006 09:13

Yay! I love it when people follow my bossy instructions about names, gives me the Power Rush

So are we the only ones who can't imagine our honourable fishy friend avec bump and awash with benign hormones?

Is there anyone else you think must have faked a pregnancy, trinity?

OP posts:
colditz · 23/09/2006 09:31

Fairyfly must have done, I cannot imagine her putting up with that crap for 9 months!

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