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Fundraising for a private nursery

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Charlene1 · 12/01/2007 01:17

Been thinking about helping our day nursery to raise money to have a carport/shelter thing in the playground and soft/rubbery flooring, as the kids can't play out when it's raining and in summer, it's too hot. Also think it would be nice to have safety floor instead of concrete - purely selfish reasons of course, as my dd loves playing outside there, so it would directly benefit her!!!! I want to "do something nice" for them, as I can't afford to give money of my own, just time, after paying their fees every week!!!

How would they get money for this, as it is a private business and not a charity, so can't get grants/loans etc.

Would they need planning permission - how much would that be?

I have done charity fundraising events, but not for private sector - what could I do "legally" and how would I get the public/people to give money to the cause when it's not a charity - as my dp says, they charge loads of money to look after your kids, but have no funding for improvements to buildings etc. - they have loads of ideas, but no cash to do it.

OP posts:
jellybellie · 12/01/2007 11:08

Afraid I agree with your dp - if they are a private nursery then in all likelihood they exist in order to make a profit (especially if they are part of a chain of nurseries) - it is up to the owners whether they take money out of the business or reinvest it by spending on new equipment etc. If they are not making enough money to provide these facilities then they probably need to increase the fees!

kayb4 · 03/02/2007 16:20

The nursery that my dd's go to once asked for parents to volunteer to form a committee t

o fundraise for the nursery and that is a private one. Apparently there are some grants that the committee could have applied for but the nursery owners couldn't.

I'll ask the nursery owner next week a bout it and see what it involves.

Will let you know.

Chipstick · 05/02/2007 19:32

A relative of mine owns a local nursery and takes a salary from the company of £3k per mth even though a manager does the day to day running of the nursery.

It makes me so cross when private nurseries ask parents for money - we've been asked in the past to supply any paper we may have for the children to use during art - they can bu**er off and buy it out of their profits!

SueW · 05/02/2007 19:42

I also disagree with private nurseries having fundraising activities. They should be buying equipment out of their profits.

The owner of the nursery we used for DD swanned round in an expsneive car, lived in a huge house, etc and yet wanted all the parents to pay a quid for the children to enter a competition to raise money for some new playground equipment. Er, I don't think so.

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