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Trump's World War - Impeachment likely due to CIA or Business links?

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user1481016037 · 13/12/2016 15:27

Who would elect such a reckless individual? My teenager is finding it hard to sleep as they think a nuclear war will soon end all time?
They are really worried about the future since the Americans have upset most of the world by electing Trump?

They are spending huge amounts of time blogging and trolling the news headlines? How do I deal with this as it is leading to school absences and poor sleep?

OP posts:
claig · 13/12/2016 21:20

If your teenager has been worried by some BBC reports made by the best and brightest reporters about climate change and the plight of the polar bear under Trump or if your teenager has been listening to a diatribe on the subject by the said to be knowledgeable and knighted Sir Bob, and if these have scared an impressionable teenager witless, then I would suggest closing the Guardian, turning the BBC off and following the tweets of Jeremy Corbyn's brother, Dr Piers Corbyn

Piers Corbyn ‏@Piers_Corbyn Dec 8

Piers Corbyn Retweeted Brad Wall

#TheTruthIsOut #CO2 #ClimateChange #Carbon Tax is #WallStreet #Corporate #BigOil con to #Deindustrialize #USA #UK #EU and #ENSLAVE #world

Piers sees the Trump election as a time for celebration as shown by the following tweet

Piers Corbyn ‏@Piers_Corbyn Dec 8

Piers Corbyn Retweeted Climate Realists

YES! #Trump ignores #FakeGreen #ScienceDenier-#Climate #Liar #CarbonTax thief #AlGore and puts proper #Evidence based #science in charge RT

If your teenager has heard of the Sex Pistols and the Sartre of the Seventies, Johnny Rotten, I would suggest following the advice they gave in their famous LP "Never Mind The Bollocks" when it comes to the Guardian and such like.

I would urge your teenager to remember the lyrics of the famous Sex Pistols classic "Liar" when evaluating a Tony Blair speech or BBC report on climate catastrophe

Tell your teenager to ignore the doomsayers in the media and join Dr Piers Corbyn in celebrating the people's revolution and Trump 2016
Kaija · 13/12/2016 21:30

Often find myself wondering lately whether Russia dopes its trolls as well as its athletes.

claig · 13/12/2016 22:01

And De Niro has been backtracking on what he said about Trump. I wonder why De Niro changed his tune.

Kaija · 13/12/2016 22:08

He didn't actually.

squishysquirmy · 13/12/2016 22:35

Please, please, don't get your son onto Milo Yiannopoulis and Katie Hopkins or anything Claig recommends. That will just give him nightmares about shadowy elites, nebulous establishment bogeymen and evil liberal feminist conspiracies.

Try to introduce a sense of proportion and hope - I am worried about Trump too but it is not worth the anxiety you describe. Maybe try to get him involved in something positive? Show him how far we have come, and how the positive changes of the last few decades have come about- by passionate people not giving up. The scientific innovations, the improvements in equality and tolerance, working conditions, quality of life we enjoy now would have seemed unimaginable in the past.

A nuclear apocalypse is still very unlikely. A nuclear conflict may be more likely under Trump, but still very unlikely.
Trump is an nasty, impulsive idiot, but he is a nasty impulsive idiot who has just got everything he wanted - why would he destroy it all?

Even if Trump goes completely mad, he is surrounded by men with guns. Men who have families, lives and consciences, and will be aware what international consensus is on the "Nuremburg defence". Think about that.
In the (highly unlikely) absolute worst case scenario, it just takes one general disobeying orders or one bodyguard who values the world over the president's life to stop him.

Global warming is a threat, but it is a long term one. That is not to say it should be ignored - far from it, but a politicised, environmentally aware younger generation is a brilliant thing. Humanity has overcome greater hurdles, and if people like your son can use their passion in a positive way (point out to him that he will need his sleep and a good education for that) we will again.

Missswatch · 13/12/2016 23:08

Camille Paglia is a good read. Think I worded that wrong but I'm tired

DeepanKrispanEven · 13/12/2016 23:14

Remove the Guardian and put some Katie Hopkins articles in front of him.

That would make the poor kid even more worried. She's so stupid and so obviously bigoted that he'd be absolutely sure that there is good cause to worry.

