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Postnatal health

Struggling with BF again.

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Shadowboy · 22/11/2016 21:09

I BF my first for approx 3 weeks and then expressed for a further fortnight and finally FF.

I'm having the same issue with current baby who is only 4 days old.

I have plenty of milk and baby happy to latch. The issue is the excruciating pain. It's like needles in my nipples. I've seen 4 different midwives and tried every position in the book/paid alactation consultant and I'm still struggling. It's making me feel almost regretful it's so painful. What can I do? Do I just admit defeat and get on the old pump?

OP posts:
somefarawaydream · 22/11/2016 21:15

I would expect it to hurt for a couple of weeks, mine did, I used to count to ten and then it would have stopped. I would stay it stopped hurting after about 2 weeks. Have you been using lansinoh?

Get the midwife to check the latch and if there is no problem, just try to ride it out. Promise it will get better!!

somefarawaydream · 22/11/2016 21:16

Oh congratulations Smile

FeelTheNoise · 22/11/2016 21:20

Are your nipples whitish and itchy? It sounds as if nipple thrush could be a possibility.
No fever symptoms? To rule out mastitis.
Could you try and see the health visitor?
Whatever the outcome, a fed baby is more important than a baby that is fed a certain way x

NEMSparkle · 22/11/2016 21:21

Congratulations on the new baby! As pp has said but also to add has baby been checked for tongue tie as this can cause a painful latch even it's a slight one.

MedicMama · 22/11/2016 23:16

I've had excruciating pain like you describe for the first 4-6 weeks with all 4 DC's.

I get through Lansinoh cream like it's going out of fashion and it eventually resolves. Keep going, you can do this!

bobbinpop · 22/11/2016 23:25

I had this for 10-14 days too. I used nipple shields for a few days which really helped. I've heard about compresses which can ease the pain too...but I found out too late!

Avent do gel pads which you put in the fridge, they are amazing after a feed to ease pain and engorgement.

I hope it gets better soon, it really is excruciating Flowers

Shadowboy · 23/11/2016 07:24

Ugh just fed her and my right Brest must be bleeding as she's brought up milky blood. I don't think my boobs are cut out for this!!

OP posts:
peardropz · 25/11/2016 21:31

Oh god I really feel for you, it is so painful in the beginning. Have you got Lansinoh? Keep lathering it on. Also don't be afraid to tAke paracetamol & ibuprofen as needed. It honestly does improve and from then on it's pretty much plain sailing, it's just this shit bit you have to get through.

Brittanyspears · 27/11/2016 16:37

Mine hurt for a month like this. I used cling film and lanisoh to heal them and nipple shields.

ExtraPineappleExtraHam · 14/12/2016 01:52

It is like eye watering excruciating pain for the first few weeks, but everyone has different levels of sensitivity and pain threshold so don't just carry on if it's making you miserable. My boobs stopped hurting after a few weeks. Your nipples toughen up and then there's very little pain, just a bit of discomfort.

AverageJosephine · 14/12/2016 01:58

Shadowboy, I was exactly the same. I fed through the toe curling, bloody baby puke and cross cross splits. It was hard and miserable. But then suddenly one day after a couple of weeks everything wuickly healed. I've still got little white scars but all is fine now.

I personally don't think anyone should feel they have to go through that pain and misery to breastfeed so there's no shame in switching to formula but I told you that so you'd know that it does suddenly heal after a few weeks and then it's suddenly an easy thing to do compared to making up bottles etc.

It's your choice. Don't feel you have to bf if you've had enough. The pain is unreal.

AverageJosephine · 14/12/2016 01:59

Oh and I did the above with all three but the pain and splits lasted less time with each baby.

PragmaticWench · 14/12/2016 02:07

Is it just at the start, or throughout the feed? If it's just at the start then it is normal and will gradually ease off over a few weeks. If it's throughout the feed then it sounds like an undiagnosed tongue-tie, possibly a posterior one. This is often missed.

Kelly mom website can be a good source of reliable info online, or there's the National Breastfeeding helpline you can telephone. If you can afford it there are lactation consultants who are hugely experienced and can also snip a tongue tie but you may have to travel to see one.

PragmaticWench · 14/12/2016 02:09

Sorry, when I said if it's just at the start it's normal, I should have said that it's worth looking at latch and splitting etc. but I think you've done that already.

Nickname1980 · 14/12/2016 02:28

Shadowboy / that's exactly how bf was for me. Totally excruciating! I always bled etc. Nipple shields got me through otherwise I would have quit. Have you tried them?

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