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Any Bengal cat owners?

9 replies

whp · 25/06/2010 19:03

Hi. I am just about to get my first bengal kitten and cannot wait! Does anyone have any advice on what to expect, and how likely he is going to get on with my older girl cat?
I think that they are such a friendly breed and my children love the fact that the cats don't run away from them and want to be with them (unlike most other cats I have met)
Do I neeed to go and buy a special scratching tree/bed and lots of toys for him, or should I wait?
Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
wiggleit · 25/06/2010 19:28

Hi whp. Lucky you! Bengal's are fantastic cats and make great pets. I have a 4 year old and he is soooooo gorgeous in every way. Actually i'm looking at some kittens tomorrow because i want another one!

They are very affectionate and good with kids, he is very tolerant of my 9yr old DD.

You won't be disappointed. I would get him a scratch post and a bed and some toys. My cat never attempts to scratch my furniture, has always used the scratch post. He will need lots of stimulation,so get him some toys etc. You have picked a great choice of cat! awwww!

whp · 25/06/2010 19:46

Thank you. Good luck with choosing your new kitten!

OP posts:
wiggleit · 25/06/2010 19:55

Thanks. I can't wait! I also have another cat, a british shorthair who is absolutely beautiful, just like a teddy bear! He is massive, but to answer your question about it getting on with your other cat, it should do but i have to say my bengal can be quite jealous at times! He gets over it though! Good luck with your kitten.

Love2Dance · 30/06/2010 10:44

I second what Wiggleit says. Lots of stimulation and toys. I have had a Bengal and bred her. She had a litter of 4. All boys. A note of caution. Bengals do want to be "top dog". When your kitten gets old enough it will attempt to assert itself over your older cat. This can become bullying behaviour. as long as there's enough space for both you should be ok.

Sadly we are without a cat now (our Bengal died of kidney disease).

By co-incidence we have decided to get another Bengal kitten and was visiting Bengals on Saturday (they are addictive). Are your breeders in the South East?

whp · 02/07/2010 22:10

Hi yes, it is a lovely lady in the New Forest. She breeds absolutely beautiful Bengals!
I am picking him up at lunchtime tomorrow and cannot wait!

OP posts:
oopsandbabycoconut · 02/07/2010 22:19

Ooh we have 2 a brother/sister pair although 2 years apart. They like to have lots to do and will play for hours if given a chance. My only real tip would be to get a heavy bottomed water bowl, ours love to paddle in theirs and we often come home to puddles where the water bowl should be.

We have one very sociable one who is dragged about by our 22 month old and one who hides at the sight of her! but both have amazing personalities and are very gentle.

wiggleit · 08/07/2010 16:40

Hi love2dance. Sorry for delay in reply, i haven't been on the computer since i last posted.

Our breeders are in south Yorkshire. We had a look at the bengals but she also had some bengal cross persians so i have ended up putting a deposit on 2 of those! They are gorgeous. I used to have persians and have a real soft spot for them so them with bengals is a fab cross! Can't wait! We pick them up on the 16th. My DD doesn't know, it's a surprise!

Agree with oops re the water bengal used to love to dip his paw in the water and scoop it out, he doesn't do it as much now though. It's cute though! aaw!

whp - How are you getting on with your new addition? I bet you're having loads of fun!

sleepwhenidie · 08/07/2010 16:55

does anyone know if cat allergies are the same with bengals as normal cats (if not a silly question )? I would love to get a cat but am allergic....

wiggleit · 09/07/2010 19:18

I'm not sure sleep. I have a friend who was allergic to my persians yet now has a cat of her own, she reckons it is male cats that she is allergic to but i've also heard a theory that it's the cats saliva that's the trigger when they wash themselves????

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