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The people you briefly love when you have children.

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Psammead · 21/05/2012 10:50

Because they make your or your children's day.

I was thinking about this today when DD was waving madly at a bus driving by, and a woman waved back. Thank-you, woman. DD was very happy.


  1. People who wave from busses/trains etc
  2. People in shops who give your children something free (balloons, slice of luncheon meat, bit of deformed criossant etc)
  3. People who smile/wave/make funny faces/chat to your child in a queue, or on a bus, train, plane etc.

You are all brilliant human beings. Add to the list!
OP posts:
bitbewildered · 26/07/2012 11:45

The entire row of passengers behind us on our recent flight. All three of them played peek-a-boo with my 17mo DS who was standing on my lap. It was only a quick flight, but he was a bit frustrated with being strapped down in the car and his buggy in the airport and then the plane. They cheered him right up, as did the lady across the aisle and the woman who was reading her book behind her! They were all at it and he loved it.

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