DeepanKrispanEven · 13/12/2016 23:17

And watching Piers Corbyn will worry him even more. It's so easy to see that he has no clue what he's talking about: therefore the very fact that an idiot like this is the only person you can put up in support of the denier faction is an illustration that they also are talking bollocks.

claig · 13/12/2016 23:24

the only person you can put up in support of the denier faction is an illustration that they also are talking bollocks'

But the 45th President of the United States has just appointed aroom full of climate change deniers

"All-star cast of climate deniers fills Trump cabinet "

Elites aren't happy, in fact they are vewy angwy and in panwic because they all know their entire con game is up and that without America, they are all finished

DeepanKrispanEven · 13/12/2016 23:32

"Myron Ebell, head of the EPA transition team, has said that the scientific consensus on climate change is “phoney”, while another member of the team, David Kruetzer of the conservative Heritage Foundation, has erroneously claimed there has been “global cooling” in recent years."

Yes, very "all star". Myron Ebell - that would be the person with no science qualifications whatsoever, who heads the anti-global warming think tank funded by, um, oil and gas companies.

claig · 13/12/2016 23:36

The whole world has changed. Cameron and Osborne are gone and Blair "no longer understands what is happening in politics". Everything has changed, common sense has returned and as Trump says "America is back", lies an d spin about climate, the Middle East and everything else are all over and elites are desperate.

claig · 13/12/2016 23:39

Watch all the TV news channel and watch the same old spinners and commentators try to spin their way out of what has happened in the world after Trump has upturned everything and forced the truth to be revealed.

squishysquirmy · 13/12/2016 23:47

"But the 45th President of the United States has just appointed aroom full of climate change deniers"

I suspect that may be one of the things the OP's son is worried about Claig.
And I think that plumbing further depths of the internet is not going to help his anxiety or his sleep, which is what the OP was posting about.

If all else fails reassure him that the nuclear winter will cancel out the global warming. Wink

claig · 13/12/2016 23:51

'I suspect that may be one of the things the OP's son is worried about Claig. '

That is why he should stop listening to the idiots in our media and our politics who have got everything wrong and couldn't foresee Brexit or Trump winning. They were wrong then and they are wrong now. There is nothing to worry about with Trump. He has defeated "the very, very stupid people" we are all unfortunately led by.

squishysquirmy · 13/12/2016 23:55

The huge amounts of time your son spends online discussing trump... is there any chance he could be arguing with Claig? Because if so I have every sympathy for him. Xmas Grin

claig · 14/12/2016 00:03

'is there any chance he could be arguing with Claig?'

No, because I am only on here on 2 threads (nowhere else) and if he was on my threads, he wouldn't be worried because he would understand that Trump had defeated the "very, very stupid people".

squishysquirmy · 14/12/2016 00:04

Apologies op, just realised I have been saying "your son" and "he" but you haven't actually specified. Blush Think I picked it up from other posters but I shouldn't have assumed. My comments obviously still apply if your teenager is a daughter!

DeepanKrispanEven · 14/12/2016 08:59

But the media didn't get everything wrong, claig. Trump got fewer votes than Clinton.

lljkk · 14/12/2016 19:56

tbf, us teens in the '80s we were seriously worried about nuclear war. But not as worried as folk were in the '60s about nuclear war. Who had less reason to be worried than the people caught in the Blitz in 1939 or the guys in the Trenches in 1915.

Teenagers just worry OP. Somehow humans keep going in spite of all our many stupidities.

Lweji · 23/12/2016 16:42

Your teenager could have a secret crystal ball. Shock

On a new development:
Trump on nuclear weapons tweet: 'Let it be an arms race'

On Twitter: "The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes."

But don't tell him about any of this, OP.

cozietoesie · 05/01/2017 16:04

Keep smiling and keep a bottle of good whisky near at hand. That's what I recommend.

wiltingfast · 05/01/2017 23:48

Why don't you give him some real history to read. We got through WW2, which was just an unbelievable horror.

The orange dump is going to be v unpleasant sure. But I don't see another world war. Corruption, savage social cuts, a wealthier elite, a liquid arctic yes. WW3... probably not.

Besides, with all the tax cuts he's planning he'll have no money for nukes. Grin though not sure how good he is at sums


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Missswatch · 06/01/2017 20:18

Looks like it's final. No impeachment is going to happen

I can't resist but I must gloat a little


DarthPlagueis · 06/01/2017 22:11

For now, impeachment can come at any time in a Presidency you know.

However the CIA, FBI and NSA are saying that Putin interfered with the election, and after Trump's request for them to: "Hack the files" there are some serious questions to answer.

Missswatch · 06/01/2017 22:46

Subject change for a min. Where did all my friends go? Am I the only one left here?

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