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Should I be worried - mears or anyone?

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tortoiseshell · 13/09/2005 13:48

Am 8 weeks pregnant, and with previous two (normal) pregnancies felt horribly sick till about 18 weeks, pretty well all day. With ds (pg1) not quite so bad, with dd (pg2), hideous, couldn't eat anything. Was never actually sick though.

This time, I felt really really sick about 2 weeks ago, was thinking I really couldn't cope with it, was worse than either of the other pregnancies, but after a week or so it's settled down, and I now feel slightly queasy (if at all) when I get tired in the evenings. Should I be worried? Or am I being a normal paranoid pregnant mother? I've got a scan booked in about 4 weeks, but any reassurance that this is ok would be welcome!!! TIA!

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snafsicle · 13/09/2005 13:51

Not Mears, I'm afraid but am sure it's absolutely fine.

All pregnancies are different - you really can't judge one by another, iyswim. It looks like you might get off lightly this time!

tortoiseshell · 13/09/2005 13:52

That's what I'm hoping..... We should have windows I think to check on what's going on in there!

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Marina · 13/09/2005 13:54

I'm not mears either but am thrilled for you, wish I could properly allay your worries, but will join in and chant snafsicle's mantra - all pregnancies are different. Congratulations on the successful conception Tortoiseshell and really wishing you all the best xxx
PS are your breasts still sore/tender? Honestly, the questions we women ask each other in cyberspace

tortoiseshell · 13/09/2005 13:56

Thanks Marina - I seem to remember with the other 2 I spent weeks walking round prodding myself to see if they were still tender! I think so..! Thanks for the good wishes anyway. I will remember that about the pregnancies being different

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snafsicle · 13/09/2005 14:01

It's easily said, not so easily remembered, especially in the early stages!

Marina · 13/09/2005 14:01

I used to fold my arms very aggressively, she sighs nostalgically. Wishing you all the best...

Marina · 13/09/2005 14:02

Tortoiseshell and I are veterans of a previous antenatal thread where I think all of us spent the first twelve weeks scooting to the loo to check our gussets - I think that is TMI, on reflection...
The finished products are all shouty little toddlers now

keepingitasecret · 13/09/2005 14:04


I sympathise - I am currently pg with number 3 and two days ago my pg symptoms stopped completely. I panicked so much I have just been for a scan at the EPU - I rang them directly and they couldn't have been nicer (I have previously had a m/c). I went in today and had a scan where they saw a healthy looking 6week and 3 day old fetus with a strong heartbeat and a yolk sac (apparently a good sign for some reason).

So I can give you all the reassurance in the world!

Marina · 13/09/2005 14:06

kis, so glad you got some reassurance. I guess it is such a good sign if all this is visible and in place at six plus weeks
Could you blag a trip to the EPU tortoiseshell?

tortoiseshell · 13/09/2005 14:06

Thanks everyone! Don't you hate that rushing to the loo marina.....and shouty is the word for dd at the moment! She is livid at ds going to school without her. Snafsicle, you're right, it's the remembering bit I need to work on!

Keepingitasecret - glad everything was good for you! Congratulations on your pregnancy.

OP posts:
tortoiseshell · 13/09/2005 14:08

marina, not sure - ds is in and out of school at the moment, and dd is a pain in the neck. I had to go when pg with her, and it was a full day's wait in the hospital, going from one place to another, which really wouldn't work with ds and school. And by the time he's in school full time it'll be nearly time for the 12 week scan anyway!

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Marina · 13/09/2005 14:08

It's like having Mussolini in pink daisy leggings isn't it...just cannot recollect ds being so beady and officious

tortoiseshell · 13/09/2005 14:09

Dd has started slapping us in the face, then saying 'Sorry Mum' (MUM!!!!), 'I kiss better' , so we get a lovely sweet kiss, followed by another slap in the face 'Sorry Mum'.....

Infuriating. Mussolini is the word.

OP posts:
Marina · 13/09/2005 14:10

I did wonder if logistics might make it tricky Tortoiseshell. I hate taking either of my gruesome twosome to the doctor's for me. Ds entertained the waiting room by reading a leaflet on urinary incontinence out at full volume last time. It can and does get is ds doing? Bet he is not missing dd half as much in return

Marina · 13/09/2005 14:11

We get an unholy cross between a pinch and a Chinese burn, followed by a wide-eyed "sorree" and one of those insincere air-kissy hugs.

tortoiseshell · 13/09/2005 14:12

Ds is LOVING school so much. He can't understand why he's only doing half days, he just can't get enough of it. He is as irritated by dd as we are! (She is lovely as well, just she's 2!).

When I went to the EPU with ds when pg with dd, ds gave a 20 minute recital on the glockenspiel to the entire waiting room. There was a little children's play area, he found the wretched thing, processed into the middle of the waiting room, announced 'I PLAY!!!!' and hammered it for 20 minutes. I'm not sure that's how I imagined his first musical recital to be really...

OP posts:
Marina · 13/09/2005 14:14

A tuned percussion instrument in an EPU waiting room? I am impressed. Concerto for Marimba and Heightened Stress glad he is settling in so well.

tortoiseshell · 13/09/2005 14:15

lol! Tell me to go and do something productive instead of sitting in front of this screen all afternoon!

OP posts:
Marina · 13/09/2005 14:19

Go and do something productive Tortoiseshell! And so will I

tortoiseshell · 13/09/2005 14:22

Oh all right then! Am prevaricating really. Thanks again everyone! xxx

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princesspeahead · 13/09/2005 14:34

Tortoiseshell if it is any consolation I had the opposite - 3 pregancies with not a flicker of morning sickness, and then in my 4th pregnancy felt like complete crap (constant nausea) for about 3 or 4 weeks. MOST unfair!
It is just luck of the draw I think...

tortoiseshell · 19/09/2005 13:12

Thanks pph - only just seen your reply! Sorry you had a horrible time! Am now feeling sick again, and wishing I wasn't! Can't win really! Anyway, hopefully that means babe is fine.

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