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Has my ERPC failed?

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jocesar · 13/01/2010 21:06


Had an ERPC 1 week ago. I bled a small amount only for 1 day after the op and then for the next 6 days only had a very, very faint pink smear daily (sorry if tmi). Now on day 7 post op I have started bleeding and a brown discharge again. Not heavy by any means but very different to the last week.

Could this be normal or is it a sign that they have left something in the uterus? I don't suppose it could be a period already 'wishful thinking emotion'. Thanks for any help and big hugs to everyone on this topic page.

OP posts:
lulu78 · 14/01/2010 10:12

Hi jocesar - They do say you can bleed up to 2 wks following an erpc so maybe see what happens after another week. If your worried about it tho contact your local epu. I bleed for 3wks after and it was that horrid brown discharge that was very sticky and clotty (sorry if tmi)sounds like your getting the same. 4wks on from my erpc I was being investigated for recurrent m/c I was scanned and it was only this scan that showed they had left some retained products, quite alot infact. If I didnt have this scan I would of never of known. The hospital that carried out the erpc said I should of contacted them because I was bleeding for more then 2wks. Other then the brown bleeding I had no other symptons, no cramps or pains and even done a pregnancy test whiched showed up neg. 6wks after my 1st erpc I had to have a 2nd erpc, the 2nd time around was totally different, I spotted for 1 day after and that was it. 4 days later I did start to bleed but it was bright red blood and was more like a period, I no it seems fairly soon after an erpc to have a period but I am 100% sure it was my period because the bleeding was totally different from the 1st erpc. I will tell on Sunday because I am due my period again, Fingers crossed it will come because I will then no if it was my 1st period after my 2nd erpc.

Sorry for rambling on, I hope this helps. If you are still bleeding after 2wks insist on a scan but make sure it's a vaginal scan as this will show up the retained products if you have some.

Good luck and I hope all works out for you. x x

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