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Pre-school-do I have to send my DC 5 days a week?

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Rentahoose · 11/11/2013 22:32

My DD previously attended a private nursery 3 days a week where there was a lot of flexibility when choosing sessions etc.

However, I have now requested and been given a place at a pre-school nursery attached to the school my DD1 is going to be attending in January.

Although I only need 3 school days (which includes sessions and wrap around daycare), I have been offered 5 afternoons as well.

I don't really want to use the sessions on the days when I am not working as I think this is too much for my 3 year old plus I want to spend those hours with her until she starts school.

Does anyone know what the legal situation is. As the school will be receiving 15 hours funding for those sessions, I'm assuming I will have to send her. Is there anyway round this? I don't want to take a place from another child who needs 5 days but equally I don't want to really send my DD on the two days I am at home.

It is difficult for working to use pre-schools if there isn't flexibility over the way they use the hours (not many jobs for mornings only around here).

Any ideas? Or is my only other option private nursery.

I appreciate any experiences/advice you might have

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strruglingoldteach · 11/11/2013 22:45

No, you don't have to send her- it is entirely up to you. If you don't use those sessions, they will probably just give the space to someone else on those days, and receive funding accordingly.

Rentahoose · 11/11/2013 22:51

Thank you that's reassuring. So I just tell them I won't be taking up the afternoon places on a Tuesday and wednesday for example and will just get a pro-rata amount (of the 15 hours funding) taken off for the three days I do use.

I thought I might have to give up my place entirely as they would say not many are looking for a place on two afternoons only (I suppose someone might want 2 afternoons and 3 mornings though)

Thanks again

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NorthernShores · 11/11/2013 22:54

I thought it was different if you applied for a school nursery place - a bit like reception, you agree to mornings or afternoons? Whereas private or community pre school is flexible.

Rentahoose · 11/11/2013 22:59

Yes that's what I thought Northernshores. This pre-school does provide a lot of day care options though. I wasn't asked if I wanted afternoons or mornings though just allocated afternoons. I specifically asked for 3 days daycare and at no time was I told I need to send DD every day.

I guess I'll have to ask at the new parents meeting.

OP posts:
NorthernShores · 11/11/2013 23:02

I'd ask! :-)

NoComet · 11/11/2013 23:07

No but they may moan.
DD2 loved her old private nursery and kept her whole day there right up to stating school.

And we kept Fridays for us almost to the end. Pre school would have far rathered we had done 4 then 5 mornings not 3 and 4 only the last term.

Rentahoose · 11/11/2013 23:10

Surely as long as they are getting paid, it's one less child to worry about- how inflexible!

Did you phone up every day you weren't intending to send your DD in?

OP posts:
NorthernShores · 11/11/2013 23:16

Its different with private nursery though. We only ever did 4mornings, having started with 2 ,then 3. However nursery years in schools are often run with a different staff student ratio, different activities planned etc - almost like a mini school. Sometimes its even mixed with reception in a joint foundation class.

Its really quite a different thing.

yvolution123 · 14/11/2013 14:16

This is a very vital step as this is the stepping stone for the career progress of your child so collect all possible information before enrolling your child to a nursery.

Sirzy · 14/11/2013 14:19

Surely as long as they are getting paid, it's one less child to worry about- how inflexible!

They don't get the funding if the children aren't attending though.

Bramshott · 14/11/2013 14:38

I think school nurseries are much less flexible than private/community-run ones on this sort of thing.

Artandco · 14/11/2013 14:47

Career progress? Isn't it just nursery school

If you don't have to I wouldn't send as like you say they don't need to. Around here you have to pay for either 5 mornings or 5 afternoons. So unfortunatley if you only want 3 mornings you still pay for 5 and just don't send in when you don't want to

NorthernShores · 14/11/2013 15:25

Art - do you pay for a year of school nursery?

The op isn't talking about nursery schools, but the pre school year at school - not all areas do this. Its gov,t funded so rules are different to parents paying.

Artandco · 14/11/2013 16:45

I'm not sure what the difference between pre school and nursery is tbh? He's nearly 4 and they don't accept the 15 hrs free as it only covers £3.50 an hour and they know other people will pay full price anyway so don't offer. Either way we can't pay full price for one day only, again as they know they can fill all 5 days with someone else.

Artandco · 14/11/2013 16:46

Oh and it's not all year, it's based on school holidays approx

NorthernShores · 14/11/2013 16:57

They are usually different terminology, sometimes different by area.

A pre-school usually runs for 3 and 4 year olds, sometimes taking children a little younger. They can be community, voluntary or private(for profit)rn. These exist primarily to give children pre-school education, and are often only a few hours a day.

A nursery usually takes children from babies until school age, and is often more flexible/offers earlier starts/late finishes and primarially exists for working parents. Some have a pre-school that offers the pre-school curriculum within their nursery.

They all accept the 15 hours here towards the bills (I thought they had to?)

The thing the OP is talking about, and isn't in all areas, is a Nursery Year within a school. This is like reception, its part of the school and run in liaison with the school. You may apply like you do for school places. No money changes hand as it is part of the school process.

These start in September the year before you start school, so is usually a year of mornings only or afternoons only. Sometimes the class is shared with the reception class. There are different rules about staffing, so there is often a qualified teacher with a couple of assistants.

Hope that helps! BAsically there are pre-schools/nurserys and then there are Nursery Years attached to schools - some areas have them, some don't but this is a different set up to a private pre-school. You can't (easily) just send a child to reception on the days you fancy - similarly with a nursery year attached to a school.

OP - did you get anywhere?

Artandco · 14/11/2013 17:01

Thanks, it's pre school then as he only goes 9-11.30am. ( think there's also a 12.30-3 session). They can choose whether they accept the vouchers and many around here don't ( c London)

NorthernShores · 14/11/2013 17:06

Wow - even the private schools offer the 15 hours funding towards their kindergarten/ pre prep nursery around here!

Rentahoose · 14/11/2013 20:53

Actually Northern Shores (Thanks for your info by the way), I was under the impression that this is a pre-school attached to the school which offers day care as well as the 15 hour places. So in my case money will change hands for the wrap around daycare.

My DD will start in January after she turns 3 so I don't think it can be a nursery class ( I know I sound vague but I'm in the process of moving so don't know the school/area that well yet and have had to glean most info off the website. I am going to visit soon and will ask questions then but can't do anything until I know whether my oldest DD has got a place at the school.

If she doesn't I might have to consider a different nursery/pre-school anyway but if she gets a place it makes sense to put my youngest in the preschool so they are on the same site.

OP posts:
NorthernShores · 14/11/2013 21:19

Ah ok that's completely different Rent! Sorry for misreading you. If it includes day care as well they might well be flexible with dates/times - that's not quite the same as the rigid mornings or afternoons of the school nursery year.

Good luck - hope it works out :)

Rentahoose · 14/11/2013 21:24

Yes I'm just not sure I have to take the 5 afternoons as well. It maybe they have to allocate them to be able to offer the wraparound. Anyway we will see.

Thanks for the good wishes

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